Eleni’s Carnival in Ikaria


Eleni's Carnival in Ikaria, Decrepit Dance, mocking the myth of longevity


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I don’t know if it was out of place and rather ‘un-Greek’ to speak about an investment ‘in green’, but I don’t have to be born and brought up in Greece to understand CARNIVAL !It’s just broke out here and it took me by surprise because I had forgotten about it and now I have to catch up!
In Carnival here they don’t wear costumes. They dress up as their opposites -to their opposite’s grotesque extremes! So kids dress like old (in ugliest, most degenerate, etc.), men dress and behave like women (with as big as possible stress on the weakenesses of the sex), women make like men (the same stress on the weak side) -I repeat: to their grotesque most colorful extremes!
So you see a respectable tradesman appear as a nymphomanian bride, a beautiful young girl be a black hairy gorilla and the carpenter of the village dig out an impossible costume and show up as Lord of Bam-boum-burry 🙂 Obscenity, liberality and wild dance are allowed (even encouraged), on condition (repeat) on condition that the ‘mascarades‘ or (local) ‘moutsounarides‘ are dressed up and covered so well that they can’t be recognized. If the are (repeat) if they are recognized, either they either leave or find very fast a different way to be funny -which is very hard and takes a real actor to do.
I am going to…
Oh no ! I’m not going to tell you what I’ll dress up like !
I’m just saying what I said before; that I am going to be my opposite -to the grotesque extreme!


Carnaval 2009 Carnaval 2008



I’ll be lost- not to be found for 3 days -I hope.
Sorry readers !

(Send me the map next week, will you?)
(By then I may be good girl
Eleni again.)



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Nana’s recipe: buy the least fresh, cheapest fish, one that’s as dead as a fish can be (use Felicia to test -the fish must be really rotten). Boil it in very little water on a very slow fire for about an hour (2 hours is the best but then it’s inhuman – in that case If I were you, I’d use a timer or a remote control or switch off the plugs of the house to turn off the fire. You wouldn’t do that manually.) Now the scum should be unbearable and you know that you have the best all-natural, chemical-free «super-dead-fish-glue»!!!


With a mask or (better) a clip on your nose, take away the fish bones, and add and stir in some flour, if you want your glue to be thicker.


Nana’s super glue can attach hair (like whiskers, moustache, beard, armpit hair and other) just any kind of fiber on your skin. It wouldn’t be torn off or drop off never mind how much you move, grim or perspire. The super fish glue will also grant you a super dead fish smell which will enchant your partners in carnival and it will keep them in a safe distance from you so that they don’t even think of trying to uncover your face. Thus you will be able to act as crazy as you like.


Saturday February 18, 2006 – 12:46am (EET)


Wow! You Greeks are insane! The only costume-appropriate occasion we Americans have is Halloween (Oct. 31) but that doesn’t sound remotely similar (children going door-to-dooor for candy). Even Halloween is routinely a cause of controversy with out more conservative citizens (the ones who elected our president). Each year there are an increasing number of articles in the news about how it’s unchristian devil-worship, authored by folks who wouldn’t know a good time if it bit them on the ass. So, on that note, Happy Carnival!! Wish I was there.

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 12:12am (EST)

I see you are getting prettier and prettier and more romantic with time! Do you also smell of Nana’s ‘super dead fish glue’? Remove that photo, or I may be in love with you!

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 01:04pm (EET)

I won’t remove it! I want you all to fry in the fires of passion for me!

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 04:19am (PST)

We shall have to refer to this phenomenon when we discuss «drama in life» again. It is very therapeutic, Ο γιατρος approves.

Monday February 20, 2006 – 02:51pm (GMT)


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