I shall foot it (TUGTII #2)

The Unofficial Guide to Ikaria Island #2

Rock Litany

Ikaria 224, («Rock Litany») originally uploaded by isl_gr.


Eleni Ikanou in Ikaria

«I shall foot it
Down the roadway in the dusk,
Where shapes of hunger wander
And the fugitives of pain go by.
I shall foot it
In the silence of the morning,
See the night slur into dawn,
Hear the slow great winds arise
Where tall trees flank the way
And shoulder toward the sky.

Ikaria 303 - Mother carrying baby on her back

The broken boulders by the road
Shall not commemorate my ruin.
Regret shall be the gravel under foot.
I shall watch for
Slim birds swift of wing
That go where wind and ranks of thunder
Drive the wild processionals of rain.

The dust of the traveled road
Shall touch my hands and face.»

~ Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967 ~
Additional photos by Chr. Malachias

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Freedom in Xylosirtis

The Ikarian Orchid

(Eleni in Ikaria -January 22, 2006)

Hello! 🙂
I just deleted the blog entry and photo of the ‘earings’
My German friend got worried. He said it was a copyrighted photo and asked me to remove it. Anyway those ‘snowdrop’ earings made my ears chill. So to take their place I’m posting something much warmer : the ikarian orchid! This photo was taken by Christos Malachias, one of the island’s leading photographers. Now let me show you some more of my island’s orchids:


Handle with care…





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So the ‘earings’ weren’t his!
It was a sample, not a real gift, eh ?
Oh, those men!..
Αχ αυτοί οι άντρες …


Only now we have our earings we need nobody

Sunday January 22, 2006 – 09:47pm (EET)