a path and a poll


Oxyzen and on my feet again

Let’s have a poll.Oxyzan and on my feet again

I discovered a trail yesterday. It’s actually much more than a trail or an intervillage lane. It’s an old all-stone-paved a few km long mule track, what we’d call a highway today. It used to connect the villages in the mountains with the coast (=the rest of the world). So you understand how important it was and why it was so well and wisely constructed. This avenue dates from the 19th century when the rural economy of the island flourished.

old stone paved lane

Today there’s just one old man who still uses it.

old man

He leads his cows and sheep from his farm (in the mountain village) to the lower pastures near the coast. This track is not to be found in any map, not even AKK’s. His hiking map (and the associated preservation project) does not extend so as to cover this area. There were only some very old faded marks -a sign that some hikers had used it once long ago when the path was more clear without so much undergrowth, branches and bush.
I’m not an architect or a traditionalist or even less a local lobbist, fund raiser, volunteer etc. but this time I was tempted to do something about it. So what’s your opinion:
Image1) Should I tell the Mayor to clean it? He’ll probably say ‘yes, yes, sure’, get rid of me and then forget about it.
Image2) Should I work together with AKK and clean it together? We’d better not, It’s too far from his base and he already has a lot of trails to look after.
Image3) Should I tell the nearest hotel owners («look, this is good for tourism etc.»). They might think (perhaps even say it) «why do you care?», «are you in the business?» and that kind of thing. At best they’d say «you go on and start it yourself because you have more time and we will come later.» (but ‘later’ in Ikaria often means ‘never’.)
Image4) I could call everybody I know and launch them on the mountain. They’d clean the track in two days! But this means I’d have to cook at least 4 meals for at least 8 people and though I can afford the food and the wine, I hate cooking very much and I’m not good at it and inviting them to a restaurant would be too expensive.


Image5) Should I leave the path as it is? It’s not so bad after all what do you think? (another romantic ruin? -what) But if it’s nice to see, it’s not easy to walk on and fight your way through branches and thorns etc.
Image6) Should I leave the path as it is? Who am I to say? They don’t want it. It’s past. Perhaps also it makes them sad. And the Mayor would say, «yes of course, that path -oh, how many memories, etc.- but you see now we are building roads and it’s so difficult because the government doesn’t help (more etceteras) places like Ikaria (etceteras long to reach Mars). By the way, do you vote here?» This is what most mayors are. So (?) let it grow and disappear (?).

Am I crazy to be jealous (Nana often accuses me) of those parks and reserves in other countries and even some in Greece too? I’m deeply in love with my OPEL but I am polyamorous and I love paths as well ! They take you to meaningful places and you get inside them from very interesting ‘natural’ angles. They make stories and is why perhaps some of my photos in Flickr are succesful.



(5 total)

First of all tell me where the path is… it looks like one saw between Avlaki and Mandria. I will help clear it with pleasure, it looks very inviting.

Wednesday February 15, 2006 – 09:28pm (GMT)

The one who still uses it should have a say. I wouldn’t decide w/o his counsel.

Wednesday February 15, 2006 – 05:06pm (PST)

Ελένη, αν ψάχνεις για μαλ…κες, το ξέρεις -είμαι μέσα και βάλε με στη λίστα. Όμως γιατί μου φαίνεται πως κάτι άλλο θες να πεις;

Thursday February 16, 2006 – 10:25am (EET)



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