«Easter Eggs red-dyed herbal and Ikarian-wise» -3

Step 3

When dry, polish them with very little olive oil.

Add a daisy.Image

Now everything is «village» : the eggs, the dye, the bowl (made of local clay in a local pottery), and my tablecloth (woven on a local loom). Only the tea came from China.

NOTE: They told me that the eggs like this do not smell of oignons and tea. I am not in position to confirm this, though. I haven’t tasted them yet. We are not supposed to crash and crack our eggs before the priest sings ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ (Christ Resurrected) at midnight sharp. But they look good, don’t they?

Très *village* Image ? muddy and dirty and cracked (and my kitchen was a mess). But at least the came out R-E-D ! So I love my Easter eggs ! I’m not going to show them to the nice person who told me what to do, though. I’m afraid she will scorn or scold me.

But I can show them to you…

φιλακια  Image φιλαρακια

!!! ΚΑΛΟ ΠΑΣΧΑ !!!

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Ahh red eggs!! This is one of the very few Greek traditions that has survived to my generation (4 times removed from Greece). Every Easter we’d gather round the family table with the red eggs and crack them together in a sort of tournament, all the time saying «Χριστος ανεστι» «Αλιτος ανεστι» (no idea if that spelling is correct).

Unfortunately this is as close as I’ve been to red eggs for many years since my schools have given the Catholic Easter off as a holiday, but not the Orthodox one.

Happy Easter, El & all.

– Matt

Sunday April 23, 2006 – 11:44pm (EDT)

The Orthodox Easter school holiday in Greece is 2 weeks !!!
Jealous, eh? Well, don’t be. It’s like in theocratic regimes. I return for those long religious holidays, the schoolchildren have to attend long, boring and absurd Religion courses for several hours a week. Parent have to declare that they are e.g. Buddists or Marxists, so that their kids are excused from attending them.
Meanwhile yesterday we had the craziest 12 hour long parties (and I can hardly make out what I’m typing right now)

Monday April 24, 2006 – 02:58am (PDT)

They look superb! Αυγα Πολλά!

Monday April 24, 2006 – 05:37pm (BST)

Happy Orthodox Easter!

But when Condi gets to Athens, maybe someone can throw some rotten eggs her way, or a cream pie maybe…

Tuesday April 25, 2006 – 09:39am (PDT)

Flying red eggs would «write» on the TV cameras. No doubt the city will be under martial law, worse than during the German occupation.

Tuesday April 25, 2006 – 11:00pm (EEST)


One Comment on “«Easter Eggs red-dyed herbal and Ikarian-wise» -3”

  1. Ο/Η Angelos Ka λέει:
    Τα καλύτερα Ελένη!

    All natural Easter Eggs

    Αρέσει σε 1 άτομο


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