Ikaria blog 197

Myrsonas river, waterfalls near Gialiskari, Ikaria island, Greece

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Dancer things in Greece 🇬🇷

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You know me, I am not exactly a romantic lanscapist or an extreme preservationist. Yet I have always been always enchanted by the wild uncivilized and precapitalist 😉 mountain landscapes of my island, I have always wanted to show them and talk about them, so when I finally learned a few things about cameras in the couse of two years I took and posted many pictures in Flickr. Later, when things took a bad turn and for a while Flickr allowed only 200 photos unless we paid for our accounts, I deleted 132 photos. I did that with a lot of regret because though no one could say they were masterpieces, nevertheless they had a personal value: for me they were documents of my commitment, my puzzlement, my many surprises and discoveries. So before I start with this new project, let’s remember the brave days of 2005-2007 through this (w) gallery :

But now, ladies and gentlemen…
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2 Σχόλια on “Ikaria blog 197”

  1. Shared this on our Google+ as part of the project «One winter photo a day» 🙂 Thanks!

    Μου αρέσει!


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