So this matter has been cleared up. I’m not an enemy of tourism -hahaha Image
Here is a certain Marina Stenos’ blog [*Ikarian Adventures*] who connects to our Flickr photos of Ikaria and calls for visitors.
The strangest thing Image: in Marina’s selection of Ikarian images I saw some of my darkest *unfriendly* landscape shots !!!
Because I ‘ve never (NEVER !) called for visitors in a «come on everybody» way, I was almost upset Image when I discovered Marina’s blog. But then I saw that she names it «adventures«, so it’s ok Image, I guess.
It doesn’t matter that she didn’t send a polite notice to say that she’s linked to our pictures. We even have a club about Ikaria in Flickr and I Image am a moderator of it !
It doesn’t matter. Den pirazi. Δεν πειραζει.
It’s just that I like to communicate. I’m aware that other people don’t. It’s alright.
Funny: how can people who don’t care much about communication, call for visitors?
It doesn’t matter. Den pirazi. Δεν πειραζει. Image
Let’s call this …»ikarian enigma» :-)(-: lol Image

P.S. 1 the irrelevent picture with the rock and the vespa is from the all day long Panigiri of Agios (St.) Isidoros, 14 May 2006
P.S. 2 there are links in this text; I’m not sure whether they appear, so just move your mouse around and you will find them.


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but you ARE PROMOTING TOURISM already through Flickr ! Haven’t you noticed the sponsors flowing in on the left column of the page «Flickr photos tagged Ikaria» ?
Now if someone knows that there is a very scarce boat connection to the island and evenmore, once there, there are very poor bus lines to visit and see all these places…
well… I can’t say what «product» exactly you are promoting. Surely a specialty product only for the few.
@AKK : why don’t YOU get in the game. Put an ad for the hiking thing, the hiking map or about guided tours (are there any ? I mean good ones -> adventure stuff)

>about the photo :- I hadn’t realised that besides the panigiri, we made such an interesting car+moto expo out there -: <

Monday May 29, 2006 – 11:38am (EEST)

Ha.. who needs guides! Do it Ikarian style and walk along the road until some friendly stranger picks you up 😉

Tuesday May 30, 2006 – 09:38am (EDT)

you are very clever; almost like me.
I wish (curse?) you fall on the right friendly stranger as it happened with Eleni and me and adventure started …

Thursday June 1, 2006 – 02:50pm (EEST)

Eleni, I’m working in the paths and feeling old lately. I want to retire. Find me an assistant. Someone who loves misty mountain tops, deep cold pools and nameless coves. Someone who can go torso naked and wrap his/her T-shirt on his/her head when it’s too hot and when it’s cold, freeze like a brave.
Find me one, eevn if he/she is from the plains of H.

Thursday June 1, 2006 – 10:38pm (EEST)

Are you serious? Do you mean it?
Do you like it like this? Shall I shout it out?
(Whatever you say, I will anyway, he he)
Σ’ αρεσει ετσι; Να το βγαλω στη φορα;
(Οτι και να πεις, θα το βγαλω, χε χε)

Friday June 2, 2006 – 03:11am (PDT)

Do whatever you think best. It was you who pointed out that Ikaria is a mini continent in the first place.
A ‘muse’ I have and it is you but now I need something more practical. The article in the Greek «Climbing» magazine made me understand that islands are not supposed to have maountains and a vast inside land. But they do and Ikaria has a lot (go swimming and bar strolling just a bit later, that’s all) and I (we) really need a mountain corps, let this be a corps of one (in the beginning)


Friday June 2, 2006 – 11:42pm (EEST)

a long time ago I joined a Service Civil International team staying in a big tent above the little village of Seix in the Pyrenees. We were clearing, remaking, signing footpaths. We were not paid but we had the tent and the food and met people from all over, as well as being in a beautiful place (that I now go back to far more than I could have dreamt I would). Has this been done? A burst of activity by lots of people can be fun, although to work selflessly whatever the season through good times and hard must be better for the soul…

Saturday June 3, 2006 – 12:11am (CEST)

What a surprise ! We have called for and hosted the SCI in Ikaria twice already. The big sign at the entrance of «Chalares Canyon», one of our best natural sights, writes «The trail was restored by the volunteers of the SCI»

Somewhere in the files of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hikingIkaria/
there is a report by one of those volunteers about the sejourn and their work. I found it and copied it from the SCI site. It’s in Dutch, so I was never able to read what it says !

Saturday June 3, 2006 – 09:19pm (EEST)



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