our guide ikaria

Though it’s nice in Ikaria in winter we are already missing certain situations which make a difference and hightlight our life on the island all year long.

Stony Softness 1 😎

It’s June and we are going to hike and swim there! I bet you will never find this place!

Stony Softness 2 ^^’

Seasonal hippie life – a short and secret summer break without bad life and drugs involved. Only little cherry tomatoes. It’s such a sweet mood and so liberating after those crazy and stressful final school exams these kids have gone through. Although so many years have passed, I know what I am talking about!

Seasonal Hippie Island ❤

A lot of word is made in this blog about my friend, Nana, and her doings with me or with own her friends in Ikaria. I feel that though I have said much, I have shown relatively few pictures. So there you are, take these randomly chosen snapshots. Some are totally random and some from a wild ride in the south west of the island last week. :-D

Wild Shots ⭐

A poem by Carl Sandburg and a gallery of amazing black & white pictures from Ikaria by resident photographer Christos Malachias

I shall foot it 😉

From *the Labyrinth* where I’m imprisoned by my own free will and I work for the King, I’m posting the best ever poem about Icarus, plus some artwork and a few meaningful pictures.

Waiting for Icarus ^^’

Walking with friends in the amazing rockscapes of Pezi, Ikaria island, Greece, May 14, 2015. Taking photos and singing ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ «I found an island in your arms, Country in your eyes, Arms that chain, Eyes that lie, Break on through to the other side, Break on through to the other side, ☀ yeah !» ^^’ Here are the 17 shots I chose to post to WP and my Flickr.

Break on through to the other side yeah !


3 Σχόλια on “our guide ikaria”

  1. Ο/Η angelosk λέει:
    straw hat ! ^^’


    The very relaxed  girl we followed through the cliffs


    Μου αρέσει!


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