Eleni in Ikaria, February 08, 2006


Oh! Muse, chill out Ikarian-wise and let ME sing the furry of the waves…

I uploaded some new pictures in Flickr yesterday. Then I found them too dull and decided to live up the scene with some motion. The weather was on my side. There was one of those terrific storms again in the sea and snow fell on the mountains.

thalassograph 9

thalassograph 8

However, thalassographs are difficult to take.
Πυρ, γυνή και θάλασσα‘ as they say and for once I won’t consider that a sexist statement.

On the contrary I’m flattered.

You will see my ‘thalassographs‘ soon in my page in Flickr. Here you are going to see only the two ones that I will not upload there because they were destroyed -as photos. They were good evidence of the adventure though. So not only I didn’t delete them but I’m posting them here. This is what a blog is about and I’m so pleased.

Oh ! doctor, there will be wine and honey waiting for you. Only land and water I can’t provide. Satisfy yourslef with the beaches and the paths -for free.
Btw, doctor, there’s a strange thing going on. Go Flickr, «photos tagged ikaria», then switch from «recent» to «most interesting» and browse the first three pages [1], [2], [3].

It’s _____________ (you fill in an adjective -I’m out of wit).

Hey doc, what’s your opinion as a professional? Is it serious?

I’m sure the doctor understands and will prove himself as efficient as always. Only to help the readers, I’ll just say: do the same thing for another place, not an Aegean island, just any place, Sydney Australia for example or  the Himalayas. You will see so-called ‘highlights’ -better term than ‘sights’- like the Opera, the Everest, the monasteries, taken in different angles, with this in with that out, closeups, farouts etc. What are the ‘highlights’ for Ikaria? There aren’t any, according to me. There’s just an ambience, an omnipresent, in-tune, out-of tune vibration…

… vvvvrrrrrmmmmm ……chchchchrrrrrrrrtt …….zzzzz ……vvvvttzz …….nnnnnnnn ….z-z-z-z …tsoukou tsoukou

So, oh! Muse, chill out in Ikaria. Have a break. There is nothing to sing about.

Have a good rest here. There’s so much drama in this world and fun as well, but you can catch up with all it later. There are no highlights here, no bronze statues of warlord kings with their swords on their stalions (come on now -you know what I mean). Or would you, Muse, sing for a donkey ?


P.S. that there are no highlights doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to take advantage of this and build and wound the landscape. Of course, modern houses are comfortable. Also, to build a house on the steep slopes of this island has always been an achievement and an owner should be proud.

But please, oh please, afterwards plant trees around the new builidings. Plant as many as possible. Trees like Ikaria -everybody knows that.  I could put down several technical and aesthetical reasons to do so, but I won’t. I’ll just say: do it for me – stupid or not, I’m a good girl !


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Ah! Lady Kirki with your offer of wine and honey on a magical Aegean Isle, and such images of surf and foam as Odysseus might have seen as his ship was wrecked and cast upon an alien shore…I shall need the wit of Odysseus here…you have seen my pictures of pig bones in Flikr…the fate I must escape?…Ikarian Enigma…that says it all. What will you dream tonight? Perhaps like another enchantress «I dreamt I was enamoured of an ass», but that was a summer dream.

Wednesday February 8, 2006 – 10:00pm (GMT)


They were great pictures on flickr crazy woman!

Wednesday February 8, 2006 – 06:42pm (PST)

να προσέχεις

Thursday February 9, 2006 – 01:05pm (EET)



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