Eleni’s photos in Ikaria

recently some of my photos are better because:

-> I’ve decided to add some more pixels and the resolution is higher

-> my friend techno-wise Nana showed me that my camera has «filters». With the time I’ve leaned how to use and adjust them.

-> I have a better control of the four basic functions of the Photoshop (‘levels’, ‘contrast’, ‘colours’, ‘saturation’).

-> When I am about to shoot a photo I close my big mouth and keep it tight shut. Sometimes I grind my teeth. As a result I don’t shake, tremble or do my usual «floating’ mouvements. When I’m *stiff like a broom stick* (as we say in Greece) and I don’t *swallow flies* (as we say in Greece), myImagepictures are not blurry. It’s exactly like shooting with a g**mn riffle or pistol !

(*** dear blog, remind me to do the same when I cook…)

-> I’m not ashamed anymore to shoot at things that I like.

-> the light in spring is better than in winter.

-> I bought a second memory card for my camera, so now I have more space and I can afford more experiments and failures.

-> I feel ‘feconde’ (can’t remember the English word)

-> Flickr is a big school and all my friends and contacts in there are great teachers.

Ikaria 178 Ikaria 176 Ikaria 173 Ikaria 171 Ikaria 170

Ikaria 166 Ikaria 164 Ikaria 163 Ikaria 157

Inside my spicy gemütlich yurt  Ikaria 153 Ikaria 155

BUT … my camera is developing a problem: dirty spots, empty spots, less pixels. I’m told that the sensor is dying… Maybe it was the price for those so very succesful sun-eclipse shots which broke records. The spots are in the upper part of the frame where usually (in this dimension of time and space) there is more light, so the spots show more. Until I repair it (which I doubt) or buy a new camera, I must absolutely remember to hold my camera upside down and click the button with my thumb instead of my index. So the nasty spots would appear in the lower part of the frame where it’s usually darker (in this dimension of time and space). They will be there but they won’t show.

However, I think they’ll show on a surface with sand or water. Too bad.Image I wanted to take some beach shots before I leave Ikaria.

We had a cloudy rather warm Workers Day. This is a big celebration here.

Today it’s like winter. It’s cold and a breeze from the north makes the sea look unfriendly again. I like itImage. I’m sorry for the very few tourists, but I really like it. I haven’t become Imagea pervert. Spring must have transitions (μεταπτωσεις), draw backs and draw forths like a spring, «poing-Image-poing-Image-poing-Image-poing».


(3 total)

El, like shooting a g**amn gun, try to exhale slowly and relax just before snapping the shutter (pulling the trigger). Works for me, not that my pics are anything to crow about.

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 02:23pm (PDT)

The woman behind 30.000 euro TV cameras is suffering from a 30 euro sensor fault !?!
We are coming and bringing you a new Sony. Are you feeling better now?

Wednesday May 3, 2006 – 10:23pm (EEST)

are you sure there is no grease left on the lens or the lid?
Tiny drops of resin gum from the pines perhaps?

Thursday May 4, 2006 – 12:54pm (EEST)



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