Blog Review Ikaria 2008-2011 # 5

The last of the series of reviews of blog entries about my island was rather dramatic, or if you prefer, heroic. Let’s not forget, it was dedicated to the modern Greek for strength and inspiration in our difficult times. But I am now getting back to course to again review entries written by visitors of today; not ‘forced tourists‘ like the exiles but people who came to Ikaria of their own will.

As I said in the forenote of the first part, my ambition was to review, not just blogroll, so I wrote a few words about each blog entry and I picked out pictures and quotes. These quotes I usually hid “behind the pictures”.  Move your mouse over to read them.


The first selected entry in this part is by the very interesting Mr Swampert2000 who travels a lot with his family. He follows the suggestions of Lonely Planet but in his blog he adds so much more to the guide book. As he says in the beginning of his blog, ‘there sure is a lot of computer stuff u need to do when u r traveling these days.  Thankfully the water is blue, the sky is blue and i am not.’

In September 2010 the family were on their way to Turkey. They stopped in Ikaria and…

(the photos open to the related blog entries)

That’s all from me on ‘swampert2000’. You can go on by yourselves if you like. I can’t do more without getting  jealous and that would be so unfair. Parents who travel and educate their children on the way deserve every praise and Ikaria seemed to have been a good part of this family educating trip in Southeastern Europe.
Thank you, Swampert & fam. Let always the water and the sky be blue for you,  but you not.’
My next selection is… late. It’s a blog entry of September 2007 which I hesitated to review in due time because I was worried that Stavros wouldn’t agree. Fishermen don’t like their secrets to be shared in public. But today as I visited scuba diver Snikolas’ page to admire his underwater photos from Ikaria I didn’t see much fish but other wonderful sea creatures that I doubt if anybody can catch and cook! Therefore I don’t have to keep it a secret. The blog is in Greek and I like a lot what he writes about my island. He calls it «Island of Peace», thank you very much.
Let’s enjoy the photos now.



The last review of this part is also late not because of Stavros or anybody else but because of me. I wanted to keep designer and photographer Hellopanos’ Ikaria for myself. They have been an inspiration for my photos in Flickr. But now that I don’t post photos there anymore, I will let you see these magical square frames. Don’t they have a special quality?

Thank you bloggers. Thank you viewers.
See you next month or sooner.



5 Σχόλια on “Blog Review Ikaria 2008-2011 # 5”

  1. Ο/Η Greg λέει:

    Damn, one of my offspring is Aegean-bound in a few weeks, Kos I think, and this makes me even more envious!!

    Μου αρέσει!

  2. Ο/Η Greg λέει:

    He is and he does, thank you!

    Μου αρέσει!

  3. Ο/Η angelosk λέει:

    Excellent choice again and I don’t know what to say about the presentation! You have given these old entries a second carreer.

    Αρέσει σε 2 άτομα

  4. Ο/Η egotoagrimi λέει:

    All hands for Greece and the other ‘lazy’ southern people!

    Αρέσει σε 2 άτομα


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