lilies in wasted sand


So here are Angelos’ photos from Livadi beach.
They were taken this morning ! He has also added arrows and labels. He is a very φιλότιμο παιδί.
He thought he would be digging for bulbs but he found grown plants. They’ ve got to be the sea-lilies. The colors do not show well, but A says that the leaves, though they look alike most other lily species, have a slightly different lighter shade, -‘pale’ or salty (this is the word he used). The series starts with a photo (taken from the outside) of the door of the shameful, so-called ‘camping site’ , which in fact is a wasteland full of sights for the fans of the weirdo culture …


…..never mind about it now and let’s go and see the lilies which grow on both sides of this door.



This is first sea-lily Angelos encountered. Nothing very spectacular, you’d think and you’d be right.

Everybody has smelt lilies. Could this ‘almost a seaweed’ give the best scent of all its magnificent relatives?

The answer is SALT. What food would be like without it? The same seems to be true with the perfumes of flowers (according to me, but I think not only me).



1, 2, 3, 4, … many lilies…

Illegal beach bum campers sleep on them in July and August.

I am an occasional beach bum but I have never camped, though I did sit and had a couple of interesting discussions with the inhabitants of that shade in the summer.



no comments…



Several lilies growing under that pile of dry sea weed.

They will burn them in May I suppose. But lilies are bulbs living a secret life inside the earth. The earth? No, the sand!


This is a lily and around it there is just sand -you know, sand, tiny crystals, whatever… sand like in Sahara the desert. The beeds are juniper acorns!


a stong tall loner apart from the others



This is exactly the spot where the first real tourists set a tent in Ikaria a looong ago in the mid-70s. They were young Germans, most of them students, most of them from Frankfurt, and they read the philosophy of Marcuse. (according to old local chronicles)
It is believed that in spite of the Weirdo cult, there are still pheromones and echoes and good vibrations there.
I can’t tell you. I hardly ever go to Livadi beach anymore.


(3 total)

the hippies discovered Ikaria?

Saturday February 4, 2006 – 11:10pm (EET)

Ναι αυτοί ήταν. Το Λιβάδι τότε ήταν ένα δάσος από κέδρους και καλαμιές. Εμείς μέναμε στον Αρμενιστή κι αναρωτιόμασταν τι ήταν που τους άρεσε και έμεναν εκεί ‘στην ξερή άμμο’. Οι πιο γέροι τους λυπόντουσαν λίγο.
‘o tempora, o mores’

Sunday February 5, 2006 – 03:09pm (EET)

The place is not just innocent ‘Weirdo parade’. When I visited last summer, it looked very ‘fascist’… I don’t mean the beach. I mean the old camping-site behind the fence. Whoever made all those crazy contructions and piled all that garbidge in there, must have hated the hip, no doubt.

Let’s squat it, eh?
Να κάνουμε κατάληψη?

Sunday February 5, 2006 – 08:25pm (EET)

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  1. Ο/Η elinalafina λέει:

    Το πιο τρελο entry της Ελένης! Παθαινω να βλεπω που το ξαναφτιαχνεις και το ξαναφτιαχνεις. Δεν το χορταινω.

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα


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