When I go paranoid …I think and write in Greek


Αυτο που απασχολει παρα πολυ και με τρομαζει ειναι μηπως με τις φωτογραφιες μου της Ικαριας στο Φλικρ συμβαλω ωστε να αυξηθει η τιμη της γης και τα ενοικια. Μηπως χτιστουν διαφορες βιλες στα βουνα και πληγωσουν το τοπιο. Μηπως οι ιδιοκτητες τους νομιζουν πως απο τα μπαλκονια τους θα βλεπουν τετοια τοπια.
Μηπως συμβαλω στην οικοπεδοποιση του Αιγαιου;

Χριστε μου, εχω καιρο να περπατησω καπου συναρπαστικα και να μου φυγουν τετοιες σκεψεις. Κι αυτη εδω η πεδιαδα που ειμαι τωρα δεν μου κανει. Ακομα και να μη φοβομουν τ’ αλογα, αποκλειεται να μαθω ιπασια στη παρουσα φαση.




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Everything is illusions -stay cool. There are other forces at work besides constructors and speculators. You know this well.

Thursday September 7, 2006 – 10:22pm (EEST)

This may not be all paranoid. Look…
I quote from
about the Greek participation in this year’s Art Biennale of Venice

The Concept of the Greek Participation >
The Aegean Archipelago is a scattered city

The governing concept of the Greek participation in the 10th Venice Biennial of Architecture is a presentation of the Aegean as a city.
Making reference to the thought of Italian philosopher and mayor of the city of Venice Massimo Cacciari, the notion of the Archipelago is presented in the Greek pavilion as a vital allegory for mutual social understanding.
In the context of the discourse regarding the metacity, the Aegean is being introduced as a counter yet extant example of an aquatic city that is a radiating land of desire. Its allure does not stem from the sediments of nostalgia, but rather from the enduring character of a structure of habitation that contains the promise of a different metacity, one that intently embraces the call for freedom.
The fact that the islands are surrounded by the sea, exposed to light, the sun and mighty winds of the Aegean delineates the unconditional relationship of the Archipelagic city with its nature, proposing not an anachronism but a topical, alternative form of urbanity throbbing with the intrinsic tensions of the metacity.

A *metacity* ? An *archipelagos* ? Do you agree with these concepts? To my nose they smell st-trong of wet concrete. 😮

Friday September 8, 2006 – 09:54pm (EEST)


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