A Day at an Exhibition


Dear readers💗
As things are at my work I sometimes have to stay for hours at nerve-racking standbys. To relax tension the trick is always to turn my mind to Ikaria and then to look for something interesting to blog about my island. In most cases things don’t fall in as I wish. Inspiration is a bird in flight, but sometimes there are exceptions.😋
Parea on Ikaria south coastLast week during one of those standbys I mentionned above, and while I was surfing fruitlessly in Flickr, I looked for new stuff from friends and a wonderful new set of 29 pictures from Ikaria appeared in front of my eyes: «A Day at an Exhibition» – «Hard hiking, wild swimming and admiring rocks scuptured by nature in Cape Papas, Ikaria». What a brilliant title, description and of course, visual content!
These pictures were taken by my friend Angelos, amateur photographer and leading member of the Ikarian hiking club, on a day of March while he and his friends were trying to find a trail through «a jungle of rocks sculptured by nature» (sic) to connect the remote village of Karkinagri with the even remoter westernmost tip of Ikaria and the historical, spectacular lighthouse which stands on it.
. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .
As you could see in this great map above, the trail was found! Therefore, I think we should expect to see more shots from this colorful and naturally artistic, wild coast of Ikaria very soon. But for the time being, these are the best I have seen. I am letting you enjoy them! Move your mouse over the thumbnails to read a few words written by the author about each picture. They are very expressive and enlightening!
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Posing to demonstrate size and proportions of a stone house. In general this is a place as if from neolithic times. Several hollow rocks in this area have served as human shelters through the ages.

All pictures © Mountain Climbing & Hiking Club of Ikaria

. . .Like 7 years ago, the task of the day was to discover a practicable hiking route across a jungle of naturally sculpted rocks and connect Cape Papas to the village of Karkinagri. The team was great so this time we succeeded! View of the lighthouse from the new hiking trail
. . .Opening out to the vastness of the horizon Colors, reflections, shapes, make the most alive landscape I have ever seen. Hard to adjust the camera and take good pictures though...
. . .
. . .3 pictures to demonstrate how hard it was sometimes for us to go round just one of these rocks! 3 pictures to demonstrate how hard it was sometimes for us to go round just one of these rocks!
. . .3 pictures to demonstrate how hard it was sometimes for us to go round just one of these rocks! If only we had more time to explore, pose and play with these rocks... But the task of the day was to discover a trail which we did! Let the rocks wait for another day.

. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .
'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. It was her idea and that cavity was perfect so we couldn't resist!
. . .The first one who found the trail is already swimming! Fair prize for good scouting. We are making our way slowly down to the little cove while the scout is sunbathing. The hardest part of the hike is over and the route across that jungle of rocks to connect Cape Papas and the village of Karkinagri is more or less fixed.
. . .Having done most of the job with the new trail, it was time to try and take one or two good shots of this beautiful wild cove. Naturally sculptured shapes of sandstone make the scenery behind the little wild cove of the previous pictures. The trail runs across these amazing clusters of rocks.

. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .
Having done most of the job with the new trail, it was time to try and take one or two good shots of this beautiful wild cove.
. .
. . .This round little pool in the rock filled with sea water could be seen from far above. We were very happy to have found a trail that runs through so many natural wonders! Many sea monster shapes sculptured in this rock.
. . .Among the rocks we found this unidentified orchid for Eleni to add to her collection Some of us take time to examine every detail of the sculptured landscape, while the photographer is struggling with the sparkling rocks, the changing light and the saturated color of everything. How happy we were to have found a trail that runs through so many natural wonders!
. . .Everybody insisted on capturing the lines, the texture and especially the shape of this rocky protrusion which by some mystery resists the huge winter waves of the Cape. I don't think it's a success. I should have set the camera differently. I think it's a good tribute though. Everybody insisted on capturing the lines, the texture and especially the shape of this rocky protrusion which by some mystery resists the huge winter waves of the Cape. I don't think it's a success. I should have set the camera differently. I think it's a good tribute though.
. . .Shot taken as were leaving. I like it. Inside this scenery maybe the secret is not to aim at anything special but leave everything to chance. But as I said ... the task of the day was not photography but to discover a trail between a village and a lighthouse. This time we succeeded! The southwesternmost end of Ikaria is generally called
. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .
After taking so many pictures of this unearthly scenery I felt a bit alienated. For a change I took a shot of the warm wet face of one of us. Picture taken somewhere between the lighthouse of Papas and Karkinagri.
. . .Two of us caught at rest. It's not as thick jungle of sculptured rocks as before but we still had a long way to go untill we reached Karkinagri. It is an exhibition and that's only one of the millions of exhibits! Area highly recommended to photographers, now that the trail is more or less fixed.

. .

. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ . .A place as if from neolithic times. Several hollow rocks in this area have served as human shelters through the ages. The new trail runs right through this historic neighborhood and of course we are very happy about it!.

.Besides everything, the photographer kindly cited under each picture two articles from my blog and one article from the blog of my friend Nana, as he thought them related to the material. These articles are:
Côte de Naufragés Sauvés
Wild coves & beaches in southern Ikaria
Thank you very much, Angelos!💗
. . . . .Eleni Ikanou
Sunday, March 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse noon March 29, 2006


I didn’t know there were so many sun worshipers, followers of Zoroaster. As soon as I uploaded my solar eclipse set of photos in Flickr, the view counters caught fire ! This is good, you know… People are still able to understand the pOWEr, the sOuRce, the LigHT. They are afraid, they are thrilled when it disappears. Thanks Gof ; we may find pleasure in killing each other, but we are brothers after all -n’est pas?

I hope I never have man-slaughter shots; if I have (knock wood), I’ll upload them and compare with the ‘eclipse’ shots. How many views? Probably much much more and much faster -n’est pas? It’s human -poor humanity.

Light and Blood. Lightshed – Bloodshed -Bloodshed – Lightshed.

La la la -la di da



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And no wonder, it is a «great capture» as they say in Flickr speak. Tell me, did the birds begin to sing when it went darker/lighter? I saw an eclipse about the same size as this in the North of England 1999 and the birds all thought evening had come, then dawn and sang….I was born under a Solar eclipse, so it has special meaning for me.

Wednesday March 29, 2006 – 09:03pm (BST)

you focus at the same things as I. This upsets me and we’d better never meet because I’ll not be responsible of what may happen. (I’ll use this later in court that you were warned.)
There were many birds. When the light dimmed, everybody stopped the usual tsiou-tsiou and I could hear only the «sergeants»‘ tsirp-tsirp like a call to take to the nests. That’s what stimulated Felicia (though she not hungry) and she climbed that tree and took hunting position: an early dinner in middle noon, what a good idea -:))

Wednesday March 29, 2006 – 12:40pm (PST)

I was in the perfect Bari-center when sun eclipsed. I saw it through a strawberry candy paper… and the clacsons still kept on hooting.

Thursday March 30, 2006 – 01:19am (CEST)

That was better than me. I was on my bike in the traffic jam around Athens center. I saw it (imagined it?) through the wind shield glass of my helmet.

Thursday March 30, 2006 – 10:52am (EEST)

…and here is my strawberry eclipse


Thursday March 30, 2006 – 03:10pm (CEST)

ze nnews im mbrief

βουλωμενη μυτη

ze nnews im mbrief

-> I have a cold, I have a sore throat, I have a headache, I have dry lips, I have a red nose, I have red eyes and they are running. I have a dribbling mouth. I have a lot of toilet paper and the waste paper basket is by my side. I empty it every 4 hours. The content will be good fertilizer for the garden.

-> I don’t have fever. I don’t have cramps. I don’t have stomachache. I don’t have diarrhoea. I don’t have bird flu.

-> I don’t have malaria. I don’t have two red hot iron bars in my nostrils (I’ve checked it in the mirror).

window 22 Ikaria

ozer mnews im mbrief

-> I can write & I can think too -very hard, slowly and exclusively about my nose, but I can think.

-> I can’t smoke. I can’t have coffee. I can’t eat. I can’t remember what french fries (Ikarian style -my favorite) taste like.

here iz zome mbore mnews

-> I delivered the final draft of something and it was well received.

-> I went out to see a piece of land (a cliff actually). I liked that piece of land.

-> I met the man with the earth mover (bulldozer) who is going to make a road to the land I liked.

He is going to destroy at least half of the beauty of that land (not to mention that the road will be very risky and probably slide down and disappear altogether), however the price of the land will rise because it will be ‘accesible’ then.


-> In spite everything I liked that man!?! ^^’ 

These 4 factors combined together undermined and weakened my (overloaded) system, so I caught a virus (as it usually happens with me) and now I’m running on «safety mode» tzzz krk krk bzizk apstchou !…

+ zome goodz mnews

-> today waz ze firzt day of zpring. «Earini Isimeria» = equal day-equal night. Εαρινή Ισημερία.

-> many ozers too, not only me, are ill, the zame az me.

-> I got rid of the idea that I am harming the tourism of Ikaria with my pictures in Flickr.

-> Someone is coming tonight to rub my back with warm alcohol. I will be allowed (and I’ll allow myself) to groan, sigh & moan during the process. I’ll be allowed (and allow myself) to be ill.

more zome other day

iz enybody interezted in reading ze story ov my life?

I feel like writing ze story ov my life rightz now. Or maybe it’z becauze I’m ill.

I’ll thimk amboud it ndomorrow.


😘 😚


😜 😝


P.S. did you know? I was going to post that photo of the sea here anyway but then as I opened my Ikaria 139blog I saw the last of Jimmy P’s comments. I dedicate this photo to him. No one should deprive anyone of such a view of the sea. It must remain public.




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Grazie 1000 per la dedica, sono onorato.

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 01:41am (CET)

Get well soon, El! It’s difficult to read the blog when you type with a stuffy nose  😉

Telling your life story, eh? That sounds like it has a bit more soul-stealing potential than a photograph to me.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 10:22pm (EST)

The sea is endless, life is not, that’s what it means.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 07:39pm (PST)

μπερασντικά !
Είμαι γκι εγκώ γκρυωμένος γκαι η μπύντη μου είναι μπουλωμμένη.
We look forward for spring and here’s what we get… hahaha

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 01:04pm (EET)

There is terrific tempest of the equinox blowing right now right here. I won’t go out to take pictures. I’m staying in drinking tsipouro (like ‘grapa’ hey Jimmy?) in warm water with honey. Good medicine… Felicia, my cat, sings me her songs. She is pregnant.

Thursday March 23, 2006 – 03:49am (PST)

iv it heppns agen, edd sam sinnamon barrk & a fiu cloves 2 ze hottt tsipouromelo… «u uil rimembrr mi» 😛

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 10:03pm (EEST)

copied that 😌 tanx

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 12:38pm (PDT)

Modeling for nature

Nefertari & Isis
I’m not goddess Isis, Venus, or St. Mary to appear miraculously in the waters or the skies. Even as a weak human, even if I was Laeticia Casta, I don’t think I’d be able to save a square cm of the planet. On the contrary, I think that if I tried, they’d soon build a highway across ‘paradise’ and caravans of pilgrims would arrive to visit ‘the site of the miracle’ in toyotas, suzukis and mercedeses. They’d profane, destroy and pollute it.
Snake Goddess 1600 BC


However… the ‘stupid side of me’ is optimistic. Paradise is inside us. In the same way a giraffe adds value to an African lanscape, a man or a woman adds value to our own natural habitat. Because we are a part of the fauna the same as a heron or a porkupine. But visual arts have to go a long way until they show us something like this. Let’s start with the kind request that both artists and models park their vehicles as far as possible from ‘the habitats’.

We’d never have taken this photo in the first place, if we hadn’t walked there a long hour on foot and we hadn’t been in the same mood as the model.


Ikaria 055 - Modeling for nature - Hiking, swimming and taking pictures in 2003


P.S. when you see me writing in ‘courrier’ (fonts like a typewriter’s), you know this is scrap: thoughts that come about and drop in random here and there. This scrap is very important for me. I’m just a little bit worried that it doesn’t sometimes make sense…



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Here is another for you «eco-freak» 🙂

Return to the Golden Age
We are like salmon, swimming back upstream:
leaping against waterfalls that thwart,
cut and bruised; but strong; our only dream
return to source; no thought save source of thought;

and in that fight, our iron age turns to bronze,
and we to heroes, in a war of soul,
as nature seeks the nature it had once;
though wholly lost, remembering the whole.

We silver salmon, sparkling as the sun
shines on our fierce and loving enterprise:
to rear our children where the world is one;
the source remembered, nature’s greatest prize.

The golden age is ageless in its gleam
and we, like salmon, swimming back upstream.

Michael Shepherd

Thursday March 16, 2006 – 11:11am (PST)

Plato said the same (except for the salmon) in prose. So cheer up ‘eco-freak’. There is light in the garbidge.

Thursday March 16, 2006 – 10:34pm (EET)

-thank you very much for the poem. It counts. You are ‘a cause’ (or ‘case’ -some say ‘lost’). But …’loosers win all’ You ‘ve just won 5 points. Though surely you don’t need them; the redhaired girl with the long tress (did you think she passed unoticed?) in your Flickr photos is 100 t prettier than me and 100 t closer.

‘light in the garbidge’ : I take it as a Platonic metaphor. Because in the real world the light in the garbidge is garbidge on fire polluting and giving out dioxines.
-I’m an ex-ecofreak, currently a respectable woman with career & an expensive new hair style.

Friday March 17, 2006 – 01:32pm (PST)

Not trying to score points Elle, just being a friend, a fellow former eco-freak. Don’t need any more troubles with women! 😉

Friday March 17, 2006 – 04:10pm (PST)

were you, brother? oh, the tired braves…
We’ve scored our points, you know. I can see it everywhere, inspite of (blablabla). A new awareness has been built and I can see this in Flickr, for instance.
(a bit of friendly tease is good to keep in shape, no? -now also brotherly -xxx)

Saturday March 18, 2006 – 12:21pm (PST)

tease us, ‘the tired braves’, «bomber». Give us new meanings and causes to fight for. The idea of the girafe in the savanah and humans in their ‘habitat’ (whatever this might be), is it yours ? Very remarkable.

Sunday March 19, 2006 – 02:49pm (EET)

trees vs. concrete

buildings fall down, trees grow up – beautiful people work together ^^’

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 03:43pm (CET)

Let’s show faces!!!

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 03:46pm (CET)

I’ll pose like Mariane in that painting of the French revolution if you like. You ‘ll give me the fuse of the TNT and I’ll light it with a shot of my pistol.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 12:46pm (PST)

Delacroix & Bertolucci style  😀
Just kidding ❤ the idea!

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 10:13pm (EET)

«Leni in Ikaria with Galanthi»




Τι είναι τούτο; Η ιστορία.
Τι είναι τ’ άλλο; Είν’ η φύση.
Διάλεξε το δεύτερο που είναι το πρώτο.

(Νίκος Καρούζος)

What’s that? History.
What’s that other? It’s nature.
Choose the second which is the first.

(Nikos Karouzos)



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I indorse. My father’s was a historian. Do you know what was his hobby? He climbed mountains and collected wild herbs !

Sunday March 19, 2006 – 02:54pm (EET)

You coloured my photo with blue shade? It looks a bit sad.
We weren’t sad on that day. Anyway, «it’s your blog and … » (how is that old song about the party going?)

Nature, History, everything is Machines… hehehe

Monday March 20, 2006 – 11:45am (EET)

my dear Nana, there are times that I feel the mechanical urge to kill you. The only reason I don’t do it is because I know that you are not a machine or if perhaps if you are, I don’t know the mechanic who would be able to repair you.
(«it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to»)

Monday March 20, 2006 – 02:59am (PST)

2006-2009 – Ελένη είσαι ένας θρύλος!

Sunday March 22, 2009 – 01:41pm (EET)

🙂 ^^’

Sunday March 22, 2009 – 10:51am (PDT)

Eleni’s blog in Ikaria: thoughts about photography


Hello readers! 💋

(1) I removed the ‘lighthouse’ from my ID. Not that I put out the lighthouse -it’s always there. I’m not allowed to delete it. It’s the candle on my grandmother’s grave.

sunset lighthouse 3

The ‘stats’ counted over 3000 visits in my blog. Though I know that by now there are about 27.ooo.ooo blogs on the net and I know that my 3.ooo visits are less than nothing, I gOT pAnICKEd.

(3) Among my many mediterranean handicaps is that I am superstitious, in a creative and ‘cultured’ way perhaps, but no less superstitious for that -perhaps even more. Do you know of that superstition according to which for every photograph you take ( or have others take) of youself a part of your soul is lost? The local professional photographers here in the island know about this. Their predecessors had to spend a long time talking with the ‘subjects’, showing them the camera (what’s inside, the buttons etc.) to persuade them that the process of taking a portrait wouldn’t deface them or deprive them of speech and things like that. I felt the same (oh, readers !) so I removed my face from the blog. Every time I opened the blog and saw my face and realized that hundreds of people had been looking at me, I felt ‘consumed’. (Models on giant wall posters must feel the same, but they get a hell of a lot of money for this -perhaps this is why they do get all that money after all)

(4) Instead of «me+lighthouse», you have «my hair dyed red + my 3/4 back + my right hip + my right arm + a part of my right boot» I particularly like the new colour of my hair. I find that this colour goes very much with the green and grey of the landscape of Ikaria.


Here I am on my knees on the wall of the cistern (water reservoir) of the old watermill, lost ⁉(‘lost’ ? for Ikaria this word looses its meaning) in a gorge. It’s the same site with the waterfall (see my Flickr) and the snowdrops/galanthi flowers (see my Flickr).

(6) Nana 😘 who took this photo, is a great photographer -not consious, but natural born. It was not her, but I 😉 who blurred her photo afterwards on the computer.

(7) I blurred the photo, 1st) because of *3*, 2nd) because I don’t want this particular photo to be stolen 😠 . By ‘stolen’ I only mean one thing: I don’t want this photo (or others where I appear in front of or inside an Ikarian landscape) to be stolen and appear in one of those tourist-oid promoter-oid 🤪 websites which are supposed to advertise the assets of the island («oh, how nice, how old, how green, lotsa pretty redhaired hikers in it too»).

(8) ON the CONTRARY (now this is quite official), I’d pose full face, full body (even naked in a pool or a waterfall in a canyon) for a cause (in this I still feel in me live the impossible, unbearable ‘eco-freak’ I was once upon a time). I’d break a strict law (of mine) and I’d become a 😇 ‘muse’. If only I knew it would help and that there would be people who really did something good for the environment (natural+social) of this extraordinary place. And that such photos would inspire others to go the same way. I can act stupid, but I’m not naive and I know that this is not likely to happen. There are too many crazy 😬 earthmovers around here. Unless the price of oil reaches the price of gold, they will be in business trying to flatten the island and make it look like an Athenian backwater suberb (‘quelle horrible illusion’).

big nail dig ikaria

(9) However, the future is 🤔 unknown. If ever on a website or the paper press you see a photo of me naked 😛 in a waterfall, you ‘d know that my island is going the right way (‘right’, according to me of course).

(10) I’m afraid that many years will pass for this to happen (if ever), so I guess will be very very old 😫 by then. So let me be more accurate and state the above *9* in a different way . If ever on a website or paper press you see a photo of a bag of wrinkled skin and brown bones, you would know 😉, 1st) that it is me, and 2nd) that my island is going the right way.

A crack in reality

kisses to everybody
😚 😚 😚


A soap&cartoon&docu
writer has met an artist
(& possible friend?..)
~~~ biou, biou.. «the bomber» is scared


~ φιλακια *** και σε ολα τα Ελληνοπουλα και τις Ελληνοπουλες που δεν το βαζουν κατω ~

κουραγιο βρε… μονο τα πρωτα 100 χρονια ειναι δυσκολα  ~ σε 2 μηνες εγω κλεινω το πρωτο 1/3 απο αυτο το χρονικο διαστημα ~ ηταν το πιο δυσκολο ~



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Why certain women are so good at starting wars?

Tuesday March 14, 2006 - 10:35pm (EET)

I do consider myself a ’cause’ (some might say a lost one) and I do accept gratuitous donations…I would also be obliged to REALLY DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!

Tuesday March 14, 2006 - 02:35pm (PST)

You’re right AKK, I read it in school books… since long time greek women called «Eleni» are the best at starting wars.

Wednesday March 15, 2006 - 12:33am (CET)

-> (to the above commentators)-> because men are stupid, that’s why->->-> to win a war is nothing ! we also want flowers, chocolates, songs, jokes, etc. etc. … There was only one Penelope and that was Penelope Cruz !
-> Elenitsa, you’ve ruined the photo ! ok …I understand the reason (& I have a copy). About the other thing (the enviro campaign), the USDA are brainstorming: «bulldozers vs eco-babes», how & who wins? tough tough tough==> We may be like 2 dried old figues until the PhDs come to a conclusion.

Wednesday March 15, 2006 - 10:44pm (EET)



For memories sake, the 4 wild photos
I deleted from Flickr:


the squall photos * το ραγάνι


Το σλάιντ απαιτεί την χρήση JavaScript.


Ήλιε μου στο βασιλεμό θέ να σου παραγγείλω
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
να πάεις να μου χαιρετάς το κόκκινό μου μήλο.
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


(1st verse tranlated+comments)


Before you set, oh, my sun, I’d like very much to ask you
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
to go and say hello from me, hello to my red apple.
Durna, durna, durna, we are caught in a storm,
ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

* the Greek word for sunset is «helio-vasilema» =when the sun reigns or rules !
I looked it up in all sorts of dictionaries and still this word remains a mystery for me. It’s so common, even used metaphorically. When I stay up late and my eyelids drop, my friends say: «i Eleni vasilepse» =Eleni reigned (where is my realm? the meadows of Morpheus?)
** don’t ask me what «durna» is. It looks like a word similar to «opa», «yasou» or «haide», which are yells of encouragement (to workers, dancers etc.). But it might as well derive from «dur» which is «stop» in Turkish.
So you have: «stop, stop and turn round (sail slower, lower sails -whatever), because we are caught in a storm».

Ήλιε μου ίντα σου ‘κανα και πας να βασιλέψεις
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
κι αφήνεις με στα σκοτεινά και πας αλλού να φέξεις;
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


(2nd verse tranlated)


Oh, sun, what have I done to you and now you are setting
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
and you are leaving me in the dark, you go shining on other places.
Durna, durna, durna, we are caught in a storm,
ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

** Don’t ask me what «durna» is. It looks like a word similar to «opa», «yasou» or «haide», which are yells of encouragement (to workers, dancers etc.). But it might as well derive from «dur» which is «stop» in Turkish.
So you have: «stop, stop and turn round (sail slower, lower sails -whatever), because we are caught in a storm».

ride on. squalls, swift murderesses…

These photos go with a story I’m making in my mind and writing down. They are a very important part of one of the three projects I’m working on. They were taken with «fast mode» so they are not good for Flickr. This one in particular is a zoom in of «la tromba marina».


άμε και πάλι γύρισε πουλί μ’ αγαπημένο
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
και μη μ’ αφήνεις μοναχό και παραπονεμένο
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


Go, my beloved bird, make sure you come back to me again
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
don’t leave me here to whine all lonely,
oh, ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

dedicated to ImageNana who sailed away this evening
(ας το καλο .. η Ελενη το γερακι του Αιγαιου κ.τλ., μη χ…, με πηραν τα ζουμια Imageσαν συναχωμενη κοτα -συγνωμη αναγνωστες.)
And let me tell you another thing. I don’t care what ‘durna’ means really. For me right now ‘durna’ is ‘rentres’, ‘retournes’

And I like to think of the ship in these photos that it is the
«‘Je Reviens Toujours»‘ ^^’

..Finally the original version of the song is…




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helio vasilema – interesting! I figured I’d look in the classical dictionaries, but all I found was this:


So, in ancient days basileuo meant «rule» only. No mention of it ever used with the sun or with eyes. Perhaps someone decided that the end of the day is when the sun conquers the sky, and from that meaning it got the eyes closing idea. (yeah, that’s quite a stretch)

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 01:59am (EST)

Or is the sun returning to its kingdom beyond the West?

Is Dari Dari similar to Dourna Dourna? (In that other sea-song).

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 10:53am (GMT)

(* I use ‘tufts’ too!)
(** «Streched» is a good key to unlock Greece)
(*** semiotics is another good key but it takes skill and wisdom)
(**** no, «dari-dari» is something like «yeah-yeah, shake it baby». «Durna» sounds like a military or marine command. You have to hear a Turkish policeman say «dur» and you know.)
A BRIGHT IDEA ! (confirm AKK, please…): the king was associated with purpple colour in the middle ages. So you had the «purple born ones» for the royal family because they lived in rooms painted in purple . A sunset is purple. The sun goes to bed in his purple room. The sun is a byzantine emperor.
(help!! have I gone too far with «images»?)

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 04:02am (PST)

Confirmation? I’d give you 3 PhDs for that !
No kidding Ele ! you found it ! I can’t believe it !
Have you read about it or is it intuition? Such a long shot, so succesful !
Ο ήλιος βασιλεύει (o ilios vasilevi) =the sun retires in his purple coloured quarters. These rooms were legendary. The walls were covered with silk dyed in the «true purple» colour -extracted from the seashell ‘purpura persica’. Only kings could wear or live in that colour (I mean the ‘true purple’, not just ‘rich’ deep red). But about all that you can read in many books. From this to the point of undestanding the connection between a sunset and the purple imperial rooms of Byzance… it takes a … (I don’t know what it takes…)

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 09:27pm (EET)

Haven’t I said purple is one of my favourite colours? I know a lot about it. Though that was a very long shot and thanks for the confirmation and the 3 PhDs. The original idea came from my old neighbour. Once she said that farmers of the old days in Ikaria went to bed right after the sunset when the sky was purple. They were satisfied and the felt like the kings and queens who were «born in the purple rooms» of the palace in Constantinople.
There are many medieval traditions surviving in the islands of the Aegean sea. Warm human stuff… «true purple» colour like the island’s wine.

Monday March 6, 2006 – 12:26pm (PST)

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Do you know who are these swift killers after these days?
Who get caught in squalls and die at sea after sunset these days? Who beg the sun not to set?

Friday March 3, 2006 – 02:50pm (PST)

powerful stuff Eleni….

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 12:23am (GMT)

  • greg

I think I’m not giving you the answer you seek, but being from a family of sailors, I can say it is fishermen and sailors who fear the storm. As we say here, red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.

Friday March 3, 2006 – 04:48pm (PST)

Of course, the sailors and fishermen -pirates and smugglers too. But I’m thinking of (and weeping over) something else.
That was the reason I fixed and put for an ID that «CD cover» photo with the lighthouse.


Sunday March 5, 2006 – 03:43am (PST)

Έλεος ! θα μας σκάσεις! που το πας; ποιούς σκοτώνουν σήμερα τα ραγάνια όταν βραδιάζει; Πες μας, αν αγαπάς.

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 09:21pm (EET)

μεγαλη επιτυχια, αν καταφερα να σε κανω να κοντευεις να σκασεις… Εχω τωρα τη Ν στο σπιτι και δεν βρισκω ευκαιρια να γραψω τη συνεχεια.

Monday March 6, 2006 – 12:24pm (PST)

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  • Jimmy P

what I love in this blog is his multilingual mode: you are greek and write in english as everibody do as it was obvious.
sometimes you talk in greek, you’re right: it’s your langage… and now you call your story «la tromba marina»: this is my idiom! allegria! viva la multiculturalità, viva i popoli provenienti da paesi diversi che si prendono simbolicamente per mano grazie all’incredibile intervento di internet! maintenant je suis tres curious de connaitre l’histoire de la tromba et je veux tu la conte in francais pourquoi personne parle jamais les mots de Depardieu et je suis secure il nous regarde. A bientot Gerard!

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 01:57am (CET)

D’ accord, mon fou de la Magna Grecia. Je vais raconter l’ histoire en Francais aussi. Depardieu (j’ai failli ecrire ‘Depart-dieu’) a joue Jean Val Jean aux ‘Miserables’. C’est tres a propos.

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 12:51pm (PST)

  • Ψαλακ…

Heu Heu! Tot linguae in una loca collectae sunt.

Knew that degree in classics would come in handy one day.

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 07:59pm (EST)

quite right -I don’t know how I’d survive from my work and my social life without the classics whispering in my ear in 3 different lang. Hip-hop helps a lot too, btw (sorry classics!)

Wednesday March 8, 2006 – 01:03pm (EET)

Eleni I forgot and didn’t tell you in Ikaria that translating ‘gialeli’ as ‘ride on us’ is genius !
Durna or Turna is the Turkish word for «crane», the beautiful migrating bird!!! ^^’
The song is about migration, homesickness and love ❤ ❤ ❤

Wednesday March 8, 2006 – 01:07pm (EET)