written on my belly -1


Pregnant like in a portrait by Nanouris

  • * This is a cool painting by Nanouris, a contemporary Greek artist. We agreed with Nana to use it as buddy icon in Flickr. So when you see this, instead of my Icarus-elle, don’t be surprised. It means that Nana will be out there in the streets; I’ll stay inside enjoying the joys and worries of the harem and nursery.

  • * I am getting bored. After «The Grapes of Wrath» , the 2 volumes of which we shared and read together with everybody in the house, I don’t want to read anything else. A fireplace would be nice and I often dream of my fireplace in Ikaria; but there is no fireplace in the flat in Athens; just the TV.

  • * Cooking is fine -as long as there is a CD player around.

  • * When I walk in the streets of Athens, people push to the side and look up to me as if I was Goddess Isis. I wish I was a real goddess and could move all the obstacles and parked bikes and cars away from the sidewalks. La frégate à trois ponts que je suis devenue can’t manouver through these narrow passages.

  • * My doctor wanted to take photographs of my pregnant body. He says it’s a sight and he asked me long and a lot about hiking. It’s about my spine, my chestbone and the muscles of my thighs -how fine they look for my age. The good doctor is amazed; but I am embarassed. If he was an artist, I wouldn’t. It’s funny that he is a gynaecologist and the setting really gets me down. «Can we make it somewhere more artistic and sensual?» I asked. He laughed. I hope he forgets about it. Yet Nana scolds me. She thinks I should model for the sake of science and for the promotion of living outdoors. Nana is a maniac.

    my pregnant belly

  • * I’m inside an extra large, extra comfortable couch and writing this on my belly. In this house of gadgets there is a portable computer, so small that looks like a calculator. Then it is connected to the house computer and the text gets copy-pasted in my blog. So these are the «written on my belly» entries.




(4 total)

We more than beware… We are holding our breaths!

Wednesday December 6, 2006 – 11:16pm (EET)

Yep, and I WANT PICTURES TOO! after the fact, if not of She-Who-Never-Shows-Her-Face, then of the wee one for sure.

Thursday December 7, 2006 – 11:56am (PST)

I’m on my couch too waiting for happy news. Don’t make me wait too much and, if I fall asleep, please wake me up when the reproduction process come to his end.
…And don’t be scared, with your hiking training this will be just a little walk. Baci

Saturday December 9, 2006 – 05:40pm (CET)

oo: – gotch her!.. Eleni behaved like a child; she shouldn’t have posted anything, written anything, about anything and on nothing at all. She should have been knitting or something. But now I ‘ve taken complete control. I have changed the passwords.

Her time is getting very close, anyway. From day to day? From hour to hour? We eventually found a parking space right outside the entrance of the flats and since then we keep the car parked there all the time. Everybody is very nervous. Eleni is calm, self-contained and mocks on us. I remembered that old ‘serenissima’ entry in her blog.

bye now

p.s. 1 Did I tell you I smoke now? We sit with Stavros in the balcony and we smoke like Turks. That’s the price for a natural birth.
p.s. 2 Please do not comment or send messages. We will not be able to answer them and to know that you may have send messages will add stress. So please do not write messages. Promise? Yes? Gooood. Thank you.

Saturday December 9, 2006 – 10:46pm (EET)



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