Blog Review Ikaria 2011-12 # 8

.OK everybody knows the concept but I have to keep the tradition so I repeat:

I am very interested in reading personal accounts about my island… blah blah blah STOP! What am I talking about? This time I don’t need to keep in touch with the place from far away because I have moved to Ikaria for my usual winter holidays at last!  Still in the course of time I have grown an interest and a curiosity about people’s stories and photos from Ikaria shared in a blog or similar personal page.

To be honest with you, it was difficult to choose entries that satisfied the term «personal». The business of longevity and the noise in the media got on top of everything last year, so I assume several writers felt obliged to add their own ideas about the matter, a matter which is as big and fleeting as life itself, therefore we may have had important contributions towards a better understanding of our existence, maybe also towards a new, better and more sustainable model of economic development for the world but allow me, I am unable to follow this track. I have missed entries like, just to sample, the one by Australian photographer Adam Monk, Theo, the German writer about Greece and Jim Lesses, the Ikarian Australian traveller of the globe.

But don’t get dissappointed because there still has been material to present.

As I said in the forenote of the first part, my ambition was to review, not just blogroll, so I wrote a few words about each blog entry and I picked out pictures and quotes. These quotes I sometimes hid “behind the pictures”.  Move your mouse over to read them.


The first selected entry is by Paul Zamenopoulos, a Greek photo blogger

and I like it very much because with his photos he is offering evidence about how wild and dangerous our peaceful island can be from one moment to the other. So, behold the arrival of high speed F/B NISSOS MYKONOS in Agios Kirikos port on August 11, 2011. Thanks God, nobody was hurt and the brave ship wasn’t damaged.

1 2 3

5 6 8

It’s worth to click and open these photos to see them large, LARGE!

But Paul is not all for sea drama. By clicking on the pebbles you can look at the usual peaceful side of Ikaria in his archives of that August of 2011.

Thank you very much, Paul! To the next time!


And now forward to one of my favorites…

Η Φωτό Μου have a break – or not

and there I wish you could read Greek, or Cypriot Greek to be presice. Evlampia who is a young doctor assigned at the hospital of Agios Kirikos, the capital of the island pays honor to the blog-o-sphere because her blog is a diary of her life and work in Ikaria, like mine had been years ago, hurray!

Such enjoyable, spontaneously written entries, I so much love her when she often switches into dialect and on top of it, sometimes typed in Greeklish! Overall, Evlampia’s blog proves a diamond (for those who can access it, that is), moreover because she holds an important position as a physician in the health care system so she has seen and experienced a lot!

As to whether she has liked and understood Ikaria or not, I am just letting a few of her photos scattered as they are among her blog entries to speak. See and judge for yourselves. Read translated quotes from the relevant pages hidden behind the photos.

This is the kind of doctors we need in the island! Out of my heart I wish her the best!


And now welcoming …  Your Greek Guide!

the writer of Yiasou Ikaria! (eng. «Cheers Ikaria«!), a blog in English in the same line as the previous one, that is, like a diary, which promises «True stories from this remote and exotic Aegean island (Ikaria), full of charming and eccentric characters will be updated every week.» and as a matter of fact the anonymous blogger has kept his promise. He has been posting various humorous  and truthful entries about life on the island at least twice a month since October 2011. He is indeed Your Greek Guide, or rather Your Ikarian Guide! Because many visitors, even the travelled ones, once they land in Ikaria so often feel as they have fallen from the sky, this is the blog for them to read and learn how to let things come as they come. 🙂

All posts are… well… informative 🙂 so I can’t but list them all with as best descriptions as I can. There are very few photos in this blog but as I hope you will found out, they are completely uncessary.

Here it goes. A few lines out of the entries are hidden behind the links and/or the pictures.

  Damnit the sun will melt your wings! 
  Agios Kirikos 
  Shopping in Ikaria
  The Claw Machine 
  The One Euro Store
  What was that?! 
  New Airport
  The Lottery 
  Flying to Ikaria
  Beer Run 
  The Garbage Truck  
  What Garbage?? 

and several more… 🙂 from – so well written and by all means, well meant. The most striking is that, if I am not mistaken, there is not a single word about Longevity!!!


And with this great blog I am closing this month’s review of entries. Stay tuned for the next harvest.

I love  you, my readers!


5 Σχόλια on “Blog Review Ikaria 2011-12 # 8”

  1. Ο/Η Angelos Ka λέει:

    Μόλις πριν λίγο, έβαλα το ειδικό καπέλο του κήρυκα και με μεγάλη φωνή παρουσίασα την δουλειά σου στο Facebook, ως εξής:

    «Ταυρίνα χαλιναγωγεί το πάθος, βάζει τάξη στο χάος, ανθολογεί και παρουσιάζει τις πιο αξιοσημείωτες ελληνικές και ξένες αναρτήσεις σε μπλογκς για την Ικαρία από το 2008 ως το 2012. Μοναδική δουλειά! Και όσον αφορά την εμφάνιση … Εύγε!»

    Blog Reviews Ikaria 2008-2012 on Eleni’s blog

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

  2. Ο/Η egotoagrimi λέει:

    Όταν άνοιξα το μέιλ μου και είδα new entry in Eleni’s blog, αυτή η εικόνα βγήκε σε μεγάλο μέγεθος! Τρομερό!

    Ζήτω η Ευλαμπία! Ξεχωριστά το

    It seemed like a good idea at the time

    και το

    «Ταξιδεύοντας με ασθενοφόρο»
    Αλλά και τα υπόλοιπα, και η μουσική, και Τι γλώσσα!
    Αυτά είναι βιωματικά, ρε παιδάκι μου! 😉

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

  3. Ο/Η elinalafina λέει:

    Thumbs up for your 2nd paragraph, Eleni!
    «…the matter (longevity), a matter which is as big and fleeting as life itself, therefore we may have had important contributions towards a better understanding of our existence, maybe also towards a new, better and more sustainable model of economic development for the world but allow me, I am unable to follow this track.«

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα


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