house face sunrise



  • -Why don’t you buy a piece of land and build a house?
  • -You should buy a piece of land and build a house.
  • -Shouldn’t you think of buying a piece of land and build a house?
  • -Let us find you a piece of land to buy and build a house.
  • -Do you have a piece of land to build a house?
  • -That person may be persuaded to sell you a piece of land etc.
  • -It can’t be that you don’t have a piece of land etc.

Why all that grammar?

It may be because,

1) people like me,

2) people got used to me,

3) they want me to stay or visit more often,

4) they feel sorry for me because I don’t live in a modern, comfortable house,

5) they want me to commit myself into something concrete (literaly),

6) they want to know me better through the process of building something concrete,

7)they don’t want to see me as a tourist anymore,

8) they are inviting me in the community,

9) they want me to show my ‘surface’ -spend some real money here,

10) it’s an irresistible trend -everybody seems to be involved in some kind of building activity. This seems to be part of the new local identity («aah, you are building? oh, good, ok, fine»)

So why not?




(4 total)

They like you? I would.

Saturday January 21, 2006 – 05:11pm (PST)

All I know is that I like you!

Sunday January 22, 2006 – 04:24am (PST)

Let’s buy together!

Monday January 23, 2006 – 06:21am (PST)

Hey! I have priority!!!! O_o

Monday January 23, 2006 – 10:28pm (EET)



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