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i miss everything She didn't belong to anywhere and never really belonged to anyone. And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone.

Forest nymphs In the clouds

On the Harmful Effects of Sun, Salt and Sand☺




There used to be here a pathetic entry about Carlos Castaneda that I deleted. At that time my father had died and I had gone, so to speak, off-hand… But the drawings are cool so I am leaving them in place, You can delete and re-edit a blog entry, you can’t delete a phase in your life.

Nagual  (pronounced nah-wa'hl) - tulpa - monad - モナド by sanchezdot monad-monism by smile 44
So instead of Castaneda’s suspicious old sophistries, take bright surfmadpig’s Summer of 2005 in Ikaria! I have celebrated her in this blog long ago; it’s time I celebrate her again tonight that I am in so much need of that spirit.

Ikaria is a Greek island near the Turkish coast. It got its name from the mythological Icarus, son of Daedalus, who escaped the labyrinth of Crete with his father by building wax wings and flying. However, Icarus got excited and flew too close to the sun; his wings melted, he fell into the sea and died. The place where he landed is where I spent the end of July and the whole August.





..Selected pictures from various of her blog entries

Giannis' musical tooth


pink batmobile on the beach


tv aquarium in Rebelo bar. always on the best channel in the world.


giraffe on pumpkin in dimos' cantine.satisfied sausage-shaped creature found on the beach.


the history of the Icarian Communist Party, found in Leonidas' house.


nai, auta einai sunthimata.


messakti beach, ikaria island. a kingdom of sunbathing, music and smiles. and alcohol. half of the days the sea was calm and exotic like the first pic, and the rest we swam in the foamy goodness of the second picture. all the time, though, it was the best move to rid a hangover. & there were some, i admit.


no time like the present to get ripped apart





Nana and I, Bikinis and Beers


That summer was for surfmadpig. Then winter and my turn came.

Eleni 16/5/2012



Days of Meltemi



It’s not a writer’s block; it’s lobotomy. Look at the waves as they go up and down at dusk after the wind has died out. So fully they wash the mind from thoughts. This is the meltemi, the Etesian winds of the ancients. In the morning the mountains are clouded and the tourists wonder, “Is it going to rain?” Of course not. This is only wind, friendly breeze; full of good vapor, makes the land go wet and cool down. Cleans the beach from cigarette buts; provides good sleep as well and sweet dreams –my friend, the northwestern Maistros. Blow on blow on. Bring me news.

***Sorry AKK, I didn’t fulfill your request to broadcast the “Play Safe with Waves -3/1 rule of thumb” in this entry. I wanted to. Because I understand the need for some safety. But as soon as I uploaded the photo, I got carried away. And you know…, a thought crossed my mind; as a sailor’s wife maybe I shouldn’t think or talk about playing with the waves anymore. It’s not for decency’s sake. It’s superstition! Let Nana and the others do that for me from now on. Non?

f i l a k i a  ♥
40 wa cu Slide Shows.S. . .


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«Φύσα Μαϊστρο δροσερέ κι αέρα του πελάγου να πας τα χαιρετίσματα στου Σιδερή τη μάνα…» Sunday July 15, 2007 – 10:27am (EEST)
these days when the wind blows they say «oh it’s gonna catch fire! oh it’s gonna be no ferry! oh it’s gonna be no swim!. Anf when it’s cloudy they say «oh it’s gonna rain!» And when it’s hot, they say etc. But you (and Nana in her own wild funny way) say, WE LOVE IT! To you the wind brings news. To Nana it dries the sweat from under her breasts. How can you fight against MASS PHOBIAS? sO bravely ~ hope-making *machines* Monday July 16, 2007 – 10:09pm (EEST)
Thanks guys. I love you all – I’m sitting here miserable cos I’ve hurt my back, then I switch on this machine and AKK makes me laugh about cyanide in tsipouro, and the girls celebrate the wind…. I feel better already! Monday July 16, 2007 – 10:34pm (BST)
@ AKK = meltemi wind «dries the sweat from under my breasts»? (quoting Eleni) OH LALA! Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 03:24pm (EEST)
@Jude: oh dear Jude, get well soon! Our small circus is here for you to provide distraction for the mind so that the body and soul are left in peace and they heal – x @AKK: go thank somebody else. as you know we don’t have any other choice. we can’t help but being *hope-making-machines*. It’s our kishmet. @Athina: I am not given «dirty compliments» like that anymore. I am considered «respectable» now. @AKK: «Sweat under the breasts»! ha ha ha -:)) oh boys!.. What flavour? Apricot? With cyanide or without? Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 12:57pm (PDT)

speaking of kishmet I remembered our blog friend ‘Can’ who wrote to me the other day and said that «Meltem» is a common female name in Turkey. I suppose it’s something like «Breeze» (the Americans like this name a lot) or the Greek Avra (Αύρα). It is good to know that the name has a positive sense verified by tradition. So when the meltemi spoils your beach days, think of it as a beautiful woman and …take the mountains! Go hiking. By the way, does anybody remember this incredible picture? It’s was a gift by the makers of the play and it features in the hikingIkaria group files. We have talked about it already in the past.

Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 01:06pm (PDT)

And beaches I do




protected by a
spell and not for sale


Should I or shouldn’t …I did it again. What a headache that has been! It’s (b)lasted for 2 days…  Whatever… The spell worked. I didn’t take this photo to be in a museum. I protect my topics with whatever I’ve got.  Aooch! (it will go away with a kiss)




Read the story in more logical (?) terms in

Flickr>> group>> Ikaria>> discussions>> topic:

“The power of some photographs”

not so innocent caravan cantina

ta leme




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Δεν καταλάβατε τίποτα; Δεν πειράζει. Ούτε κι εγώ. Πάντως η δουλειά έγινε. Κι εγώ όταν τελειώνει μια τέτοια δουλειά, είμαι υποχρεωμένη να δίνω δημόσια αναφορά. Αλλιώς τα ξόρκια χαλάνε.

Thursday June 21, 2007 – 02:25pm (PDT)

I have ready long message to post in Flickr group Ikaria. Revealing a bit of the secret -as we have agreed. Just hope you haven’t changed your mind, oh powerful one.

Saturday June 23, 2007 – 02:39pm (EEST)

Great photo of a gorgeous location! Thank you for sharing it with us. Warmest, Konstantinos

Sunday June 24, 2007 – 04:13pm (EEST)

@ konstantine : I have re-edited the entry and added links. Follow them. It’s an interesting case of how a beautiful photo can save a beautiful place.
@ AKK : Nana sends you her love for what you did in Messakti. She says that in Heiligedamm the leaders of the famous march across the fields were two men around your age.

Sunday June 24, 2007 – 06:55am (PDT)

I had posted an ironic answer (msg#452) when you asked «Does Photography help to preserve the Environment?» in the hikingIkaria group. Now I feel very bad (like a «Doubting Thomas») and I want to do something about it. Let me make the announcement of this incredible «magical realism» story in the group. A COOL PHOTOGRAPH DOES HELP save the environment as long as THE RIGHT PEOPLE are inspired and INVOLVED (:- «spellbound» -:)

(Μπαμπα κουλ γερο πουρό αγγελούκο …η οικογένειά σου κι όλοι οι κοντινοί σου άνθρωποι πρέπει να είναι περήφανοι για σένα. Πραγματικά ήταν ένας οικογενειάρχης σαν κι εσένα αρχηγός στη δική μου φάλαγγα όταν διασχίζαμε τα χωράφια στο Ροστόκ. Από πάνω μας πετούσαν ελικόπτερα -και ψιλοχεζόμουνα ‘egotogrimi’- όμως εκείνος και οι φίλοι του μας οδηγούσαν με αποφασίστικότητα και γνώση κατευθείαν στο στόχο. Το οποίο βέβαια και πέτυχε. Ζήτω το *generation fusion* λοιπόν)

Monday June 25, 2007 – 03:03pm (EEST)

Κάποιοι άνθρωποι πλησιάζοντας τα 50 τους είναι πια σίγουροι γι’ αυτά που αξίζουν στη ζωή. Ο χρόνος μετράει πια αντίστροφα κι αρχίζουν να κτίζουν αυτό που θα αφήσουν πίσω τους. Το μόνο που χρειαζόμαστε είναι έμπνευση. Κι εσείς την παρέχετε άπλετα.

Tuesday June 26, 2007 – 02:25pm (EEST)

I’ve been away so I’m just catching up. Bravo Angele, Effy and Eleni – well done and thanks, great to know things will be unchanged when I visit again…xxx

Tuesday June 26, 2007 – 10:42pm (BST)

Hey Jude! Visiting in September, right? Hope I am there!..

Thursday June 28, 2007 – 10:04am (PDT)

Hi Eleni. I hope so, though it is all a bit vague at the moment and only talked about as something that may or may not happen….(but the vagueness gets weaker as the summer progresses and the rain here doesn’t stop)

PS. A friend of mine runs a small holiday company ( and wants me to go to Symi, as that is where her business partner is based ( I do some work for them), but I told her yesterday that if I was to go to Greece at all this year, it has to be Ikaria! So maybe I will extend my trip and do a strange combination of Ikaria followed by symi! That will be very odd.

Wednesday July 4, 2007 – 10:40pm (BST)

Vague? I wish I had so «vague» plans. I live for the next moment righ now. The only thing I know for sure is that I am in Athens and a friend is driving me and Sideraki down to Pireas to take the boat to Ikaria the day after tomorrow. Ah, and that I will find a clean house there too, thanks to Nana. The future will tell for the rest.

Friday July 6, 2007 – 03:49am (PDT)

Ah, Eleni. That is fantastic news. It is better to live for the next moment than be vague….I am so glad you are taking your son Sideraki to Ikaria. It is the best thing for you both, you will be going home. Sto Kalo.

Friday July 6, 2007 – 11:25pm (BST)

Καλό ταξίδι! 🙂

Saturday July 7, 2007 – 08:35pm (EEST)

It’s getting better all the time…

Μαρμελάδα βατόμουρο

I’m proudly presenting to you a jar of Ikarian wildberry jam (or should I say ‘marmelade‘?) sent as a gift for me by Angelos and Nana
. I don’t put it on my bread; me pig eat it with the spoonfulls like a sweet. What talks had we with Nana and others in the club about those wildberries last February. Because February is the worst… The wildberry talk helped a lot. Wildberries bloom between the thorns of their mother bush in spring, the the fruit gets slowly ripe in summer : white, green, black.

(A very strong Greek myth about life and death and childhood is -among other things- related to wildberries. It’s also a famous enigma. No wikipedia link here. I assume you lettered people know this myth. In case you don’t, no problem; I will gladly relate it in some other entry.)

It’s getting better all the time…
In Ikaria the wheel has spun a joly good round.
While it was so gloomy when I first visited as an adult, now in Flickr for instance, you see photos like

 by Κatie  by Κatie  by Κatie  by Κatie

 by Κatie  by Κatie ston agio Isidoro by PeBro Rahiotes by PeBro

 by fragitsa  by fragitsa  by fragitsa  by fragitsa

i   l o v e   y o u. by fragitsa  by fragitsa silver and gold. by fragitsa  by fragitsa

It’s not about the landscapes and seascapes. There had been great photos before and great minds behind the cameras. I mean the *new* young people and the ambience they generate. This is something new.

At last!


For me these pages is the summer I missed and all the Ikarian summers I miss because I work. And these pages is the bachelors’ party I will probably never have.


CIMG1767 glukaki kaneis?

These pages again are the faces I didn’t see when I first came to Ikaria. If I ever get married (*properly*), I’d sure invite them all.
I don’t know these photographers. I’m glad I don’t. The wheel has spun. We are in the same con-*SPIRA*-cy, (piracy?) but I currently inhabit a different quarter of the cycle (**). So the less I know the bette
My cousin Carla in Maratho, Ikariar.

The wheel has spun.
Also my best cousin is visiting. 😍
It’s getting better all the time…

My cousin Carla at the beach, Ikaria

(**) Instead of wheel and cycle, should I have written «spiral«, Pr Hegel?

(there are links hidden behind the blue letters in this text)


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So you remembered your pionneer days? At that time there was nobody. Then came Elvis and now you have the Beatles!
* It’s getting better all the time… *
What faces in your links ! Pr Hegel’s spiral winds our way now. But still we play «ladders and snakes». But that’s fun!…
And your best cousin Carla is gorgeous! ❤

Monday September 18, 2006 – 10:18pm (EEST)

Cycles and circles, they spin and always return to the start, you think you’ve been there before. When things were all wrong me brudda said «it will come full circle» and he was right. But then, did I not progress at all? Hopefully you end up where you started a little bit better all the time.

Tuesday September 19, 2006 – 06:51am (PDT)

Believe in progress? You do? Yes, so do I. Maybe a big lie, but it helps me get out of bed in the morning. Philosopher Hegel put it in terms of «thesis-antithesis-synthesis»; he probably had the same problem; looked for a motivation to get out of bed -:lol
Here in Athens it’s lightly clouded and wet in the mornings. My mood is the same.
Good to see the jam from the fruit of the thorn. You have powerful and influential friends.
The «faces» you link to : As they sit around and socialize in Messakti beach, they remind me of seals on some frozen shore of the arctics ! There is a lot of ritual involved in both seals and humans. Yes, it’s a con -*SPIRA*- cy. The island has improved.
(See? my mood is not all bad…)
On the other hand, I saw a new site about Ikaria, . It’s Ikaria’s domain name, but I doubt if this site is representative of Ikaria. For starters, when you click the button «camping» in hope of getting a few useful tips, all you get is threats; mind you, not warnings, but real THREATS : do not camp because by such law the whole (!!!) island is an archaeological zone (!!!) and the police raids and persecutes campers every other day (!!!) This can’t be true and fortunately several guests in the site’s guestbook argue against this. «Don’t frighten the people» they say. «There is a lot of free camping in Ikaria and it’s ok as long as the campers respect the environment» . Most of them do now. I have seen it. So I assume the «» admins own or are related to some big hotel and think campers as concurrents. How wrong! Pushed to the extreme it’s as if the automobile manufacturers said «Do not walk or ride bicycles. It’s illegal!»
Anyway the «you-know-who» camped nice and sleasy «you-know-where» in Ikaria last week. They saw no ancient pillars around and they saw no police. Everybody was very nice to them -as usual in Ikaria; reserved and nice : few words and occasionals bowls with grapes and cactus figs. Sweet September… *Lovely*
I became a member of Not jealous of your glory in Flickr. I’m just testing the possibilities of the famous old photosite. My address is It’s a free account of course. I doubt if I’m ever going to subscribe for a full account. Now Flickr is a 100 times better as a photosite. However, because Deviantart is much older, the archives are very interesting. I’ve been amusing myself trying to choose the 24 bestest photos taken in Ikaria (though w/o titles I can guess from the landscapes and the backgrounds) and I add them in «my favourites». I have right to only 24 favourites; this is a challenge. Have a look.

Wednesday September 20, 2006 – 10:18am (EEST)

Can’t be progressive if you don’t believe in progress Nana. BTW, the Dene concept of chronology is more circular than linear, hard for me to wrap my mind AROUND that, but perhaps because of how they observed the sun and moon and seasons. Wet and gray in the mornings here too lately, summer seemed to end two weeks ago, but I buoy myself by the fact the rivers are up and the salmon are coming home. Sun, moon, seasons, rivers, salmon: cycles.

Wednesday September 20, 2006 – 07:21am (PDT)

This talking about circles and cycles brought to my mind that according to the Roman and Byzantine calendar, September was the first month of the year : «the begining of the Indices» = η αρχη της Ινδικτου : time to close accounts and plan projects. «Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis» ; this is a very philosophical month. The new wine is in the jars; we ‘ve got to help it with good ‘n deep thoughts otherwise it will go sour.
@ Nana : Υ.Γ. 1 εχω γινει χοντρη και μ’ αρεσει! 😋
@ Nana : Υ.Γ. 2 οτι θελει να ακουγεται «επισημο» ως Ικαρια (πχ. ‘’) μοιαζει υποπτο. Σιγα τωρα… «» … Γιατι; ο καλος τυπος που εφτιαξε το κλασικο πριν απο δεν ξερω ποσα χρονια, δεν ηξερε να κατοχυρωνε το «domain» ? Σιγουρα ηξερε. Αλλα δεν το εκανε. Αυτο κατι σημαινει. Γενικα οι επισημοτητες και οι τυπικοτητες δεν μας ταιριαζουν. Οταν βλεπω τετοια πραγματα, φυλαγομαι. Και στην Ικαρια αλλα και στην Ελλαδα γενικα.

Thursday September 21, 2006 – 12:04am (PDT)

Ok… ok… next thing for you is to write the myth. Let’s hear it. I think the colours of the enigma are «white, red, black».
(I like your blog Eleni. It’s like «Dialogues from Utopia» -minus the manifestos. Thanks.)

Thursday September 21, 2006 – 10:46pm (EEST)

IF *I am tourist promoter*, so …


So now that *I am tourist promoter*
let me get busy ! The island’s economy is at stake (Ω Θεέ μου !)
Ikaria is mostly known for and associated with the myth of Icarus and to some extent for its medicinal (just *warm* if you like) springs most of them located in the village of Therma very near Agios Kirikos, the capital of the island.

But …  «Life is What is Happening, While We are Thinking of Something Else.»

(J. Lennon)

Here is an extract from Pr A. Papalas «Rebels and Radicals» -Icaria 1600-2000″ (Chapter 7, Widening Horizons, Tourism, pp.317, 318). It is about the very first beginning of tourism in Ikaria in the mid-1970s.

«The class and the number of visitors to Therma did not produce the revenues that other islands were enjoying from tourism in the 1970s. Icarians continued to promote Therma and began to consider ways to attract visitors to other parts of the island. There were proposals to spruce up the interior villages for sightseeing tours, to advertise the forests or what was left of them and to renovate the monuments of the island.
While Icarians were devising various inept schemes to cash in on the obsession that well-heeled Europeans were displaying for the Aegean, backpackers were discovering Livadi beach between Armenistis and Gialiskari. The locals never held this area in high esteem for they did not regard sunbathing or swimming as a leisure activity. The sandy shore was deserted except for the occasional native following a doctor’s advice to take the sun or sea fro therapy. Bohemian typesbegan to infiltrate a region without hotels or restaurants. They put up tents on the seaside …



…Gradually cafe owners, who had hitherto catered to fishermen, began to build small family-operated pensions. Nudists established a summer community on the Livadi beaches much to the opposition of the locals. In the summer of 1982, an alliance of farmers, Orthodox priests, and Communist officials attacked the nudists with anti-American slogans and threats. There were no casualties, and a compromise was eventually reached. The nudists retreated to the less visible beach of Nas, and the more conventional tourists settled in the Armenisti-Gialiskari where small lodgings by the late 1980s grew into modern hotels… «

Nas Ikaria in DPGR

You will say that was a typical story. Since the 1970s «a lot of water ran in the ditch» or to be more accurate «a lot of waves crashed on the sand»… 😀

Nas Ikaria 1 2010 Nas Ikaria 2 2010 Nas Ikaria 3 2010 Nas Ikaria 4 2010 Nas Ikaria 5 2010 Nas Ikaria 6 2010



Ikaria is being rediscovered.

This time not about the beach ^^’

c13c08f12d15f12 d03c01a14

To say more: the island is being *retrieved*, rediscovered by hikers! Still clubing and panigiria are on and will be on with rough loud music as usual, because we are Greeks, that’s all… Image


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Hey, «tourist promoter» !
How can you inter-connect all that? I wonder how? *good weaver*
Where did you find the link to the photo behind «infiltrated a region» ? That was very good. There is no other to explain what a «grouvalos» is. And I don’t think it’s something bad necessarily. The flower pot in the foreground says it all …

Monday June 5, 2006 – 09:31pm (EEST)

-> thank you for quoting from that book !
It’s so sober, so well grounded, well tuned and well tempered. At the same time it is a very «crazy Ikarian» book : so much hard and good work for a place with a lot of history and drama but which hardly anyone knows. . .
Do you get what I mean?
-> when «all that» happened in the mid-1970s, I was there and saw it. We spend our summers in Armenistis. It was a clash of cultures and one of my best memories of youth is that I took part in it. My future wife, her sisters and her brothers were among those «Bohemians». They were very respectful though. They made a difference, so I chose the prettiest and I believe I made a difference too, so she chose me as well, etc. etc.

Tuesday June 6, 2006 – 10:15pm (EEST)