The Ikarian Orchid

(Eleni in Ikaria -January 22, 2006)

Hello! 🙂
I just deleted the blog entry and photo of the ‘earings’
My German friend got worried. He said it was a copyrighted photo and asked me to remove it. Anyway those ‘snowdrop’ earings made my ears chill. So to take their place I’m posting something much warmer : the ikarian orchid! This photo was taken by Christos Malachias, one of the island’s leading photographers. Now let me show you some more of my island’s orchids:


Handle with care…





(1 total)

So the ‘earings’ weren’t his!
It was a sample, not a real gift, eh ?
Oh, those men!..
Αχ αυτοί οι άντρες …


Only now we have our earings we need nobody

Sunday January 22, 2006 – 09:47pm (EET)


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