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Hello readers!
Not many words needed for these too few snapshots I was allowed to post wishing to celebrate Nana’s first sureal weeks of her new life in Ikaria. Don’t pay too much importance to the title of the enty. It’s only a joke. 🙂 My best friend is no ordinary girl so the whole thing was a success! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐




Hot Summer Day Dusk Ikaria


nακεd & unemployed by Nana to agrimi in Flickr

Moonlight Ravine Ikaria: A picture by Nana for her radical blog entry: Why can’t we do it in Ikaria?




Trahilas, a secret beach in Ikaria: Picture from Nana's 1st weeks of life in Ikaria


Whirl Pool Ikaria: Nana's picture from her revealing blog entry: Wild coves & beaches in northern Ikaria


Visit her blog to read stories and see photos. And for more quality visit her photostream in (no instagram!) … in Flickr of course!!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

code name egotoagrimi

egotoagrimi's old buddy icon in FLickr: Nana in Ikaria with Olianders



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Αφιερωμένο στην Αθηνά και σε κανέναν άλλον!

Arriving in Athens and staying indoors and doing stupid things, while I should be in Ikaria. Nana went down with melancholy.

I have a few pictures. I dedicate them to Nana, the 3 rd star of my life. She is actually in a very similar place. I want her to be inspired and to have me inspired back! You others may enjoy our interaction for free..



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Aiih, thaaank uuu agapi mas. Both of us liked the collage veeery much!!! We did get *inspired* -especially D.T. We Owe You Back!!! It’s zsuper to know that you watch over us!

Tuesday July 3, 2007 – 01:05pm (EEST)

και γαμώ τα κολαζ! η μικρη μας θεα  Νανα…

Wednesday July 4, 2007 – 12:06am (EEST)

Την τρέλα μου! Εκεί επιμονή. Και θάλασσα… Αφού είπαμε, δεν υπάρχουν θάλασσες.:P

Monday July 16, 2007 – 04:25pm (PDT)


Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 01:18pm (PDT)

Qua poena dunc? Deportatio ad isolam!

Hippie bar, grateful exiled


So, with votes 9/1 the jury (composed of my friends) has decided that I shall be deported “ad isolam”(=to an island). Thank you, jury! Being grateful for your humane decision, let me hang on the walls of my blog this funny, shiny and full of summer warmth picture.


The Greek island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea, Greece.


It’s a photo by Adam Monk taken in Trapalou, a cove in the southwest of Ikaria, the island where one day I will live as a grateful self-deportee.



summer houseyard



Ευχαριστώ πολύ και το «Ελληνικό δικαστήριο«. Οι καταδικαστικές ψήφοι εκεί ήταν 6/1. Δεν έκλεισα ακόμα τη ψηφοφορία. Μπορείτε ακόμα να ψηφίσετε.







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-the Latin is correct -It was me the member of the jury who voted for solution 4. I don’t want Stavros to take the sea nomore. Lovers should stay together all the time! And a baby boy (today more than ever) needs a father always around. I’m in for a small fishing or sailing boat, though. Men need this distraction. And I love sunbathing on a nice wooden deck.
Friday May 18, 2007 – 10:37pm (EEST)
-about the photo? He, he ..only in Ikaria… The stone hut of a wanna-be hippie. But with a «self-deportee» it’s different. It’s a great photo, btw. It warms me around my waist… 😉
Friday May 18, 2007 – 10:42pm (EEST)

Wild Shots | Eleni's blog in Ikaria

Τι υπέροχη ‘ποινή’ σου επιβάλαμε! Θα χαίρονται τα κόκαλα της γιαγιάς σου! Έκανα αίτηση στο δικαστήριο και θα με ονομάσουν ‘δεσμοφύλακα’ σου!
Φυσικά και θα κάνω κάθε δυνατή κατάχρηση της εξουσίας μου…

Tuesday May 22, 2007 – 01:27pm (EEST)

Côte de Naufragés Sauvés

Finally, readers behold all… well, …most of the photos from that memorable day in that secluded rocky cove, taken on May 14, 2006, finally exposed.
Ikaria 276

Ikaria-Mavri-003 Ikaria-Mavri-006 Ikaria-Mavri-008 Ikaria-Mavri-007 Ikaria-Mavri-009 Ikaria-Mavri-010

Ikaria-Mavri-011 Ikaria 279 Ikaria 285 Ikaria 283 Ikaria 281 Ikaria-Mavri-014

reader digested Ikaria 289 Ikaria-Mavri-017 Ikaria 290 Ikaria-Mavri-021 Ikaria-Mavri-023
Ikaria-Mavri-025 Ikaria-Mavri-028 Ikaria 291 the end of the trail Ikaria 317 Ikaria-Mavri-029

Original post : Tuesday February 6, 2007




(not folk-lore)

this is what I’m doing with my photos. All of sudden I felt the urge of shouting this out.I do ENVIRO-LORE : the stories inside the environment ~ geography animated as I would tell it as a story to a kid. My landscapes are not «empty». Once upon a time they were inhabited. Now they are waiting to be inhabited again.  Never mind if it’s only for the summer.

So the creek waits for the hiker to cross it and wet his sweaty front. The lonely cove waits for les amoureux. The forest waits for the drunk to sleep after a long night’s fiest. The high rock waits for the daring climber to pose on top and wave the banner of his pride. The angry sea waits for the calm and for the windsurfer to do his tricks. The high mountains wait for me and my friends to go there and shout «iiiiii», sometimes whisper «OM» or sometimes dance the rock’n roll.

I do ENVIRO-LORE here and now. Move on, move on.

The lonely anonymous cove used to have a name in the time of my great-grand father. I’m sure he saw it and said : «nice fish place», or «nice place to hide my little boat».

To Imageme (and Nana and many other *beautiful monsters*) it says: «nice green water; let’s take our clothes off and dive» or «let’s sit behind this funny rock and I’ll tell you a secret«.





The more there are, the more there are.

Οσο πιο πολλα ειναι, τοσο πιο πολλα γινονται.

Τοσο πιο καλα ειναι.Image




Weave it into a song rhapsodos.

Thursday April 27, 2006 – 01:47pm (PDT)

Agree with the above. Your manifesto moved me, sister-oula. I’ll send you one of my own. It’s about & for the Greek hikers so it will be in Greek only.
Hope you like it, and maybe you reproduce it as an entry in your blog.
BTW, other nations of bipeds out there, there is a name for the long distance hikers. I was told once and then I forgot. «Long-hikers», «tan-hikers», «(?)-hikers». Someone may know. LooOOng distance «cross country», days and nights …oooo

Friday April 28, 2006 – 06:52pm (EEST)

Amen El! Enviro-lore is my favorite lore to hear or read, so let’s all gather round the campfire and share stories.


Friday April 28, 2006 – 01:19pm (EDT)

haha -I just asked a friend visiting me and he said that this type of hikers should be called:
*πεζοποροι πετσι & κοκαλο* (=only skin & bone hikers)  🙂  <ikarian humour>
But «thru-hikers» is the correct term. I’ve met a couple of those and they were like ascetics, though very young.
(oh no, Nana please don’t…)
There will be more on ENVRIRO-LORE. I had seized the concept long ago but I’ve just invented a word for it. Thanks Ψ for being the first to approve)

Friday April 28, 2006 – 10:54am (PDT)

what «Appalachian trail» goes through Ikaria?
Quote: «No island is an island». Besides Bouconne forest, which other places your trail goes through? In other words, imagine there was no such place called Ikaria and we saw you photos without «tag Ikaria» or «Ikaria #1,2,3…», where would we think this place was?
(I’m asking because I know that you are traveller, or better, «a dreamer of places»).

Sunday April 30, 2006 – 11:39pm (EEST)

Just for interest – I have never heard this term «through-hiker», but then we don’t have such long trails in Britain – like Ikaria, we run out of island too soon – so I think we only have «long distance hikers».

Monday May 1, 2006 – 08:14pm (BST)

The looks of these people… and the strong ties between them. I’m afraid to go on because I don’t want to put ideas in Nana’s head. She is too skinny already. Or is this good for this kind of adventure?
A Greek island’s landscape is very different and demanding. I have seen Swiss who boast as «mountain eaters»  being near (body AND mind) apoplexy hiking in these lands. The sun and the light and the rocks and the changes e.t.c.

Monday May 1, 2006 – 12:32pm (PDT)

I know how they feel. There is an added something in the rocks of Ikaria too. Does things to the head….and the needle of my compass. But it is magnetic and addictive too I think….like your blog.

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 12:04am (BST)

Αν περπατήσουμε όλο το μήκος της Ικαρίας από το Δράκανο μέχρι τον Κάβο Πάπα θα πάρουμε τον τίτλο «thru-hikers»? Εννοώ χωρίς να κατεβαίνουμε στα χωριά για τη νύχτα. Εντελώς «through», through-out through. Ή μήπως θα αγιάσουμε και στο τέλος θα γίνουμε διάφανοι? Διότι άλλο skinny και άλλο να γίνεις «see through», χα χα
Πάντως πρέπει να είναι τρομερή εμπειρία.
>If we walk the whole length of the mountain range of Ikaria from Drakano to Cape Papas would we win the tile «thru-hikers»? I mean w/o coming down for meals and to spend the night in the villages. Given the roughness and the changes in landscape, the height and the views, it must be a terrific experience. 3-4 days? I’m thnking about this for the summer.

@Ψαλάκανθ娨 as a backacker you will probably have the chance to discover the meaning of the term «island-hopper». A (not very warm) sleeping bag is a ‘must’, as well as the ability to sleep on hard benches in ports and ferries. For me this makes a civilized man: the ability to feel at home and sleep anywhere.

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 12:50pm (EEST)

When I worked on Ikaria for two summers I had to travel in the night to Samos once a week. I used to be an «island hopper» for a few hours – re-living my first Greek experience – sleeping on the open deck, on a bench, in my «not very warm» sleeping bag. My company would pay for a cabin if I wanted one, but I always preferred the fresh air and the sound of the engines lulling me to sleep and waking up with the taste of salt on my lips.

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 12:44pm (BST)

Haha, Nana! Civilized indeed.. check out this picture for what is probably the most «civilized» moment of my life:

Too Long

I think that definitely qualifies as thru-hiking 🙂 However, as far as the qualifications for saint-hood (that is what αγιάζω means, right?)…

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 07:56am (EDT)

thank you everybody ! This is what ENVIRO-LORE is about.

An appealing & inviting *wildereness*.

Tuesday May 2, 2006 – 01:32pm (PDT)

Eleni in Ikaria, February 02, 2006


Ikarian sea lilies

Ο Θαλασσόκρινος

‘Στη στεριά δεν ζει το ψάρι
ούτε ο ανθός στην αμμουδιά,
κι οι Σουλιώτισσες δεν ζούνε
δίχως την ελευθεριά.’

This is from ‘The Dance of Zalogo’, one of my best favourites in Greek folk verse and music.The words say : «a fish can’t live on the land, neither can a flower live on sand, neither can the women of Souli live without freedom.»
(After a battle was lost, the women of Souli ran to the brow of a cliff where they sang and danced this merry-go-round ‘syrtos’ . As they danced, one after the other jumped over the cliff and got killed . The women of Souli were something else -believe me.)


I started like this because I wanted to connect this entry with ‘contradictions’, remember? Because in Greece there is a flower (ανθός =a real flower with a nice smell and pretty looks) which lives on sand. It’s name is Thalassokrinos (=the lilly of the sea, θάλασσα). I first saw it on Livadi beach, near Armenistis about 12 years ago. There are some dwarf cedar trees there (juniperus?) and people often camp under them in the summer. Then they go away and they leave many ordinary or extraordinary items half-buried in the sand. So when that smell struck my nose I thought it was from a bottle of sun-cream and my first thought was to find the make because I had never smelled anything like it before and I liked it very much. I expected to find some exotic (e.g. American, Australian) brand. But there was nothing like it in the deserted camping site under the cedar tree -only sand and several cigarette butts. The smell was stronger then so I squated and searched with my hands in the sand. Among cigarette butts and odd debris I touched several hard protrusions. They were whitish beige -about the same colour as the sand, and at first I thought they were small peebles or seashells. But they were soft under my touch and of course they smelt divine! I was wirling round the tree like a mad dog then and I went to the other side of it which campers do not use because there are many spurges there. Among them I saw my first fully grown Sea Lilly, a flower I believed it was mythical. Much humbler and modest than the ones depicted in the Minoan frescoes (one called, if I’m not mistaken, Η Κυρία με τα Κρίνα, The Lady with the Lillies) but as proud and princely in odor.
I had discovered a ‘habitat‘.
I came back after a few days and had the luck to see the whole colony in bloom. It was a very windy day though so there was no smell. I didn’t squat nor did I came back on another day, because I didn’t want to attract public attention. I only spoke about my discovery to the woman who owns ‘Atsahas’ taverna (that’s on the side of the hill on the eastern side of the beach). She is an amateur in plants and she knows Livadi beach like the palm of her hand, but she had never heard or seen the sea lillies. Perhaps this is because they come out of bulbs and they bloom for too short. Then, if you don’t know about them, you wouldn’t look under a tree in the sand (washed by the surf in winter too) to find such a flower, when there so many places to look for interesting plants on the dry land.

Soso's Lilies Soso's lilies Soso's lilies Aegean Sea lily

Why don’t those flowers behave right? Well, I think that if they did they wouldn’t smell so divine.
They are the Alkyon sea bird. Why doesn’t it nest on safer ground than those rocks right over the killer surf of the sea in winter? If they did, they would be plain birds (white, brown or black) and they wouldn’t have that shiny electric blue-green-yellow colour. They wouldn’t set an example, there would be no myth connected to them and we wouldn’t be so happy to see them -we, lonely swimmers of lonely rocky coves.

Have I filled a computer screen? I think I have. So I’ll write no more in my blog tonight. There will be another full computer screen tomorrow.

καληνύχτα σας
εδώ ψιχαλίζει απόψε
και είναι πολύ ωραία.
Εύχομαι και σε σας να είναι
το ίδιο καλά και καλύτερα.




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Yes, sometimes beauty emerges only through hardship and grief; sometimes through tears comes a clarity of vision. What does not kill me makes me stronger, so they say Eleni.

Wednesday February 1, 2006 – 02:45pm (PST)

I know the spot. What do I win if I find the bulbs and send you a photo?

Thursday February 2, 2006 – 12:51pm (EET)

Do I have to tell you? I thought you were cleverer.
To find the bulbs is the prize, of course, what else?

Thursday February 2, 2006 – 12:41pm (PST)

You have the North of England branch of Hiking Ikaria utterly intrigued by these sea-lilies….And how often have I been bowled over by extraordinary scents on Ikaria and not traced the source..

Thursday February 2, 2006 – 08:42pm (GMT)