Eleni (still) in Ikaria (May 12, 2006)

My birthday Image is in a few days. As a gift to myself (because if I didn’t have me, what had I become in life?) and because myself needs, I ‘ll (tara tata taram…) try and illustrate «The Island» with photos.

For the rest, today was a cloudy and it rained a bit in the morning, so we cocooned.


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Taurus, yes indeed I can see it. Me too sort of, on the cusp, but my girlfriend says more Aries.

Friday May 12, 2006 – 03:28pm (PDT)

yeah, Taurus. Terrible, isn’t it? I smash everything and then I say ‘sorry’, and I mean it, and I want to make even, but people don’t believe me. I’ve seen capricorns and aries do 100 t worse but they don’t have the looks, see?

Did you read ‘The Island’ in that link? Is it too scholarly and ‘British English’? I’m using the Greek translation.

Saturday May 13, 2006 – 01:05pm (PDT)

Oh no, my little mountain ash is Taurus (she was one last week), and I am Aries. She is already showing signs of wilfulness – we lock horns already.

I re-read The Island after your comment – I don’t know what the style of the poem says to a wider audience, but to me, the language evokes an ambience, and a feel of the island in the 50’s from an onlooker’s point of view. I can identify with it totally. My Greek is not good enough to comment on the translation, but I can only assume that it also captures that same feel and subtleties present in the original. I look forward to the illustrated verion.

Saturday May 13, 2006 – 11:28pm (BST)

-> images of beauty and words of love soothe the bull
-> I read somewhere that while in Ikaria McNeice had seen and known a lot and that he found himself in a very difficult position. On one side he had an idyllic place (the closed circle) and on the other Civil War, Cold war, nationalists vs communists. The sudden vision the poet has during his afternoon siesta under the pine tree, when the idyll becomes a Kafkian nightmare is my favourite part.

Sunday May 14, 2006 – 08:33am (PDT)

The poem, I like it at first then it become too long and ponderous and my intuitive nature rebels.

Monday May 15, 2006 – 07:23am (PDT)

You are right. The poem is often ponderous and really too long. As Eleni assumes, the poet was an eye witness of many situations and acts that he could not write shorter, hence clearer about. But the verses make good imagery and if Eleni already has or can find pictures to match the text, then …
We will see.

Thursday May 18, 2006 – 01:18pm (EEST)


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