Eleni in Ikaria -January 12, 2006

Agios Kirykos Ikaria by Tαsos

Yesterday I drove to Ayios Kirikos, the main town of the island. The north wind goes on blowing strong and steady. I don’t like to hurry because the road is dangerous. I also like to try my hand with the camera. I feel funny leaving the car on the side of the road to climb up or down on the slopes to find good angles. It must make other drivers’ wonder.

But Ikarians are so discreet

Besides they are very secretive themselves. Not that they have much to hide. They just protect their individuality.


However, if you want to go for a pee in the bushes or take a closer look at something or just admire the view, take good care to pull over nicely to the side of the road and in a proper place where there is enough parking space. The roads are narrow, so if you leave your car in the way, it will make others worry there is something wrong (you are sick or had a heart attack).


end of the road by 19seconds

Anyway I shot some good pictures. By ‘good’ I mean that I like them, not that they are actually good. I don’t know about that yet. Especially ‘Ikaria 079’ which with all respect I dedicate to the Mayor (or was he the Vice-Mayor) of Ayios Kirikos (read the description under the photo to know why).



The madness with my Sony went on on my way back in the afternoon. I climbed a hill and there suddenly I found myself in the middle of some teenage Boneli flight school class. The young eagles were testing their wings or something against the strong north wind coming from the sea. They looked exactly like skateboarders. In the begining I thought they were hunting, but they were all screaming (kkiiii -kkiii) so loudly that it couldn’t be it. They were having fun. I took many photos, but as my hands tremble so much when I’m excited, only one came out good.



 Bonelis are an Aegean island’s pride. ‘Hieraetus fasciatus’ in (scientific) Latin and ‘Stavraetos’ or ‘Vasilaetos’ in common Greek, that is ‘eagle with a cross-like shape’ and ‘king eagle’. Ikarians have a special name for this kingly bird which I can’t remember right now.

It’s a wonder that there so many Bonelis in Ikaria and in the same time the island seems to suffer a lot from overgrazing and road contructions. Don’t they mind? Are they so ‘good sports’ -as the British say?
that’s all for today
γεια σας




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