Who Are the Unknown Cairn Makers ?




Unknown group of hikers have marked with beautiful cairns the entire length of the trail across the SPA “Natura200” (Chalares river gorge and adjacent territories),
from Nas on the northern coast and southwards to the mountain plateau “Erifi”
ΜΟΝΟΠΑΤΙ ΤΩΝ ΔΥΟ ΦΑΡΑΓΓΙΩΝ and then over the top and down as far as the cove “Elias Kampos” on the south coast of the island, on the long, rough trail we call «THE TRAIL OF TWO CANYONS». They have also raised cairns along the transikarian trail which runs on the tops of Mt. Atheras.

Each cairn consists of several well-chosen cubic stones standing one on top of the other, from the larger to the smaller like cones or pyramids. The distance between them is from 50 to 100 meters, so you may have a rough estimate of their number. On a trail of at least 40 km, these elaborate constructions, some of which are clearly artistic, must be over 300!!!

As for the time involved, given that an expert in stones and with the material handy would need no less than 20 min. to choose the right spot and build a cairn like this, the estimate is that it took the unknown group several days and many back and forth hikes to accomplish their feat. Yet, neither the authorities nor anybody from the neighboring villages of Rahes have heard a word about this!!!

Athina Sk.



Cairn 2 by angeloska Smiling cairn by angeloska Cairn... by angeloska Ikaria 243

Cairn... by angeloska The Dominator's throne by angeloska Sharing Radi (A VI) by angeloska cairn 1 by angeloska

Cairn in Kourelos Helping to build the Dominator's throne by angeloska The Czech and the cairn # 1 by angeloska Job done, by angeloska | Flickr

The Czech and the cairn # 2 by angeloska Cairn made by the kids by sara helene One of thirty-six wooden steps by angeloska Sitting on by angeloska



Who may these people be? Let’s play the detective. Maybe they are:
“Mad” cairn-maker artists who were inspired and did so because they felt like it.
votes: 1
Swiss hikers, specialists in cairn-building, who plant cairns wherever they go.
votes: 0
Just some good people who offer discreet help and mark trails in an interesting, difficult place
votes: 12
Some ultra-alternative hiking tour agency who have marked this new trail “as their own”.
votes: 1
“Good grouvaloi” from Nas who propose “Elias Kampos” as an alternative refuge –by hiking there!
votes: 0
Shadowy organization supporting the “Natura2000” SPA project.
votes: 1
Any or none of the above. Better not to know. It’s just another mystery of Ikaria.
votes: 2


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