Wishes – Ευχές

ImageFor S : that money pours like rain along his way because he deserves it.
ImageFor Matt: that he becomes a Matt-ematician and solve many ridles
ImageFor Leda: to let go, relax a bit
ImageFor Greg: to always find moments of peace in wildernesses, to have many babies and write an occasional poem or two
ImageFor Elsa: that she gets paid 10 times more for correcting, translating and editing my terrible manuscripts (yes, I know, the prepositions…)
ImageFor my boss: that he finds out and attends the New Course for Vampires in Transylvania where they teach the new more efficiant and softer ways to suck blood without wounding the victims.
ImageFor Angelos: to find at last some substancial support to keep on tracing trails to paradises
ImageFor Hans: to find the flowers of his dreams on his visit in Ikaria this spring
ImageFor Nana: that she loves me, no matter…
ImageFor Jude: to enjoy motherhood and win the babycare decathlon

Ειμαι σαβατογενημενη και αν σφιχτω πολυ και βαλω τα δυνατα μου, οι ευχες μου πιανουν ! Μονο που μετα παθαινω πονοκεφαλο για 1-2 μερες αναλογως


1) ευχαριστώ πολύ -thanks a lot
2) βρήκα τα λουλούδια σου ή τουλάχιστον έτσι νομίζω -I found your flowers or at least I think so

I can’t upload photos to this piece of junk of a blog of yours, can I? So you’ll have them by e-mail.
Always at your service
You are ‘the something else’ – ‘Είσαι το κάτι άλλο’

Friday February 3, 2006 – 01:12pm (EET)

Thanks so much – how did you guess? I guess it is obvious, theatrical dreamer = dissolute pauper.

Friday February 3, 2006 – 11:20am (GMT)

Thanks Eleni -I don’t know about decathlon, it seems like a marathon – and I’ve only covered the first mile….! Ah, but the moments when she sleeps…

My wishes to you are that you continue to have a happy time finding the wildlife, lilies & trails before facing the vampire again

Friday February 3, 2006 – 11:24am (GMT)

Thanks, Eleni! «Matt-ematician» indeed. This school has gobbled up my time and my sleep for the last week.. only 97 more days until it’s over!

I’ll join with Jude in wishing you some peace before having to face the «real world» again… And aren’t more efficient ways to suck blood necessarily more painful?

Friday February 3, 2006 – 08:52am (EST)

For Eleni: May you always find hidden flowers.

Friday February 3, 2006 – 12:46pm (PST)

to Angelos: so amusing that we communicate via e-mail :))
to S : what gorgeous bodyline (pr photo)! but everyone needs money and the good-looking ones evenmore. As they say in Greece: ‘οι ωραιοι εχουν χρεη’ (say it in Greek and you ‘ll see it rimes fine)
to Ψ : παραδεχομαι οτι μου ελειψες (=I admit I have missed you). I am in the real world (no quotes) -I’ll explain later in blog. For now you should know that storytellers match riddle solvers through imagination, according to me (and Einstein too, right?).

Friday February 3, 2006 – 01:35pm (PST)

to Jude: run the marathon ! I so much wish I do the same some time, not too late..
to Greg (last not least): I’ll find everything. They say it’s a small world. But wow it’s wiiide, hiiigh and deeeep !!

Something in my system ‘s cracking and trembling. I’d better rush and post the ‘lilies in wasted-sand’

Friday February 3, 2006 – 01:43pm (PST)

You now have to add ενα ικαριοτικο κοιλιακι (as I had it christened after only one ikarian summer of feasting) to that bodyline…that photo is from Crete, end of Samaria Gorge, more than a few years ago. But thanks, I still need the money.

Saturday February 4, 2006 – 05:48pm (GMT)

manari mou, Eleni, ti pineis kai den mas dineis?
OK I wish the same about us two, no matter…
BTW ‘lilies in wasted-land’ has the makes of a mini-documentory -prfsnl vice or what? can’t you relax? We want to think of you that you relax in Ikaria. Obey us ! Do what we want !

Saturday February 4, 2006 – 11:18pm (EET)


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