The Best Food in the World is Made of Dreams


The worst cook me for once and at last found somebody who likes and never questions the food I make. Tout au contraire & in fact : the more absent-minded I am, the further my mind travels, the more good thoughts I make, that food doesn’t burn or goes sour! Oh no no… Tout au contraire & in fact the better and plentier and more nutritious it gets.


This is how I hope ...


(Nana insisted and adds: a lot has been said about the libidos of writers and intellectuals in general; hardly anybody has stressed their baby-breast-feeding and milking capacities!)

Please do not comment; although I’ve posted, I somehow feel very shy. …

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This is not a comment that begs reply, these are just thoughts that blow in the breeze for anyone who might listen: Merry Christmas, Felice Navidad, what wonders await in the New Year!

Saturday December 23, 2006 – 12:48pm (PST)

(this is not a comment either. and it’s not a congratulation. or a happy christmas. or happy new year. not a big good wish for you and the big new boy. it is a parenthetical not-comment, with no exclamation, or question marks.)

Sunday December 24, 2006 – 10:54pm (CET)

Well, I say the same as the other two as they both sound good, and I want to say something!

Monday December 25, 2006 – 12:15am (GMT)

you have a way of saying (+ showing) things … tchk, tchk, tchk …
(how can somebody comment? so this is not a comment.)

Tuesday December 26, 2006 – 10:58pm (EET)


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