Picture from my article:
«His island of freedom»

Eleni on Mavri rocks

Hello readers! 🙂
how long has it been since I last wrote a blog review properly speaking – that is, to review something written by someone I don’t know? I think the last one was about Jackie Fox, the Ikarian/American who posted a whole series of wonderful articles about her life in Ikaria during the year 2012-13. Jackie published on WordPress so it was easy for me to spot her and connect to her blog articles. But this time I have in hand a rather unusual case: a facebook blogger! His name is Tolga, he is from Izmir, Turkey and he keeps a blog which he calls: «Tolga’s travels». As I am not on facebook, it wouldn’t be possible to know anything about him, but fortunately and unexpectedly his blog is public! So here I am, hard-working, cool blogger Eleni, I am blogging about his doings in Ikaria!
As I always do, I will let him …

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3 Σχόλια on “tolga-in-ikaria-day-4”

  1. Ο/Η Θεοδώριχος λέει:
    Η αποκτείνουσα τα νήπια, η πόρνη και η καταλαλήτρια, δηλ. η κακόβουλη κουτσομπόλα…


    Μου αρέσει!


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