I’m back & sea turtles! •·.·´¯`·.·•. •·.·´¯`·.·•☀


Sea Turtle, ancient Greek silver coin



Two days ago and I’m back in Ikaria and I am taking part in my own cleansing ritual as always In my blog: A pink woolen baby hood - Ενα ροζ μωρουδίστικο σκουφακι' early in the morning and after that I put something on and lie on the sand and I am tired and I drowse off and although it was cold earlier, now the sun rises higher and I wake up from the heat, and I think I’m dreaming baby sea turtle october ikaria 1‘cause next to my waist, and my left thigh small black creatures emerge from the sand hot babes and they look as if made of rubber and they are six or seven (maybe there were more while I was asleep) and they crawl and paddle towards the sea – because they are newly born baby sea turtles!!! baby sea turtle october ikaria 2
😊 😍
And I jump on my feet and one more baby crawls out of the sand from the spot where I had laid my head and I’m trying to reach my camera while I’n also trying to keep my pareo around my waist and the camera drops on the sand and I am wasting time to clean it and I think that I’m screaming -from baby sea turtle october ikaria 3 impatience, excitement and joy…
😖 😆 😄
And I open the lid of the lens and I finally take three good shots!!!
📷 😤
Bravo, chelonakia!
Bravo, baby sea-turtles!
Thanks for the short crazy momentmy shadow on the sand
I felt you were my own little brats!!!


Now in case some of you thought I am some kind of animal enchanter ☺ – according to latest records, loggerhead sea turtles are not uncommon in the eastern Aegean islands, including Ikaria, and that in spite the fact that we don’t have many appropriate sandy beaches. Several friends have seen nests and even witnessed mothers laying eggs.

Sea turtles in the surf, from Nana to agrimi's article '∩oso ∩ια Vα?'Turtle tale, a set by angeloska on FlickrCaretta-caretta eggs in Syrtiko beach near Agios Kyrikos, a set by Giorgos Sourtis on FlickrERT: (article in Greek) 'Και οι καρέτα – καρέτα επισκέπτονται την Ικαρία'

But I think I was the first person on the island that baby Sea turtles in the Aegeansea turtles hatched and crawled out of the sand right under my body!

Ikaria 22/10/2016

I shall foot it (TUGTII #2)

The Unofficial Guide to Ikaria Island #2

Rock Litany

Ikaria 224, («Rock Litany») originally uploaded by isl_gr.


Eleni Ikanou in Ikaria

«I shall foot it
Down the roadway in the dusk,
Where shapes of hunger wander
And the fugitives of pain go by.
I shall foot it
In the silence of the morning,
See the night slur into dawn,
Hear the slow great winds arise
Where tall trees flank the way
And shoulder toward the sky.

Ikaria 303 - Mother carrying baby on her back

The broken boulders by the road
Shall not commemorate my ruin.
Regret shall be the gravel under foot.
I shall watch for
Slim birds swift of wing
That go where wind and ranks of thunder
Drive the wild processionals of rain.

The dust of the traveled road
Shall touch my hands and face.»

~ Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967 ~
Additional photos by Chr. Malachias

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Freedom in Xylosirtis




Ειδα τα παλια καραβια να περνουν
αρμενιζοντας κοιμισμενα σαν κυκνοι,
να περνουν στ’ ανοιχτα του χωριου
που και σημερα ακομα ονομαζεται Τυρος.
Φορτωμενα αιωνες βαρεις σαν μολυβι,
τις πλωρες τους βουτωντας βαθια,
τραβουν για Αμμοχωστο, για τον ηλιο
που κρυφτηκε.
Κανει τωρα την καταμαυρη Κυπρο
να παλεται μεσα σε λιμνη φωτιας.

Σιγουρα ηταν παλια αυτα τα καραβια –
ποιος ξερει με ποσα ρεσαλτα και βροντερες
κανονιες, ποσες φορες ορμηξαν κι αρπαξαν
μελαψους σκλαβους η πορτοκαλια της Συριας
οι Γενοβεζοι πειρατες.
Με βουρδουλιες τους πετουσαν ανασκελα,
μεσα στα αμπαρια, ανακατα αιμα, νερο,
φρουτα και πτωματα.

Τωρα ομως διασχιζουν απαλα φιλοξενες θαλασσες με χρωμα
βαθυγαλαζο του πελαγου η γαλαζοπρασινο του γιαλου,
κεντημενες οπως τοτε και τωρα χρυσαφενια σταφυλια
και φυλλα αμπελιου.

Τζεημς Ελροϋ Φλεκερ




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I must confess that I was motivated to compose this article after a half hour of daydreaming on a deserted Ikarian shore where I was all by myself (or almost) 😀 But I didn’t know exactly what to write. And later, when at home, I received Flecker’s poem in a comment under one of my photos on Flickr! wow!

Naked on the Ikarian shore, gazing for old sailing vessels
It doesn’t look to bad, so
1st I want to thank each one of the 10 voters who chose a colour in my previous entry -especially the 8 who chose my colour (which has no name). This of course was stageset by me (the clown, some say) and thank you very much for taking part. Who voted for «slave brown»?
2ndly, here I’m trying my hand in tranlating in Greek «Parnasian» (?…) poetry. Parnassus is a Greek mountain. How did I go? Angelos? Nana?
3rdly, the photo… ha ha… «The illusion of grandeur» ! I or one of my friends may write about it. I have no more space in this comment box.

Thursday October 19, 2006 - 12:38pm (PDT)

9/10 !
Your verses don’t rime like in the original but your Old Ships have a better rythm and measure. I don’t know what poet you are; you sure are a singer, baby…

I-da tAa paliA ka-arAvia nA-a pernOUn
a-armeNIzontas sAn ki-misMEnoi KYknoi

Socratis Malamas style

p.s. Funny painting; looks like from a ceiling; please someone explain; Genoese pirates/conquistadores boasting of the massacres? 😮

Friday October 20, 2006 - 11:33am (EEST)

I don’t know what to say. I’ve lost my ability to judge anything. Your photo has knocked me down! 😮

Saturday October 21, 2006 - 09:12am (EEST)

Picture and Poem to match (October 08, 2006)

Ikaria 299, Redemption Song, by Eleni Ikanou on Flickr

The old ships

I have seen old ships sail like swans asleep
Beyond the village which men still call Tyre,
With leaden age o’ercargoed, dipping deep
For Famagusta and the hidden sun
That rings black Cyprus with a lake of fire;
And all those ships were certainly so old —
Who knows how oft with squat and noisy gun,
Questing brown slaves or Syrian oranges,
The pirate Genoese
Hell-raked them till they rolled
Blood, water, fruit and corpses up the hold.
But now through friendly seas they softly run,
Painted the mid-sea blue or shore-sea green,
Still patterned with the vine and grapes in gold.

James Elroy Flecker

I received this poem as a comment
by an Irish friend in one of my pictures
on Flickr under the title «Redemption».
In a few days I will have it translated in Greek:
«Ειδα τα παλια καραβια να περνουν
αρμενιζοντας κοιμισμενα σαν κυκνοι...»

Ετσι, για να θυμηθουμε τους Παρνασιστες ποιητες.
Και για να μη με αποκαλουν ολη την ωρα μερικοι-μερικοι,
Μανω-λενη …Αναγνωστακη !

Which colour is your favourite?
Syrian orange?
Slave brown?
Vine green?
Grape gold?
The colour of my photo?
[poll closed]


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Smart poll that one, oh Parnassian… You’ve made us imagine and God knows how much we need colours!… Try your hand with a translation. I’m very curious. Meanwhile, give us the awesome photo of your daydreaming. I think it will be the color that I love. 😉
Monday October 9, 2006 - 11:09pm (EEST)
Of course, my friend 😉 Here you are…

Eleni in Ikaria, October 2006

Monday October 9, 2006 - 11:09pm (EEST)
The first is glacier blue. The second is shore-sea-green. Your body is grape gold
Monday October 9, 2006 - 02:44pm (PDT)

Thanks! But glacier blue’s cool… tooo coool … brrr!…

Ikaria 298, Redemption Song, by Eleni Ikanou on Flickr
Tuesday October 10, 2006 - 11:43am (PDT)
xou-hartabar pok pok ? that’s a cool new link on your blog-roll! yes, «the wheel» has spun a goo-ood round!
May *the force* be with us…
Saturday October 14, 2006 - 09:47pm (EEST)