After the Snow in the Aegean 1st thoughts

Hello readers !
The telephones had been out of order and I thought I was never going to post this entry but then …oops the lines came back to life. No matter what people say about the Greek telephone company (OTE), everybody admits that the local technicians are a team of Super Marios!

They can handle this network which really looks like a VG environment -lines hanging over ravines, buried under snow, poles standing over cliffs or dragging along barbed wire fences and through tree branches, not to mention the altitudes, the freezing wind etc. etc.

(Greeks are no good at solving ordinary problems, but if it comes to facing crises -oooh they fly!!! That’s why the Olympic games in Athens were such a success. They were looked at as a “man against fate” or “fate against man” situation and I assume (and hope) that they go on being looked at in the same way, because now we have to pay the bill and it’s an outrageous ammount of money !!)

I don’t really know why I wrote that introduction.
I feel so good after my visit in Rahes and the hospitality that I received from Angelos’ family strengthened my moral. My situation in the ‘barn’ was not dramatic at all really, only that I’m a ‘city-girl’ as far as electricity is concerned and long power failures get me down. There was no power in Rahes either, but that’s a very special village and there people are very independent and self-sufficient.


So there were two stoves in the house, one with wood and the other with oil, the fire-place (which btw is very small and funny because it’s elevated and looks like a TV), there are about 10 oil lamps and many candles, wine and an always ready gas cooker to boil spaghetti. They eat a lot of spaghetti there because they have kids who love them. In other houses they rejoiced on pork chops on the charcoal of their fireplaces. The smell almost made me faint as we entered the village. It was pitch dark and the place looked deserted if not for the smell of pork chops on charcoal …

I will get back to the subject eventually….



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I liked that.
Monday January 30, 2006 – 11:20pm (EET)

Also “city girl” but sometimes I wish I could experience something like that. Everything is so much more appreciated.

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 01:09am (EEST)

I was forced to. They kicked me out of work on a forced break because I was getting sort of that disease the Japanese get from overworking. They even gifted me a camera to pass the time playing with it. BTW, I have just added the photo of a blackouted Christos Rachon.

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 12:14pm (PDT)

I mean I added it here in this entry.

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 12:15pm (PDT)



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