Chiara and Pierre Selini Ikaria

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  1. Ο/Η angelosk λέει:
    They said:


    we are just back from our trip on the greek islands (Kos, Fourni and Ikaria).
    We had a wonderful time particularly on Ikaria, which we found offered the greatest diversity of experiences and landscapes. We personally enjoy a mix of beach and mountain when we go in holiday, so Ikaria was perfect for us!
    We were staying next to Nas, and we also visited the beaches of Seychelles, Faros as well as smaller ones on the coast between Evdilos and Armenistis. We also ventured inside the island in places like the Pezi plateau, the Chalari Canyon, the Ranti Forest, and the villages of Frandato, Christos, Mandria…

    We were particularly impressed by the variety of flora and rocks that we could encounter within the same walk. The food was also very tasty and we liked that all the tavernas we went to offered local veggies, fish, meat and wine. Finally, we felt that people were very friendly, authentic and open, which is not something so obvious – especially in isolated islands.
    Linked to this, we were actually quite surprise to see strong signs of engagement with political and social issues (for example through graffiti and flyers), and also signs of very modern life style (for example some bars in Christos that reminded us of the trendiest places in London and Paris).

    More than just a beautiful island, Ikaria for us looks like a perfect match between traditions and modernity, nature and culture.

    You can find a selection of our photos on dropbox.

    Thank you,

    Chiara and Pierre»


    Μου αρέσει!


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