My idiosyncratic Ikarian sunrise


This is a very idiosyncratic Ikarian sunrise. I’m not going to send it to Flickr.

I feel that I’ve got to cherish my blog, my good friends and the curious visitors as well.

This is also a donkey-photo.

After July 20 it’s the *donkey-summer* = το γαϊδουροκαλοκαιρο.

This is how they used to call this period in Greece. When only donkeys can stand the heat

and the sun over their heads at noon. Then it was discovered that tourists too can do this,

so the expression fell out of use. Now they call it «tourist season».

I’m no tourist…

I’m a donkey 😘




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γεια σου γαϊδουρίτσα !
This picture is so good. Especially the lines, the sun rays, the shades, whatever they are. I’ll alter my professional «sun» logo (Flickr icon) to fit on this idio*sun*cratic. You will see…

Saturday July 22, 2006 – 10:56pm (EEST)

Which of us can forget that dawn? Thank you for cherishing us.
How about «idiosyncratic ikarian sunrise seen through a donkey’s ears»

Sunday July 23, 2006 – 03:09pm (EEST)

Hello Eleni, probably I’m also «idiosyncratic»: from Milan I love a far island. the colors, the scents, the situations have given me many emotions. then think that the tourists who come to ikaria are not «usually» tourists. also the Italians, the French and the Spanish who I have known to ikaria were interesting persons. less interesting and less «idiosyncratic» persons have rifared baggages the day after… ikaria is not a island for superficial eyes (who watches with attention the inside of the island loves it!).

Monday July 24, 2006 – 06:26pm (CEST)

Benvenuta !!
How do they say in Italian «a prendre ou a laisser»? «To take it or leave it»?
It’s an expression from the trade business, when there is no margin for bargain, negociation and discounts. I have always thought of Ikaria like this.
A second thing, a new thing (thank you for reminding me Robi) is that with all the Spanish, the Italian, the French visiting, AT LAST Ikaria is connecting to the Mediterranean peoples. This makes a BIG difference.
I hope that some day it will go as well with the Turks. There have been some good signs.

my warmest *idio-sun-cratic* kisses (with extra *sun* flavour + grains of salt for you)


P.S. I’ll go on and write «Ikaria in winter«. Maybe I’ll get distracted from this and that -as I usually do- and I hope it will not be from anything bad (like the war in the middle east) …no matter what, but I will write it.

Monday July 24, 2006 – 01:23pm (PDT)

«Prendere o lasciare»“to take or to leave” it cannot be dealt, or in this way or nothing… yes, ikaria is hard in the first contact. it has not been folded to the tourists like other Greek islands that I have seen in transformation in the years. like amorgos, island that years before I thought wonderful. the slid year I found it transformed, tourist, all spoke English, sure also Italian… I don’t like! I love to turn for ikaria, with my dictionary of Italian-Greek, to speak with the old ones about the place, to participate to the cultural events of the population. I adapt to the island and not the contrary. this enriches to me. «cara» (dear) elle, I hope to come to find you this winter, to latest in spring. I teach you one Italian poetry for children, written from Gianni Rodari:


“there are things to make every day:
to wash themselves, to study, to play,
to prepare the table
for noon.
there are things to make of night:
to close the eyes, to sleep,
to have dreams to dream,
ears for don’t feel.
there are things not to never make,
neither for sea neither for earth:
as an example the war.“

Tuesday July 25, 2006 – 11:33am (CEST)

thank you for the poem robi
i thought of my kids

P.S. Elle, be proud. Your blog attracts good poems. Do you keep count?

Tuesday July 25, 2006 – 11:29pm (EEST)

they come in peace

Oh, I see we have a new italian friend! welcome Kali, I totally agree with you when you say that Ikarian tourists are not common tourists. There must be a reason why you choose Ikaria instead of Ios or Mykonos. And the reason is that you are looking for something else. Forget discos, crowded beachs, one night love affairs… welcome in the land of rocks & fairies.
People like this loves the island the way it is, so I don’t think they are the menace. May be the real threat is the way who manage the touristic growth of Ikaria think at them.

Thursday July 27, 2006 – 03:48pm (CEST)

The tourist business like any business works with models, stereotypes, averages, masses; when everybody, resident or visitor is individualistic (*idiosyncratic*), the business has a problem. One is looking for butterflies, the other is looking to drink and dance; one is looking for thrilling motorbike rounds, the other wants peace and sunsets. One wants to meet the locals, the other wants to rave. I’ve met people who came to rave and found themselves digging my land (everybody loves potatoes fried in good olive oil).
I think it’s because of the landscape. The French have a good word for it : «accidenté» (accidentual?)

Thursday July 27, 2006 – 01:55pm (PDT)


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