Oxyzen & On my Feet Again


psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …. hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …

hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) … hhaaasshhh (exhale) …

no kidding now people THIS IS THE SONG OF LIFE !!!

Just dare and contradict me -:))

Oxyzen turns me on and makes me high. My only drug forevaah -:))

It’s so strange though; have you thought about it? oxyzen makes metals rust and go soft, it accelerates combustion and makes people grow old (and new again -but that’s not the point now). If I were an alien visitor on earth I would distrust this gas. I would look down at and at the same time admire the organisms who breathe and live on it, like we humans feel about those unbelievable forms of life who are able to live in boiling water and toxic gas coktails clinging to the cliffs among the craters and the cracks of active submarine volcanoes.

So I’m on my feet again.Image

It’s a big national celebration today: The Greek Independance Day

It’s also a big religious holiday: Annunciation, Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου.

(Virgin Mary, the Angel, the Lily)

Many Evangelos and Evangelias‘ names day. I am invited by one of them. They will play bouzouki music there. I am still not able to smoke or drink, but I feel like singing Image tonight. As a dancer I am nule, but I can sing -I sing well actually. So I’m going to try my deep sorethroat-stuffed nose sexy voice on the rembetika. What’s rembetika? The rembetika are «Songs of the Jail and the Old Greek Underworld» (ho-ho-ho). I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. I may also transcribe the verses of one or two of my favourites.

Enjoy breathing…Image

psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …. hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …

hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) … hhaaasshhh (exhale) …



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hey, feel free to comment -no prob.
The ‘no comment’ request is only for the «The Story of…» episodes, ok?

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 02:19pm (PST)

I think you are meant to inhale the haaash, to get maximum effect, not exhale.

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 10:28pm (GMT)

You are a tease! Where is Episode 2 in the story of your life?

I agree w/Simon on that other stuff, and congrats to Greece and Greeks.

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 10:34pm (PST)

What a day today! the sun shine high, spring defenitively came in Italy.
So I say hallo to you all and I go inhaling & exhaling on the beach.
May the mighty Sun shine on you all.

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 01:16pm (CEST)

kalimera !
looking forward to finding out which rembetiko is your favourite…

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 02:39pm (EEST)

-> let you inhale the hash; let me exhale it. (I have low blood pressure -I can’t stand that crap -it makes me faint -bliah…)
-> thnks for the congrats. Am I a teaser? First time I hear this… No, no, no, now ..I keep my promises: there will be one episode every week. In between there will be other programmes.
-> we didn’t fly our kite that day; damn aliens…
-> kalimera

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 09:48am (PST)

Hey! We got spring yesterday here in England! Nice to think we were one step ahead of Italian climate for once. The daffodils are dancing in my local park.

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 10:15pm (BST)



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