Ζeppelin «IKARIA» with many propellers & forested with Oaks

I don’t want another stupid war for oil
I don’t want nuclear plants around the Aegean
I don’t want oil tanker and gas pipeline games.
I want my computer and my refridgerator to work all the time when I am in Ikaria.
So that I’m able to work and live a normal life.
I also want Ikaria to produce and belong to a larger «system».
I don’t want it to be *an isolated paradise*. Oh, no !

This is f**king tourist legend. Makes the wknd visitors dream of a *weekend utopia*.
BUT those like me who spent at least one winter on the island know a bit better.
I don’t mind the humming and flapping sound. It’s like travelling in an airplane.
SO, I’m giving *my mountain*
(not the actual mountain, just my countless photos of it from all angles)

to be planted with

windmills !

(photo by ‘Vitsero’ in Flickr © All rights reserved.)

Let them make a mess of it. Let constructors, prospectors, capitalists, caterpilars and earthmovers have a big party on it’s back.
Let it all be a cheat deal and half of the generators fall down
(like in the final scene of Kakogiannis’ film «Zorba the Greek» -remember?).
What ever it is, let’s try it !

Because I don’t have 100.000 euros to buy solar panels, or 24 small (sailing boat-like) power mills, as my friend *mechanical-wise* Nana sugggests. Even if I had 100.000 euros, I’m not selfish enough. I want everybody to be able to enjoy electricity. In only as far as this is concerned, oh, yes …
I’m «LENINist» (or should I have said «eLENINist» -lol)
So I’m giving *my mountain*.
When the party is over, me and my children (btw, I’m pregnant, you know), ‘adespotos’ and several *good grouvaloi* and many friends (and others we will make on the way) …
…. we will camp under the ROKAS A.E. gigantic power towers and ….

*PLANT 100.000 OAK ACORNS* !
*100.000 βελανίδια* !
See you there whenever…


(13 total)

So it’s true!

‘congratulations’ seems a very small word to herald the arrival of a… mountain walker?… an acorn-planter?… a windmill-hearer?…
but the Wild Forests of the West send 100,000 virtual blessings!

Tuesday June 27, 2006 – 04:12pm (CEST)

From Paul Cézanne to Joseph Beuys, I’m bending my knee at this entry. June is the month of Juno, Hera, goddess of the home and of babies. I’ll provide the oak nuts because I’m Jupiterian. See you there whenever.

Tuesday June 27, 2006 – 09:45pm (EEST)

I’ve just thought : why 100.000? can’t they just be 7.000?
Is it part of the plan? Is it because of the goats that we will have to plant so many? We will probably have to fence them too. This is madness. We’d better find some Hercules to put the goats in a big stable first. Or, I don’t know.. er, …export them to Germany perhaps?

(I’m just joking, dear Elle. Don’t mind me. BTW, *congratulations* !!!)

Tuesday June 27, 2006 – 10:15pm (EEST)

So happy for you Elle.

How very often I have dreamed

A world of perfect bliss

To be the mother of a boy

Or of a tiny miss.

To hold its tiny hands in mine

To count its tiny toes

And then to place a tiny kiss

Upon its tiny nose.

To hold it very close to me

Warm against my breast

To gaze into its tiny face

Sleeping and at rest.

Oh, what could be more perfect

Or what could hold more bliss,

Than to be a mother of a boy

Or of a tiny miss.

By Elizabeth Anna Fetters (Pachella)

Wednesday June 28, 2006 – 07:18am (PDT)

START ok you made big girl cry STOP pull myself together STOP gonna have quit smoking STOP maybe gonna turn mean STOP maybe you been through it STOP request understand STOP kisses OVER STOP

Wednesday June 28, 2006 – 01:02pm (PDT)

Elle, I understand all of that – big time! Many kisses and congratulations. I am truly delighted for you…

Wednesday June 28, 2006 – 10:21pm (BST)

Yes I understand too and yes I have been through it. Today Lily Rose, the little one who owns my heart, is two years old, so it is all very relevant to me. Don’t turn mean, but please do stop smoking!

Wednesday June 28, 2006 – 02:36pm (PDT)

I’ll smoke double shift, 1 paquet more a day, your share. So you don’t worry.
As for the polls and that all, the case can be won somehow you know. Go on posting pictures Flickr. BUT post the ones with US INSIDE THEM only when the situation gets critical. Then it will be WAR and everything will be permitted -including *our atrocities*.

Θα βαφτίσεις; Έχεις σκεφτεί για νονά;
(το είπα πρώτη, το είπα πρώτη !…)

Thursday June 29, 2006 – 02:33pm (EEST)

We must realize that a wind power generator (regardless proportions, materials and form) is just like a windmill and that the technology involved is no more complicated than the technology inside my hair-dryer. Like a windmill, a generator is an autonomous power plant. Once installed, you import no raw materials, you import no oil or coal, you import nothing. You only need to have some spare ball bearings and rings to replace after a period of time. Ah, and some motor-grease too. If it’s properly maintained, it works and works and works.
So let Iberia & co (who else can they be behind that?) plant their towers. If they f** up the environment, don’t worry; it’s already f**d up by the goats, anyway. We will fix that later. If the generators don’t work, don’t worry. If they are left by the company to rot, we will appropriate them. We will fix them and make them work ourselves. From what I have seen with my own eyes, Ikarians are ingenious mechanics, and moreover they are not afraid of heights.
For an island, if something doesn’t need to connect with the outside world to work, this “something” belongs to the island. Of course they can bring the police to stop you from appropriating the power towers, but you can always try again, can’t you? or go to court or something. This is not the case with a conventional power plant. If you take over, they stop shipping you oil, and you stay with a useless pile of junk in your hands.
But windpower towers are autonomous “means of production”. Once installed, they *belong* to the place where they were installed. From then on it’s not a matter of trade or technology, but a matter of property.


Wednesday May 23, 2007 – 10:24pm (EEST)

Ευχαριστώ νανούλα, όρθιο θηλυκό *τσακάλι*…
Πόσο καλά τα ξέρεις όλα αυτά. Keep low…

Wednesday May 23, 2007 – 12:55pm (PDT)

Let’s say that we «appropriate» the towers and make them work. And make them work for the island. And we push back the police. And we win in court. And we have an autonomous renewable source of electricity. What if the oil lobby (allied with the power tower lobby) get really pissed off, send airplanes, bombed and knocked down the towers from the air?

Thursday May 24, 2007 – 11:16pm (EEST)

We will have squatted around! Hasn’t Eleni said so already?
(Dream on, Nana : Dream on…)

@El => always keeping low but … ως πότε παλικάρια? Ως πάντα.. Τι πειράζει. «Δεν είπαμε πως δεν θα κολάμε;»

Friday May 25, 2007 – 10:40pm (EEST)

Tελευταία ενημέρωση για το θέμα:
Από το ένα άκρο (πετρέλαιο, πετρέλαιο, πετρέλαιο), μας πήγαν στο άλλο (πολυάριθμες γιγάντιες ανεμογεννήτριες με παραγωγή 100άδων μεγαβάτ), έγινε το απίστευτο μπάχαλο και κατατρόμαξε ο κόσμος και ξαναγυρίσαμε εκεί που ήμαστε στην αρχή. Δηλαδή στο πετρέλαιο, πετρέλαιο, πετρέλαιο. Τώρα, λένε, θα ποντίσουν καλώδια στη θάλασσα. Ξέρετε πόσο θα κοστίσει αυτό; Ξέρετε πόσο κάνει σήμερα το μέταλο; Πάλι μπάχαλο θα γίνει. Και θα ξαναγυρίσουμε στο πετρέλαιο. Η Ελλάδα πάει πακέτο με το τσιμέντο και το πετρέλαιο. Κάτι υποψιάζομαι έχει σχέση με τους φόρους αυτό το χοντρό κόλημα -αδιέξοδο. Αλλά αφήστε τώρα που να σας αναλύω…
Πάντως τα μεγαλεπήβολα σχέδια για τις ανεμογεννήτριες καταβαραθρώθηκαν. Λέτε να μην ήταν το γνωστό οικείο μπάχαλο αλλά προβοκάτσια; (λέω ‘γωτοαγρίμι)
Διάβαστε ολόκληρο το άρθρο στην Ελευθεροτυπία

Sunday July 22, 2007 – 10:40pm (EEST)

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