Final cut: These Mountains Are For Dancing !



«No, dear friends, our mountains are not «of lesser cultural and touristic value» as it is often sαιd as an excuse by those who aim at their distruction for the purpose of profit. Our mountains are valuable free spaces with wild beauty and open horizons. Besides that we like them and we walk them, we also need them to dance!  Watch us!»

(Quote from «These Mountains For Dancing» in the blog of the Mountain Climbing and Hiking Club of Ikaria.)

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Dance and make a point!

Save the free spaces of this world

from speculators! 😡


5 Σχόλια on “Final cut: These Mountains Are For Dancing !”

  1. Ο/Η Angelos Ka λέει:

    Thank you for sharing!
    So you too want more? We will need your help…

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  2. […] συγκινούν αυτά, γι’ αυτό, μετά την Ελένη, σας παρουσιάζω κι εγώ (to agrimi) την αυτοσχέδια […]

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  3. […] spiritual meaning of the exercises. The title of the entry is a tribute to the unforgettable «These Mountains Are For Dancing», a brilliant performance on the mountains of Ikaria by OPS Ikarias in 2014. __ Bāda mēṁ milatē […]

    . 😕 🙄 ^^’ .
    These Mountains are for Yoga!

    . . .

    Did you know?


    . . .

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