Hippie Island! ☀


Picking sour cherries 4

Picking sour cherries 1 Picking sour cherries 2 Picking sour cherries 3 wild strawberry wild strawberry close-up Green Fairy Portrait in Tomatoes From Greece with love - Taken on June 17, the day we almost destroyed the world cherry tomato pick 1 cherry tomato pick 2 cherry tomato pick 3 cherry tomato pick 4 Grinding the pepper A Noon in the River 1 - The canyon rocks - view from before climbing down A Noon in the River 2 - The critical crosspath marked with an 'M' A Noon in the River 3 - The new nature 3 years after the flashflood A Noon in the River 4 - bags, hats and stuff rid off A Noon in the River 5 - little water in July but warm A Noon in the River 6 A Noon in the River 7 A Noon in the River 8 Narcissist youth A Noon in the River 9 - Resting and sunbathing A Noon in the River 10 - Getting near the end of the hike travel light

Seasonal hippie life – a short and secret summer break without bad life and drugs involved. Only little cherry tomatoes. It’s such a sweet mood and so liberating after those crazy 😡 and stressful 😥 final school exams these kids have gone through 😮 Although so many years have passed, I know what I am talking about! 😀

Hippie Island

Most of the pictures come from the set «A Noon in the River» ©  2013

A Noon in the River 1 A Noon in the River 2 A Noon in the River 3 A Noon in the River 4 A Noon in the River 5 A Noon in the River 6 A Noon in the River 7 A Noon in the River 8 A Noon in the River 9

2 Σχόλια on “Hippie Island! ☀”

  1. Ο/Η egotoagrimi λέει:

    Of course we know about it!

    But our time was different. These kids are the future precariats who are going to live their lives in chaos and insecurity. The proletarians at least had their chains, but precariats don’t even have those. No chains, no salary, no career, but also… no responsibilities. So let them enjoy nature and have as much good times as they can, as free as they can be…


    the day after a panigiri in Ikaria, August 6

    Down with old crones! 😡

    Αρέσει σε 6 άτομα


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