Eleni’s (test) poll about Agriculture

Basically this is a TEST to see how «create a poll» works


In order to do me the honour and vote, I don’t think you need to be «connected» to my blog.
If you have a Yahoo ID, it’s probable that you will be able to vote using only your Yahoo! nickname and password.
Also, you don’t have to be too serious in casting your votes. I’ll tell the Greek Image PM (who reads my blog) not to take any important desicions about Ikaria judging from the results of this poll. It’s all «off the record» and completely unofficial -just one more of ImageEleni’s endless tricks & teases…

So let’s see how it goes.

thank you

Eleni Imagehttps://i0.wp.com/farm2.static.flickr.com/1068/542989925_01327c0fe8_m.jpg


What should we grow on the terasses of Ikaria?

What should we grow on the terasses of Ikaria?
thorny bushes/cactuses
nothing -leave them alone and wild
whatever -just take care that those ancient stonewalls stand in place


(9 total)

Sorry PM, I voted ‘flowers‘ – but now that I think about it, perhaps this may not be good for the ikarian economy. Just a whim, really.

Sunday May 28, 2006 – 07:53am (CEST)

no votes for marihuana? Come on now…

Sunday May 28, 2006 – 03:11pm (EEST)

I was tempted.. but the stone walls are tooooo important! They are a trademark of the island.

@AKK: We hiked a trail today from Pigi to Kampos, which Mihalis said you’re «clearing».. However, I must say that in places it was looking a wee bit .. shall we say.. over-natural 🙂

Sunday May 28, 2006 – 02:07pm (EDT)

so you hiked on a part of *the trail of the elves*
I left and the negociations with them were not concluded, hence, the *over-natural*. And to think that in other countries governments pay for this works. Oh, there are times I wish the Greek Pm didn’t read my blog like a comic book …
@Ψ have 2ice a good time in Ikaria ! ((-:I hate you:-))

Sunday May 28, 2006 – 12:43pm (PDT)

I voted for thorns ! Now the PM will be very confused. It was not a whim. I just love wildberries or blackberries or whatever they are called. I also like the «figues de barbarie» (frango-syka) the fruit of the cactus and I have a special (German made !) tool to collect, peel and eat them !

Monday May 29, 2006 – 11:45am (EEST)

(…fields forever..)
They grow with big success in the mountain villages. They adapt so well that once planted, they go on growing wild. I should have told you on time so that you added it in the poll.

Saturday June 3, 2006 – 10:12pm (EEST)

Of course, I would have voted for them! R has been re-named Fraoula. It all started when she ate your stawberries AKK – she has them every day now!

Saturday June 3, 2006 – 11:11pm (BST)

That might have invalidated the whole survey now, adding strawberries in after we have all responded. You can’t just add strawberries! We might have voted for it! Now it makes it look like they are unpopular…

Then again if there are lots of snails, strawberries could be a ‘high-maintenance’ crop!

Monday June 5, 2006 – 01:11pm (CEST)

No no no … This was a test poll and thank you very much for taking part! Besides my friends, many others see it and I hope they can vote using just their Yahoo IDs.
Ah, by the way, I haven’t told you (you asked me and I didn’t answer in Flickr). I was planting potatoes this year !
I enjoyed it because they look so good (& orderly -this is my small vice) as young plants. Then I left and didn’t eat any. When I return, my good old neighbours will have kept a bagfull for me so that I can add up some weight again.

Monday June 5, 2006 – 05:03am (PDT)


One Comment on “Eleni’s (test) poll about Agriculture”

  1. Ο/Η angelosk λέει:
    Το είχα μισοξεχάσει τούτο.
    Τελικά νόστιμες ξανθές πατάτες σαφώς!

    Peeling potatoes for the village festival in Ikaria


    Αρέσει σε 4 άτομα


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