tonnere detruit -February 21, 2006

during the weekend there was rain and rain and all of a sudden a thunderbolt hit the telephone cables of my lazy quiet valley.

I was not there. I was ‘downtown’ scaring people in the bars.

Next morning my modem was jammed. I called Nana on the mobile and she told me a tip (a crazy, ugly thing to do to your modem, so I’m not telling anyone else) and my modem worked again.

So here I am back. Have I missed anything?



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Yes Elle, the world spun around a few more times and lots happened, some of it beautiful, some of it sad, and some of it both beautiful and sad. But may impose on you a question or two? Athina, is she Nana? And Angelos, do I recall you mentioned he is an editor? If so, may I ask an editor of what? He is also a builder of trails?

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:43am (PST)

iiiiiiii :::::: …I told you to open the lid of the modem, push and hold down a button for 5 «. This is called ‘reset’. It’s not «a crazy and ugly thing» to do to a modem !
It wasn’t in the manual, that’s all. The same with your car, the manual doesn’t say «if it doesn’t start, go out and push» !
Btw, I’m coming down to Ik. I want to go around dressed as the ‘real me’ not the opposite. I’ll be a robot with many hidden lids and hidden buttons and manual !!!

Athina=(Athi) Na-na
(like Emile Zola’s book, though I don’t earn my bread like that ‘Nana’.)
P.S. an Ikarian boy calls me with a heavy «(…th)…n..n..nnaaA»

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:41pm (EET)

Elle, Theodorakis was inspired by Ikaria for his «Carnaval» – did it have the same effect on you? Is that why you went?
PS – Greg, I think Angelos builds many different paths – routes to the heart of Ikaria, but not just hiking trails … tell me I am right El?

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:02pm (GMT)

Ah, of course! Athina, «Nana,» glad to meet the both of you!

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 03:44pm (PST)

nana, don’t play ‘kraftwerk’ girl to me. I know you have a soul. It may look like one of your little machines, but everybody’s souls have to look like something ::

Wednesday February 22, 2006 – 03:05am (PST)

αααααα»»»»»»»»» νανουλα «»»»αγαπη μου»»»
ερχεσαι Ικαρια :::::::: Καθαρη Δυετερα?
τωρα το καταλαβα

Wednesday February 22, 2006 – 12:44pm (PST)


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