Snow in the Aegean Day 2


Hello readers !
I was supposed to write about something else -’wildshots’ – today ( a fine day and everyone is relieved). It doesn’t seem I will, at least for the time being. Instead I will go on with playing with the snow. Though it’s not really uncommon on this island and it has snowed also in 2004 perhaps stronger than this year, it’s always so exceptional and fun. The main subject of conversation now is have you been to the snow?”, ‘did you get the kids to see the snow?’, ‘what a pity that it didn’t snow where we live.


Because snow is a good thing. It’s bad when you are homeless or you drive a truck in a highway for a living and that sort of thing, but basicaly snow has always been a good thing and that’s what the meteo man was trying to explain to the anchor woman on the Greek TV the other day.

She kept asking him ‘until when’ and ‘where exactly’ and ‘how long’ and ‘how much’.

The meteo man said:

Some people may face some problems, but well.. snow is natural and if measures are taken,… well it’s a good thing, you know… snow. It’s the best form of abundant water we can get in a coutry like Greece.”

The meteo man’s name is Mr Lazanis. I felt sorry for him. These people have studied Physics, a positive science originaly meant to help people live in accordance with nature.

Anyway, after a good night’s sleep at Angelos’ house, I took one of his magical walking sticks and declared that I would walk all the way from Rahes (Ραχες) to my ‘barn’, which is under normal conditions a hike of about 2-3 hours without steep climb ups or downs. This is the first photo from this hike which turned up to an adventure. I did not complete it (and I lost the bet). Besides this, I had done something with the camera and all the shots came out the opposite of ‘sepia’ -a mossy green ! They are not bad, but I’ll not upload them on Flickr, except the last one which was on my way back to Rahes when I had found what setting I had to undo to return to colour. So here is …

A very confused lonely dog -wasn’t sure whether to bark or wave its tail to me

The pines in Rahes are ‘Pinus brutia’
They are trees which enjoy high altitudes and do not mind snow. The locals who love these trees (they are emblematic for the landscape of Rahes) are sorry when they see their lower branches break from the snow and fall off. Yet the snow  ‘prunes’ the tree and lets it grow bigger and taller. Angelos adds that without snow these trees would load with branches and leaves and then when the terrible ‘sorocco’ blows in spring, the gale would throw all of them flat on the ground.
I’m walking on a lane across fields and the last houses of Rahes.

Snow falling again!

There lives someone I know but I overide the temptation and go on because my name is Eleni Ikanou and this in Greek means ”capable”.

P.S. in Greece girls’ last names are always in the genitive, whereas only boys’ are in the nominative. Let alone the sexist side of it, this created a big bureaucratic problem during the years of Greek migration to America. Example: You are Mr Simpson and your daughter would be Miss Simpsons. Would the authorities accept it ? Now I hear that they have attapted to this just-one-more-to-the-so-many Greek madness. Let alone all that, I like the “-ou” (ooo) sound in my name.

How capable one can be?


This is what the way in front of me looks like. The magical walking stick says ’30 cm of snow’ and my socks are getting wet.

Isn’t it obvious that I should get back?

It’s snowing heavily this time! The evidence is the flakes on my lence.

bye readers

the rest in Flickr


.Stay tuned.



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you amaze me filenada
I just dropped by to say hello.

Monday January 30, 2006 – 11:17pm (EET)


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