Eleni in Ikaria, February 06, 2006


I got tired of having ‘the stupid side of my face’ welcome me every time I want to write in my blog.

So I replaced it with something ‘red hot’.

sunset lighthouse 3

I am still there, of course, included somewhere in the picture
-all in blue, purple and red.
-these are my favourite colours.
Is it serious, doctor?.. ————————————-

The rainstorm of last night took my headache away. There was thunder outside and in my dreams too.

I dreamt I was in Livadi beach and there was a sudden rainstorm. I was a ‘grouvalina’ (!) and I was fighting against ‘the bourgeois’ (ordinary holiday makers) who wanted to take over my camping place (which was under the trees) to protect themselves from the rain. Many things happened simultaneously and I haven’t decided which came first, second, third, so I can’t put them down as story yet.



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A doctor writes…..hmmm you have identified with the κρινα της θαλασσας, which is emblematic of the vulnerable yet wild (true) side of your nature and there is a conflict with your more public persona – the bourgeoisie, (also represented by the literal «public face» you have grown tired of and deleted), which in turn is seeking shelter from the rain under the darkness of the trees; ironically the rain has been brought down to nourish the lilly part of your inner self, newly discovered in the dry, arid sand. Lots of conflict, symbolised by thunder, all is happening at once, but the lighthouse, a kind of creative dream extension, is there to help illuminate a path to resolution while at the same time keeping you hidden and protected , yet still «within the frame» of the picture; orange purple and red are energy, conflict and anger, but purple promises peace.. So yes, we like the lighthouse….Next…

Monday February 6, 2006 – 10:45pm (GMT)

wow doctor ! what a diagnosis! I’m afraid that my social security will not accept to cover the expence. May I pay you in cash little by little every month?

Tuesday February 7, 2006 – 03:19am (PST)

I understand that barter was always the Ikarian fallback when times were hard…so some wine and honey would be acceptable..

Tuesday February 7, 2006 – 04:47pm (GMT)

Εγώ, Ελένη μου, νομίζω πως είσαι εντάξει και δεν χρειάζεται να πληρώσεις τον γιατρό. Μάλλον φταίει που κάθεσαι για πολλή ώρα πολύ κοντά στο αναμμένο τζάκι.

Tuesday February 7, 2006 – 10:25pm (EET)



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