14 May, 2006

My *Angel pool* – η Αγγελολιβαδα μου

dedicated Imageto the salmon, the eel, the mountain ash, the humanist Ψ, the angelos-x-angelos, the simon whose name means rock, the goat-simon-doctor.

So what happens if you survive the call of a nymph?
The weaker ones loose their speech temporarily or for ever. Some loose their minds too. But there are some cunning strong men who look at the nymph only with the corner of their eye -the corner of their mind- so they are not harmed. On the contrary they are given
*eloquence* :

Why am I not funny today and I speak like a drunk Image? Because I am drunk Image(slightly).

Today was St. Isidoros day Image(big day marked with a red circle in the local agenta of events) and my birthdayas well.

Thank you.


(6 total)

Auguri Elenuccia!

Sunday May 14, 2006 – 07:50pm (CEST)

Χρόνια Πολλά, ρε θηρίο ανήμερο.
Το δώρο μου το άφησα στον Άγιο Ισίδωρο και σίγουρα το βρήκες.

Congratulations for the Ikarian Angels’ pools, too. I’m amazed that though in a murder mood because you are leaving (don’t deny it), you go on giving. Toro, OLE !

Sunday May 14, 2006 – 09:36pm (EEST)

Hronia Polla Eleni!

Sunday May 14, 2006 – 11:09pm (BST)

Thank you everybody
Σας ευχαριστω ολους

Monday May 15, 2006 – 02:52am (PDT)

Belatedly, happy birthday Eleni, you are a special soul.

Monday May 15, 2006 – 07:27am (PDT)

Aww geez, I spend one day moving and packing for my trip, and I miss your birthday, El! Just my luck. Well, happy birthday anyway! Much luck back on the mainland, and don’t disappear completely!

Monday May 15, 2006 – 02:21pm (EDT)



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