Escaping the scorching sunshine (TUGTII #4)


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egotoagrimi says:

You are Ikarian, so tell me.

What do you think the men who found, moved and put this stone as a bridge looked like?


This beautiful photo was seen in The Ikaria pool! Thanks for adding!
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Apollonios says:

In Greece, if you want to build a bridge, you find a German or French company to design your bridge, you import cheap labor from poor Balcan countries to build it, you sell the exclusive rights for toll fee collection for the next 100 years to the company that designed it and finally to use the bridge the Greek people pay the ever-rising toll fees forever.

In Ikaria though, most likely stone-bridge building was a volunteer team effort. A bunch of skinny but very strong Ikarian guys got together and moved these stones in place.
No tolls to pay and the shade is free.

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angeloska Pro User says:

I am not skinny! 🙂

et in Ikaria ego
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One Comment on “Escaping the scorching sunshine (TUGTII #4)”

  1. Ο/Η angelosk λέει:

    Am I too selfish to think that you chose this «blogged Ikaria photo» to blog instead of any other in the line because you wanted to encourage me in my struggle with stones these days?
    If so, thank you very much my lady. You have given me courage. And you know what? Some of the *volunteer team effort» still survives!

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