Eleni’s «Ikarian Enigma» -το αίνιγμα της Ικαρίας


This idea of an «Ikarian Enigma» does me good. I tested it today. It helped me get rid of many embarassments and some occasional anger as well. I was out in the ‘sorocco’ wind all day, so I feel not like writing more about this subject tonight. I’ll just go and check if the right photos in Flickr have the right tag «ikarian enigma». Check them too. Click: «everybody’s photos tagged «ikarian enigma» and then we talk.


Can I ‘take the cure’ and ‘talk about the cure’ at the same time? Or ‘talk’ is part of the ‘take’, oh, great wise doctor?

Ikaria 008 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Rucksacks to Scare goats by angeloskaIkaria 003 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Ikaria Bus Service by angeloskaΟ Απρίλης είναι πάντα ο πιο σκληρός by angeloska
red in green by angeloska(4) Ikaria 131 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Ikaria 105 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Ikaria 122 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)April Is The Cruelist Month by angeloska
Ikaria 328 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Table and Chair - Ikarian style by mountain ash2005Door to Heaven by Tragopodaros"Ilectra" Beuties of Icaria by PeBroPig's Life by Tragopodaros
Messages by Tragopodarospodia by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)sweetie, say "chee-eese" !.. by angeloskaGrowing metallboxes? by sara helene
(3) Ikaria 132 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)(7) Ikaria 128 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)kalamos Ikaria by PeBroHuston, we have a problem!.. by angeloska
Sunset Rock by TragopodarosTo the Sea by TragopodarosAπό που πάμε για Xριστό; by mamanianEnter the People's Republic by angeloska(5) Ikaria 130 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)
Angel by TragopodarosPezi Sunset by TragopodarosBroomspray by TragopodarosBulldozer by TragopodarosHigh on Ikaria. by Tragopodaros
Agios Isidoros by TragopodarosSea Cedar by TragopodarosIkaria 141 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Political Humour by TragopodarosMirsonas Bridge by Tragopodaros
Cars In Love by NicoteIkaria 245 by isl_gr (away on an odyssey)Enter the Blue by mamanian
…and there are so many more. If only somebody had time to tag.


(3 total)

A doctor writes….of course. Talk is part of take, as chalk is part of cake.

Sunday February 26, 2006 – 10:00pm (GMT)

Για να σε δούμε Ελενίτσα πως θα τα πας με τα αινίγματα…
Εσύ καλέ μπερδεύεσαι να βρεις «τι κάνει νιαου-νιαου στα κεραμίδια».

φιλάκια κ καλή δύναμη

Monday February 27, 2006 – 01:30pm (EET)

Τι λες; Δεν μπερδευομαι καθολου. Ακου: αυτο που κανει νιαου-νιαου στα κεραμιδια ειναι ενας αιγαγρος που ξερει ξενες γλωσσες. Εχει ανεβει στα κεραμιδια για να φαει τη μπαμπακοπιτα που του εριξε εκει ο τρελο αφεντικο του.
ΟΚ? δεν με βαζεις κατω εμενα, «μικρό»…

Monday February 27, 2006 – 12:49pm (PST)



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