In the Olives lies the Income


…said the fool of the village…

after the rain.

(1st photo by © cgchryssa , 2nd photo by © Elena Lygou)

Was he right?
«yes» votes: 2
«no» votes: 1
«don’know»: votes: 3
«a fool is a fool»: votes: 0


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Great entry, stupid poll. But then again who knows? Maybe the answer is not so obvious for everybody. If you had put up an entry and a poll as commonplace as «In ecotourism lies the income», you would have many comments and votes.

in the river 2

But people who are on the net know very little about olive trees, the rain and fools!

Sunday September 28, 2008 – 04:03pm (EEST)

I am a big fan of fool characters in Shakespeare (Touchstone in particular) so my vote goes to the fool :-)
Just this morning, I saw a news article about a British Museum exhibition on Emperor Hadrian. Hadrian’s family made a fortune by supplying Rome with olive oil. Those Spaniards are now making big bucks in the US market!

Sunday September 28, 2008 – 02:24pm (EDT)

I m reading your comments around the neighborhood and I know where you first spoke about this idea. It was about Thales the Milecian! I hope you come back in December and collect olives like a «fool» -like Thales, like Hadrian.

Sunday September 28, 2008 – 09:59pm (EEST)

In principle I am very interested the olive, although, apart from consumption, all my knowledge is very distant.

But I am interested…

carob, olive and kerkis


Are they really collected in December?? That seems very late. They don’t seem like Christmas things, like Satsumas do for instance.

I planted an olive close to the wall (1m) at my shared holiday house in France.
Am I a fool? Will the house fall down?? Can you move an olive tree?

How did Thales know what he knew dendrosophically speaking? He knew that water was important? Is it all-important?

Wednesday October 1, 2008 – 11:18pm (CEST)

ok, we have a full house now!
– The olive crop in the valleys and from terraces on hills is collected December the latest. The olive crop in the plains is collected sooner.
– Water is all important. The correct balance of water, that is.
– Olive trees are easy to transplant. You dig a big hole around the roots and then bring a crane to uproot the tree. It’s a nice tree, tamed and given to the humans by Athena the goddess herself. If the owners are hard working, the tree does whatever they want it to do. Even if you are not a hard worker, it is sufficiant that you talk to the tree every now and then.

(Did you follow the tradition and planted the tree when your son was born?)

– Who voted «no»???? A hawk of the stock market?

Friday October 3, 2008 – 03:56am (PDT)

There is also the sun.

«μέσα στον ήλιο αναγαλλιάζουν οι ελιές» = in the sun the olives rejoice
(The beautiful assonance of 4 «L»s in this verse by Kavadias is lost in the translation.)

Friday October 3, 2008 – 11:06pm (EEST)

I see in wikipedia

that there are some very long lived olives; they must be good at withstanding the hot and dry, as well as the frosty years. Also that they do best on poor rocky soils.

We planted ours as soon as we got the house. It’s not the mediterranean, but the soil is chalky. I may need to get a crane. And a beatiful tall straw hat.

Monday October 6, 2008 – 04:37pm (CEST)

After a few centuries people might call it: Simon’s Olive tree. The tree which the teller of tales planted and looked after. The tree under which he sat and told his tales. The tree that provided the oil for his salad and for the wheel of his eloquent tongue.

Monday October 6, 2008 – 12:37pm (PDT)

I voted ‘no’ not because I am a «hawk of the stock market» (:lol:), just a small business ordinary accountant. I voted no but because olive trees need A LOT OF WORK!

Tuesday October 7, 2008 – 09:19pm (EEST)

«…it is sufficiant that you talk to the tree every now and then. …»

I like that!

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 01:26am (EEST)

That’s easy. The hard thing is to talk to the olive press factory man and stop him from polluting the rivers!!!!

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 12:19pm (PDT)

Legends about Ikaria : The Forest of Radi

~That’s a beautifully wiggly forest!~
Το Δάσος του Ράντη
—— The last of an old magic forest and path


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simonsterg Pro User says:

That’s a beautifully wiggly forest!
I wonder what stopped the goats here?

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cheeseontaoist says:

Is this the forest up above Gialiskari etc towards Atheras?
I went walking there with a few friends, including Giannis who succeeded in getting us a bit lost (as always) but it was a nice walk. The trees are beautiful around there and bent into all sorts of crazy shapes….

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ovando Pro User says:

I love this shot, El! Wonderful!

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isl_gr Pro User says:

@ – it used to be too dense like all old forests and goats couldn’t penetrate. Then when the goats were left unattended and fed with imported grain, they attacked it with more strength. They eat the fresh barks of the trees not because they are hungry but because they are thirsty. The imported foody stuff is dehydrated and too dry. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. There are no young arbutus and quercus anymore and the older trees are stripped naked and die. In only a few years Radi forest has deteriorated considerably.
See : (second photo, 2002)
For the reason, read this article. Soon all of it will be a disaster area like :

Ikaria 245
which was taken at its far outskirts.
@ – yes, if you were with the Gianni from ‘archipelagos’, that was the forest. See :
Worth the trouble waiting for the .pdf to download. Now Radi has an academic pedigree whatever it happens to it.
@ – Άννα μου : x : So many Greeks I know are visiting Spain lately. Teach them a few good tips, pls. They seem to be looking for ideas. They wouldn’t admit they are though because they are Greeks and they’d rather think they stole them -lol

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angeloska Pro User says:

τα είπες όλα you’ve said it all
When I discovered this forest 25 y. ago it was awesome and so dense that we got completely lost. So lost and exhausted that we started crying (!) Was an unforgetable experience because it is thought to be practicaly impossible to get lost in a medium sized island. Whatever, it took us hours to get out of there. Let not this beautiful photo be a memorial.

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simonsterg Pro User says:

long long ago I guess there were wolves…

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isl_gr Pro User says:

now you surprised me; yes, there must have been wolves; if there were wild boar and deer (dama dama) and that big goat «capra aegagrus» (what’s it called in English?), there must have been a carnivorous hunter. Though probably not wolves, but big cats. Το «καπλάνι», a mountain leopard of a type there used to be in Samos and on the Turkish coast 100 years ago. It looked like a small puma.

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simonsterg Pro User says:

I don’t know a lot about goats. Your ones look a lot wilder than the ones I have met in England – are they a different subspecies – a wild goat perhaps? I guess it is much easier to get rid of big predators on an island, and if they were there once, it was perhaps in prehistory (along with the woolly mammoths). The cats sound interesting too – though I don’t know what they would be called…?
What I do know is that there was once a goat up on a high cliff. The wolf saw him:
«Be careful up there, Goat. Just one slip and you’re off the edge!«
«Don’t worry, I do this a lot,» replied the goat.
The wolf, almost for the first time, looked at the grass around him:
«It seems to be a lot greener down here; come down for a proper meal
The goat looked down at the wolf:
«Tell me, Wolf… who’s going to be eating the meal exactly?«

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angeloska Pro User says:

Do you know some people suggest we import wolves? In the early 1980s just before goats became a pest for the island and went down themselves (sick, hungry etc), we used to see majestic animals like :…


Hello, readers! The above is in my Flickr and dates from over a year ago. Right now…

I don’t know who advises people (the Greeks in particular) who are coming to hike in Ikaria, not to follow the marked paths but instead, go looking for the Forest of Radi. Maybe it’s on some website (where they advertise stuff they have no idea about, just to show off). Maybe they get it from shopkeepers and hotel owners (who may drop “Radi Forest” in a trivial way to oblige a tourist). Maybe it’s on one of those new guide books that are based on hearsay and contain impractical “tips”.

‘Cause the truth is there is no Radi Forest!

Or to put it better –there is a forest and an area called “Radi”. But there is no more or less safe way for a newcomer to go there. Not only the place is far from main roads, villages and towns; not only the trails are vague and unmarked but also –very unfortunately- there are many goat trails that lead nowhere. Especially in August and September the forest is dusty and dry and there may be also some caterpillar “itching powder” left from last June.

So, in spite of how attracted you feel at the sound of a magnificent term, resist it. Visit “Dasos tou Ranti” some other year, when 1) the trails across will be marked, and 2) there will be less goats. For me this forest means a lot. I want you to discover it in the proper way. I don’t want to hear anymore people telling me “We couldn’t find the way and, anyway, it was nothing. Just trees, as good as any.”

… … …

And even if the above 2 conditions are never fulfilled, look for the “Dasos tou Ranti” in any other time of the year except August. For example, you can go look for it in winter. (Forests are “storehouses” of winter, like the sea and the beaches “storehouses” of summer.) You may start from Frantato or Petropouli villages. The accessible trails are marked with cairns –though some may be missing or ruined. Yet, the best and safest way to see a good part of it, is to follow the “orange-dot” marked trail which runs along the mountain range. The legendary forest stretches out to the north, towards the villages and the sea.


I have to close this now. It’s exactly the time for “merominia” -my practical magic all-year-round weather forecast. ‘Cause this mid-August I am stuck round the house, at least I am able to follow this very regularly. This means that I have to make observations of the atmosphere and take notes of the changes every single hour of day and night! If, when this ends, I told you what the weather will be like over the Aegean in the next 12 months, would you believe me? Ha, haWe will see



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Terrific layout, colour and frame for that famous photo of yours! You really love that «lost» place. Go on, challenge me and inspire me. Maybe there will be a really good trail to there and across till next year.

What does Nana think about this business? Getting lost inside this forest, is it good «zen» work? I am very cusrious to know.

Tuesday August 21, 2007 – 06:11pm (EEST) Remove Comment

Will we enjoy the privilege to know your «merominia» weather foreast for the year to come? Do you already have some results? Or shouldn’t I be asking?

Tuesday August 21, 2007 – 06:15pm (EEST) Remove Comment

-Nana loves that forest. Great place for *hiking nude* she says (~tease)
– I am afraid that according to the «merominia», it’s gonna be another short and mild winter and a long, hot and dry summer. I hope it’s all wrong.

Saturday August 25, 2007 – 03:15am (PDT) Remove Comment

Hope the merominia calls for rain (there not here, we’ve had plenty). Fires on your mainland are all over the news, hope Nana and you all are safe and OK!

Monday August 27, 2007 – 07:54am (PDT)

Eleni in Ikaria -January 14, 2006

. .


Hello all
Γεια σε ολους

This was supposed to be a very special night. The night of the brightest full moon or the year!
In fact the full moon of August is brighter (because I think it’s closer to the Earth), but the sky in summer is not so clear as in some nights of January. Anyway I had great expectations for tonight. At dawn it looked as if it was going to snow and because snowfall, though quite often on this island in winter, doesn’t usually last long. So I hoped that we would have the brightest moon of the year travelling in a clear sky and shinning over a white landscape.
Well, it didn’t work out that way. It didn’t snow (yet) and there are big grey clouds in the sky. The moon’s sure shinning bright but we don’t see it. The beams filter through thick snowclouds which are travelling very fast with the north wind. This creates strange light effects -which of course I am not as photo-wise (yet) as to catch with my camera (boohoo-hoo).



From the southern part of the island the moon is very visible, they tell me. There are patches with clouds and shadows and that’s even better -it must look like the   but with the moon instead of the sun. Even if wasn’t tired I wouldn’t drive to Ayios Kirikos on such a night -I’m afraid of frost and ice on them mountain roads. The car is ok, the tires are not (too many drives on stony dirt roads in autumn).
I talk a lot about the weather. Yes I do. It’s a very important ‘factor‘. Not even residents are used to it. They talk about it a lot too and the TV or Radio weather forecasts are very popular. The even have a special way to foresee the weather of the whole year. The system is called ‘merominia» (one day=one month) and it’s based on analogy. They do this in August and if they read the signs well, they are always correct. But one has to be very patient (perhaps also stay awake for 6 days and nights) and very experienced, so it’s usually old men who do this. It’s not a secret, like magic and if you ask they are glad to tell you what they do -just observe the sky and take simple notes every hour for six 24hours. Can you do it? No? I thought so.

Enough with the weather.
Next time I’m going to discuss …. Communism !!! bbrr wssh ggrr glarp… arrghh




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αν είναι για το κομμουνισμό, αστο καλύτερα : )) να γράψεις για τις ξάπλες και τις μάσες. Αυτοί που μας φιλοξενούν καλύτερα να είναι κομμουνιστές. Εμείς ας ήμαστε καπιταλίστριες.
φιλακια Ελενίτσα
Είσαι όμορφο κορίτσι ακόμα και στην ηλικία σου
Γιατί δεν βάζεις φωτογραφία;

Sunday January 15, 2006 – 03:22pm (EET)


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