«the rain in Ikariain falls mainly on the mountains»


BAD: the electric network is old and very badly maintained, so lightnings cause many blackouts.

GOOD: the lightnings show superwow in a blackouted landscape at night

SO-SO: I tried to take a picture of a lightning and of course I failed. I captured the rain on the trees and the strange light in the sky.

P.S. I may catch pneumonia with these acrobatics one day. I will not be my fault. It will be yours, oh my readers ! Start collecting money for my hospitalization…



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Δεν φωτογράφησες την αστραπή, γιατί η αστραπή είσαι εσύ η ίδια !

Wednesday March 15, 2006 – 10:59pm (EET)

One Comment on “«the rain in Ikariain falls mainly on the mountains»”


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