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Selini pool Ikaria Greece

Selini pool Ikaria Greece by Zdenek Senkyrik on Flickr

Zdenek Senkyrik© Zdenek Senkyrik
Seen this one as I visited the group pool today.
Nothing else to say. I have written too much, edited too much,
layed out and formated too much. Let's just look at pictures for a while.

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No Nature without Culture



♦ This is the *Angelolivada* (river pool of 😳 angelic // XD diabolic fairies) near Nas.
This pool was my first introduction to the sweet waters of Ikaria several years ago. Then I got myself better shoes and found better places. But still when I see it I can’t help taking a picture.
This pool is *heritage* (because it IS haunted and legends about lethal encounters with fairies survive to this day).
This pool is a *sight* (seen from close, the fall is HIGH and the pool is BIG -even though it’s lost almost half its size from stones and earth sliding down from the road above.)
This pool is *sweet water* (rare stuff in the Aegean)
This pool is a *pool* (you can swim in it.)

It shouldn’t be left like this as if it was *nothing*. Yet it is. In spite it’s only 300 m. away from a small tourist resort, Nas. The beach of which is very small and unapproachable in high seas. To say more, it seems that people do their best to destroy it.
Yet the pool resists (because it IS haunted).

And Ikaria will probably always remain *an unspoiled island*, as the hotel & tourist promoter claims.
Unspoiled means perhaps that piles of waste and rubble, abandoned wrecked cars, forever unfinished contructions and weird contraptions everywhere, goats competing with earthmovers to *shave* the best places … for nothing … not for money …just for nothing …because someone had *small idea* and why not after all? All this for me is not *unspoiledt-ness*. It’s just *lack of communication*, *selfishness*, *ignorance* and *confusion*.
I wish we were a little bit *spoilt* into common sense.
Fairies can’t do all the job by themselves (+pay for beds+breakfast too?…)
Or perhaps they can; I wouldn’t know.

What I know is that
(What we call *Nature* is a human invention, no?)

«Sometimes I feel like a motherless child» again. (I was a motherless child)
Sometimes I feel I can’t return to *the crazy island* because there’s just the craziness and the fun is gone. But then again my heart is strong (unlike my mother’s) and the *good craziness* and the fun is in mE.

I am looking at the waterfall

I’ll deliver… 🙄


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(What we call *Nature* is a human invention, no?)

No I think not. It is what it is, completely indifferent to humanity, and so we destroy it instead of embracing it.

I have faith in you, since embrace it you do.

Friday June 16, 2006 – 07:45am (PDT)

To be honest El, we both chose to fall for a very compicated and difficult island and we suffer the consequences. How many times haven’t I told myself to fall in love with Mykonos/Ibiza instead. They are so easy like Lego and PlayMobil : white cubes laid on dry brown land and lots of (set up) parties with paid brazilian dancers…
But nooo ! Oooh, how deadly boring would that be !…

*Nature* is birth and death, both hardly conceivable. We see nature through culture. We used to have God to help us. Now we have to deal with it by ourselves. So culture becomes very important. But what am I talking about? Wasn’t it you who asked and received this genius answer about the mountains of Sezanne in southern France? His multiple paintings of the same and the same landscape actually saved the landscape. And we don’t have to discuss how heavy the building activity is in the South of France (no? -lol).
So go on being the Sezanne of Ikaria. Who knows? It may work.
As for myself I’ll go on digging and putting back the stones in place. Nail many signs too, so that you find your way and take your pictures.

P.S. good news ! ((: – I found an assistant – :)) It’s my 10 y.o. daughter. I pay her in ice-creams.
See her at work in my Flickr soon.

Friday June 16, 2006 – 08:58pm (EEST)

I knew of only one Cezanne’s «Montagne Sainte Victoire». The landscape could be anywhere in the Mediterranean, ok, but half of the results are Cezanne’s paintings. The rest are contemporary photos and other paintings.
(Any resemblance with Ikaria is purely coincidental)

That aristocratic *tall fat guy* Cezanne has really put a strong mark and actually saved that land -:)) He painted again and again the view from his villa and now the paintings have fused so much with the mountain (and the plain in-between) that nOoNe dAREs to touch this landscape!

See also : Wiki: Cezanne

I think they should teach this case in Fine Arts or Environmental Studies.
The tourist business (type «tourtour» -this is a village) benefited a lot and apparently many people find work. Cezanne has created a «tourist legend» too.

Is this *good machine», Nana?

Saturday June 17, 2006 – 12:44pm (PDT)

Bonjour *Paul(-ine) Cézanne* ! Comment ça va? 🙂
Oui, c’est une *trés bonne machine*. But people have to be informed and educated. And Ikaria is very unspoiled as far as this is concerned… 😦

Sunday June 18, 2006 – 03:14pm (EEST)


The Vine on April 01, 2006



-there’s been too many

-so shut up and dig now, dig, dig, dig

-there can’t be a better setting than this.


I may write about the vine sometime, though,
and break Imageanother rule because it’s thought
to be a man’s job.
I’ll think about it…

In case I don’t write, it’ll be up to you then. So think about this:

What’s wine ? Wine is (according to me)

«a liquid landscape in the sun»



(lights, cameras, set, shoot)

This is what Eleni Imagesays in full awareness of the consequences of the law.



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Εγώ, ξέρεις, δεν είναι στα προτερήματά μου να είμαι καλοπροαίρετη, γλυκιά, συμπονετική και τα ρέστα. Θα το πω λοιπόν χύμα: μήπως κάποιοι είναι εντελώς τυφλοί (για να μη πω τίποτα χειρότερο) στην Ικαρία; Οι Δήμαρχοι π.χ., οι επιχειρηματίες π.χ. Δεν είμαι του άκρατου φιλελεύθερου καπιταλισμού κι όλα αυτά, αλλά μήπως τέλος πάντων κάποιος πρέπει να παρει κάποια πράγματα στα σοβαρά στο νησί σας; Τέτοιο βάθος, τόση ομορφιά… φτου γμτ
Αλλά τι μιλάω εγώ; Είμαι 2 βήματα από την Ακρόπολη και υπάρχει τόση ασχήμια. Τουλάχιστον όμως (όχι όλοι -κάποιοι) βγάζουμε φράγκα. Εκεί πέρα, κάνουν ότι μπορούν να χαλάσουν το νησί και πάλι φράγκα δεν βγάζουν.
Τα γράφω αυτά, γιατί νομίζω ότι ο τύπος που έφτιαξε αυτό το αμπέλι είναι ένας αληθινός ήρωας.

Που δεν γέμισε το χωράφι του με παλιοκατσίκια ή δεν το γέμισε με σκουπίδια, χαλασμένα αυτοκίνητα και μπάζα. Που τσακίζεται στη δουλειά και σίγουρα θα κάνει ωραίο κρασί.
Ουφ, τα είπα και ξαλάφρωσα. ‘Delete comment’, αν σου κάνει πρόβλημα ότι έγραψα.

Sunday April 2, 2006 – 02:17pm (EEST)

«a liquid landscape in the sun» in a glass?
Wow, you are a master advertiser !
Though if we believe Nana’s words, soon there will be very little to advertise. So ‘First we take the Acropolis, then we take Ikaria» ? or the other way round? Or we don’t «take» -just «give» …
What about a good example for starters?..

(I wish you worked with me in the paths. But I know, you are a ‘seer’; I’m the ‘digger». I could ask Nana, but she is very lightfooted and I will not be able to catch up with her and I’m afraid she will be bored. )

Monday April 3, 2006 – 01:05pm (EEST)

For me its a liquid landscape on the tongue…

Monday April 3, 2006 – 09:54am (PDT)

I like G. Karimalis description (he got it from somewhere else) «the grape is a child of the sun, but the wine is a child of the darkness«

Monday April 3, 2006 – 06:48pm (BST)

I salute your comments. Do you know the story of the donkey (a ‘sun’ animal or a dark animal? you say Doctor) who first pruned a wild vine? It ate the useless branches and by doing so it made it produce good grapes later?
Since then, the donkey is a sacred animal because in its ‘stupidity’ it always does the right thing (for us -I don’t know if it’s the right thing for the donkeys) -:lol

P.S. I love donkey heads

Monday April 3, 2006 – 12:28pm (PDT)

Eleni’s blog in Ikaria: thoughts about photography

Hello readers! 💋

(1) I removed the ‘lighthouse’ from my ID. Not that I put out the lighthouse -it’s always there. I’m not allowed to delete it. It’s the candle on my grandmother’s grave.

sunset lighthouse 3

The ‘stats’ counted over 3000 visits in my blog. Though I know that by now there are about 27.ooo.ooo blogs on the net and I know that my 3.ooo visits are less than nothing, I gOT pAnICKEd.

(3) Among my many mediterranean handicaps is that I am superstitious, in a creative and ‘cultured’ way perhaps, but no less superstitious for that -perhaps even more. Do you know of that superstition according to which for every photograph you take ( or have others take) of youself a part of your soul is lost? The local professional photographers here in the island know about this. Their predecessors had to spend a long time talking with the ‘subjects’, showing them the camera (what’s inside, the buttons etc.) to persuade them that the process of taking a portrait wouldn’t deface them or deprive them of speech and things like that. I felt the same (oh, readers !) so I removed my face from the blog. Every time I opened the blog and saw my face and realized that hundreds of people had been looking at me, I felt ‘consumed’. (Models on giant wall posters must feel the same, but they get a hell of a lot of money for this -perhaps this is why they do get all that money after all)

(4) Instead of «me+lighthouse», you have «my hair dyed red + my 3/4 back + my right hip + my right arm + a part of my right boot» I particularly like the new colour of my hair. I find that this colour goes very much with the green and grey of the landscape of Ikaria.


Here I am on my knees on the wall of the cistern (water reservoir) of the old watermill, lost ⁉(‘lost’ ? for Ikaria this word looses its meaning) in a gorge. It’s the same site with the waterfall (see my Flickr) and the snowdrops/galanthi flowers (see my Flickr).

(6) Nana 😘 who took this photo, is a great photographer -not consious, but natural born. It was not her, but I 😉 who blurred her photo afterwards on the computer.

(7) I blurred the photo, 1st) because of *3*, 2nd) because I don’t want this particular photo to be stolen 😠 . By ‘stolen’ I only mean one thing: I don’t want this photo (or others where I appear in front of or inside an Ikarian landscape) to be stolen and appear in one of those tourist-oid promoter-oid 🤪 websites which are supposed to advertise the assets of the island («oh, how nice, how old, how green, lotsa pretty redhaired hikers in it too»).

(8) ON the CONTRARY (now this is quite official), I’d pose full face, full body (even naked in a pool or a waterfall in a canyon) for a cause (in this I still feel in me live the impossible, unbearable ‘eco-freak’ I was once upon a time). I’d break a strict law (of mine) and I’d become a 😇 ‘muse’. If only I knew it would help and that there would be people who really did something good for the environment (natural+social) of this extraordinary place. And that such photos would inspire others to go the same way. I can act stupid, but I’m not naive and I know that this is not likely to happen. There are too many crazy 😬 earthmovers around here. Unless the price of oil reaches the price of gold, they will be in business trying to flatten the island and make it look like an Athenian backwater suberb (‘quelle horrible illusion’).

big nail dig ikaria

(9) However, the future is 🤔 unknown. If ever on a website or the paper press you see a photo of me naked 😛 in a waterfall, you ‘d know that my island is going the right way (‘right’, according to me of course).

(10) I’m afraid that many years will pass for this to happen (if ever), so I guess will be very very old 😫 by then. So let me be more accurate and state the above *9* in a different way . If ever on a website or paper press you see a photo of a bag of wrinkled skin and brown bones, you would know 😉, 1st) that it is me, and 2nd) that my island is going the right way.


A crack in reality

41 Αυγούστου στο νησί by zwrzin on instagramuntitled by stellaatsoglou on instagramΑαααααααααχ και βαχ... by nad_mits on instagramMy cousin and dhalli marie hanging out in a old mill water lost in a greek island ikaria, by valerycarnoy on instagram

kisses to everybody 😚 😚 😚


A soap&cartoon&docu
writer has met an artist
(& possible friend?..)
~~~ biou, biou.. «the bomber» is scared


~ φιλακια *** και σε ολα τα Ελληνοπουλα και τις Ελληνοπουλες που δεν το βαζουν κατω ~

κουραγιο βρε… μονο τα πρωτα 100 χρονια ειναι δυσκολα  ~ σε 2 μηνες εγω κλεινω το πρωτο 1/3 απο αυτο το χρονικο διαστημα ~ ηταν το πιο δυσκολο ~




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Why certain women are so good at starting wars?

Tuesday March 14, 2006 - 10:35pm (EET)

I do consider myself a ’cause’ (some might say a lost one) and I do accept gratuitous donations…I would also be obliged to REALLY DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!

Tuesday March 14, 2006 - 02:35pm (PST)

You’re right AKK, I read it in school books… since long time greek women called «Eleni» are the best at starting wars.

Wednesday March 15, 2006 - 12:33am (CET)

-> (to the above commentators)-> because men are stupid, that’s why->->-> to win a war is nothing ! we also want flowers, chocolates, songs, jokes, etc. etc. … There was only one Penelope and that was Penelope Cruz !
-> Elenitsa, you’ve ruined the photo ! ok …I understand the reason (& I have a copy). About the other thing (the enviro campaign), the USDA are brainstorming: «bulldozers vs eco-babes», how & who wins? tough tough tough==> We may be like 2 dried old figues until the PhDs come to a conclusion.

Wednesday March 15, 2006 - 10:44pm (EET)



For memories sake, the 4 wild photos
I deleted from Flickr: