Eleni in Ikaria with flowers, (Feb 03, 2006)

(correct) Θαλασσόκρινος

So it wasn’t the Lady but the Lord with the Lilies.
Nana «la fauve», my living library walking (on a perfect pair of legs btw) sent me this picture. Noone knows who he was, so they call him conventionaly «the King-Priest with the Lilies». This is from the palace of Knossos in Crete. Professeur Nana La Fauve says it’s from the 15-16th c. BC and adds that the lilies are ‘sea-lilies’ (θαλασσόκρινοι) and the ‘King-Priest» (tarara-tourouroum) is depicted on the seashore. The funniest thing is that in the begining scholars could not tell if these flowers were sea-lilies because they look much taller than sea-lilies. There was a big controversy that these were not actual flowers of the Cretan flora (even of 17000 y. ago), but oversized artistic depictions of imaginary plants. This meant that the Minoan school of art was not naturalistic but rather symbolic. Thus what we see on the frescoes were not images from real life but subjective exagerations in order to serve certain purposes …the state …the grandeur …blablabla …you know, all that…
It took years for scholars to realize that it was not the lilies that were oversized, but it was the «King-Priest» who was too short. He was just a kid !
Taken in consideration that the so-called ‘peoples of the sea’ (e.g. the Cycladeans and the Minoans) who lived in Greece before the Greeks, were no more than 1.60 m tall, the «Prince-Kid with the Lilies» should have only been less than 0.90m tall . Then came the Greeks who were much taller and could ride horses and they mixed with the ‘peoples of the sea’ and the average height of the population increased. But the lilies stayed the same -max.height 40 cm.
That’s all what Professeur Nana La Fauve from the university of the streets of downtown Athens (USDA) had to say about it.
My moral:
there are times when people need to see Kings and high Priests and there are times that people need to see kids and lilies.
My opinion on the painting:
I’d hate to see in him a king or a priest even at young age. He is so cute that I would have to stop being a democrat and become a royalist just for him. So I say he is an actor -a young apprentice who rehearses the words and the gests of his part on the beach. If I were a cool, wealthy Minoan that’s exactly what I’d want to look at on a wall of my palace.


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«tres bien, presque excellent !»
Prof Nana La Fauve (USDA)

Saturday February 4, 2006 – 11:21pm (EET)



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