Acknowledgements & Confessions & Technical Doubts


First I’d like to thank everyone of my silent readers. I’d like to meet you all and shake your hands.
Then I’d like to thank S. who understands drama like noone else I know and he is so quick to respond to it. (eh, look out! by drama we don’t mean broken hearts and everybody dead in the end, ok? a comedy is drama too.) I’d love to work with and I’d have to learn a lot from a person like you…
I’d like to thank Greg because he is a man of good taste, high principles and global views. I will always wonder how you found me, so don’t bother to explain how it happened.
I’d like to thank Angelos, my guardian angel, as well as many others’. Who’s your guardian angel? I’d like to know that.
Matt, Nana, Jude, I already feel that we are very close to each other, with everyone of you for a different reason. ‘Thank you’ would sound too formal.


Why am I writing this? I’m not going to commit suicide. I’m writing it because I have to confess that I’m not a real writer and I have never made a book. I’m a script writer and I work for TV ! OK, I have studied a lot, the classics and the moderns and the post-moderns and I’ve taken courses in anything under the sun (the sun? of Brussels?) and I can speak 3,5 languages, but my first job was in a TV studio and I was the script girl in a soap opera. More about it in some future entry in this blog. I just wrote this for you to know (and I’m very sorry if I have dissapointed anybody) that I’m not some kind of big shot writer in disguise.

Ben bof ουφ -I’ve said it !

ImageTechnical Doubts

Now, here are my doubts. I shot some reeaaly veeery interesting seascapes the other day with the storm. Then today I spent a lot of time in front of my screen watching them and wondering what to do. They look weird. D’you know why? I had covered the lense with car grease! There was so much salt dust and snow and spray, so I was afraid that my camera would catch some severe cold and rust and get electronic flu. The first photos I took were destroyed and came out as ‘photos from a shipwreck’ ,  because I was so worried to protect my camera that I didn’t see the waves coming on me or the loose earth at the brow of the cliff. So I had to do something. No want no miss such a storm. Not to mention that I was all wet and I didn’t want to waste my wet situation (and possible pneumonia) for nothing and bugle retreat.

thalassograph 2

Then I remembered I read somewhere that some times professionals use vaseline. They use it for filter for the lense in chemical cameras, but what the h-, the conditions were so extreme and spectacular, so I had a fit of megalomania and thought of doing something like it . I couldn’t find no vaseline there (and I wouldn’t ask for it in the village ‘just like that’ -what would they think of me?) But I thought that a car can provide so many useful raw materials for a survivor. What’s next like vaseline? Motor grease ! I have a small can with thick yellow grease of excellent quality in my car. I’ve been told to use it to cover the tires so that they do not crack when the car stays for long in the sun. I’m not sure if I was told right, so I hardly ever use it and the can was there almost intact. So with my fingertip I put a thick drop on the glass of the lence in hope that it was transparent. And the rest I used to cover the joints of the movable parts.
My camera worked fine in the spray and then I was able to clean it from the grease, but ….
…my photos came out in a light yellow hue !
I might post them. Writng this makes me feel like posting my ‘thalassographs’

So see you in Flickr
Here also soon. Subject: ‘compare highlights of neighbour islands



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I have a minor confession then as well. One of my guilty pleasures is Coronation Street. Yes I know, it’s disgusting, but…

Thursday February 9, 2006 – 02:50pm (PST)

1) There’s no shame in writing for TV. I’d wager that the average line on TV get’s 10 times as much audience as the average line of print.

2) Yes yes! Highlights of neighbouring Islands.. Help me plan my trip.

Friday February 10, 2006 – 12:12am (EST)

Filenada, you are really taking off ! From now on I’ll call you a ‘pocket size all terrain 2×2 intellectual’. How about that?
Very curious for your motor-greased thalassographs.

Friday February 10, 2006 – 11:17am (EET)

Ah Greg…me too. Cam’t resist my fix of Coronation St 4 times a week…Perhaps I should ask Doctor S for help….
El, what is the Greek equivalent of Coronation st?

Friday February 10, 2006 – 10:01am (GMT)

El yes, there’s no bigger compliment to a person who pushes words around than a paycheck!

Friday February 10, 2006 – 06:24am (PST)

Our work team often talk and praise an old Greek series, ‘To Cafe tis Haras’ (=Hara’s Cafe), as the nearest equivalent to Cor.St. Hara (Χαρά) means ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’ and it’s also a woman’s name. It was about a young woman who was dissapointed with her carrer in the city, as well as her married life, so she took her daughter and moved to a typical Greek village and she opened a small cafe. The place becomes the center of the social life. The mayor (very funny guy) is jealous and wants to kick her out of the village because Hara is supposed to destroy morals, order and peace. So they plot one against the other and they make many mistakes and …they are secretly in love with each other ! => BIG SUCCESS
It didn’t last for more than 3 years though. I missed the last episodes, but I was told there was a wedding in the end !

(oh Greg, thanks… yes, I know… I love my job for that too. I’m not ashamed at all. I just didn’t want readers to idealize me, you know, the cliche of the lonesome genious etc. Wher I work there are 25 people shouting all the time. I shout too and louder. But I must have breaks, otherwise… paf ! Eleni kaput!)

Friday February 10, 2006 – 02:30pm (PST)

Eleni in Ikaria, February 08, 2006


Oh! Muse, chill out Ikarian-wise and let ME sing the furry of the waves…

I uploaded some new pictures in Flickr yesterday. Then I found them too dull and decided to live up the scene with some motion. The weather was on my side. There was one of those terrific storms again in the sea and snow fell on the mountains.

thalassograph 9

thalassograph 8

However, thalassographs are difficult to take.
Πυρ, γυνή και θάλασσα‘ as they say and for once I won’t consider that a sexist statement.

On the contrary I’m flattered.

You will see my ‘thalassographs‘ soon in my page in Flickr. Here you are going to see only the two ones that I will not upload there because they were destroyed -as photos. They were good evidence of the adventure though. So not only I didn’t delete them but I’m posting them here. This is what a blog is about and I’m so pleased.

Oh ! doctor, there will be wine and honey waiting for you. Only land and water I can’t provide. Satisfy yourslef with the beaches and the paths -for free.
Btw, doctor, there’s a strange thing going on. Go Flickr, «photos tagged ikaria», then switch from «recent» to «most interesting» and browse the first three pages [1], [2], [3].

It’s _____________ (you fill in an adjective -I’m out of wit).

Hey doc, what’s your opinion as a professional? Is it serious?

I’m sure the doctor understands and will prove himself as efficient as always. Only to help the readers, I’ll just say: do the same thing for another place, not an Aegean island, just any place, Sydney Australia for example or  the Himalayas. You will see so-called ‘highlights’ -better term than ‘sights’- like the Opera, the Everest, the monasteries, taken in different angles, with this in with that out, closeups, farouts etc. What are the ‘highlights’ for Ikaria? There aren’t any, according to me. There’s just an ambience, an omnipresent, in-tune, out-of tune vibration…

… vvvvrrrrrmmmmm ……chchchchrrrrrrrrtt …….zzzzz ……vvvvttzz …….nnnnnnnn ….z-z-z-z …tsoukou tsoukou

So, oh! Muse, chill out in Ikaria. Have a break. There is nothing to sing about.

Have a good rest here. There’s so much drama in this world and fun as well, but you can catch up with all it later. There are no highlights here, no bronze statues of warlord kings with their swords on their stalions (come on now -you know what I mean). Or would you, Muse, sing for a donkey ?


P.S. that there are no highlights doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to take advantage of this and build and wound the landscape. Of course, modern houses are comfortable. Also, to build a house on the steep slopes of this island has always been an achievement and an owner should be proud.

But please, oh please, afterwards plant trees around the new builidings. Plant as many as possible. Trees like Ikaria -everybody knows that.  I could put down several technical and aesthetical reasons to do so, but I won’t. I’ll just say: do it for me – stupid or not, I’m a good girl !


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Ah! Lady Kirki with your offer of wine and honey on a magical Aegean Isle, and such images of surf and foam as Odysseus might have seen as his ship was wrecked and cast upon an alien shore…I shall need the wit of Odysseus here…you have seen my pictures of pig bones in Flikr…the fate I must escape?…Ikarian Enigma…that says it all. What will you dream tonight? Perhaps like another enchantress «I dreamt I was enamoured of an ass», but that was a summer dream.

Wednesday February 8, 2006 – 10:00pm (GMT)


They were great pictures on flickr crazy woman!

Wednesday February 8, 2006 – 06:42pm (PST)

να προσέχεις

Thursday February 9, 2006 – 01:05pm (EET)

Eleni in Ikaria -January 14, 2006

. .


Hello all
Γεια σε ολους

This was supposed to be a very special night. The night of the brightest full moon or the year!
In fact the full moon of August is brighter (because I think it’s closer to the Earth), but the sky in summer is not so clear as in some nights of January. Anyway I had great expectations for tonight. At dawn it looked as if it was going to snow and because snowfall, though quite often on this island in winter, doesn’t usually last long. So I hoped that we would have the brightest moon of the year travelling in a clear sky and shinning over a white landscape.
Well, it didn’t work out that way. It didn’t snow (yet) and there are big grey clouds in the sky. The moon’s sure shinning bright but we don’t see it. The beams filter through thick snowclouds which are travelling very fast with the north wind. This creates strange light effects -which of course I am not as photo-wise (yet) as to catch with my camera (boohoo-hoo).



From the southern part of the island the moon is very visible, they tell me. There are patches with clouds and shadows and that’s even better -it must look like the   but with the moon instead of the sun. Even if wasn’t tired I wouldn’t drive to Ayios Kirikos on such a night -I’m afraid of frost and ice on them mountain roads. The car is ok, the tires are not (too many drives on stony dirt roads in autumn).
I talk a lot about the weather. Yes I do. It’s a very important ‘factor‘. Not even residents are used to it. They talk about it a lot too and the TV or Radio weather forecasts are very popular. The even have a special way to foresee the weather of the whole year. The system is called ‘merominia» (one day=one month) and it’s based on analogy. They do this in August and if they read the signs well, they are always correct. But one has to be very patient (perhaps also stay awake for 6 days and nights) and very experienced, so it’s usually old men who do this. It’s not a secret, like magic and if you ask they are glad to tell you what they do -just observe the sky and take simple notes every hour for six 24hours. Can you do it? No? I thought so.

Enough with the weather.
Next time I’m going to discuss …. Communism !!! bbrr wssh ggrr glarp… arrghh




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αν είναι για το κομμουνισμό, αστο καλύτερα : )) να γράψεις για τις ξάπλες και τις μάσες. Αυτοί που μας φιλοξενούν καλύτερα να είναι κομμουνιστές. Εμείς ας ήμαστε καπιταλίστριες.
φιλακια Ελενίτσα
Είσαι όμορφο κορίτσι ακόμα και στην ηλικία σου
Γιατί δεν βάζεις φωτογραφία;

Sunday January 15, 2006 – 03:22pm (EET)

Eleni in Ikaria -January 12, 2006

Agios Kirykos Ikaria by Tαsos

Yesterday I drove to Ayios Kirikos, the main town of the island. The north wind goes on blowing strong and steady. I don’t like to hurry because the road is dangerous. I also like to try my hand with the camera. I feel funny leaving the car on the side of the road to climb up or down on the slopes to find good angles. It must make other drivers’ wonder.

But Ikarians are so discreet

Besides they are very secretive themselves. Not that they have much to hide. They just protect their individuality.


However, if you want to go for a pee in the bushes or take a closer look at something or just admire the view, take good care to pull over nicely to the side of the road and in a proper place where there is enough parking space. The roads are narrow, so if you leave your car in the way, it will make others worry there is something wrong (you are sick or had a heart attack).


end of the road by 19seconds

Anyway I shot some good pictures. By ‘good’ I mean that I like them, not that they are actually good. I don’t know about that yet. Especially ‘Ikaria 079’ which with all respect I dedicate to the Mayor (or was he the Vice-Mayor) of Ayios Kirikos (read the description under the photo to know why).



The madness with my Sony went on on my way back in the afternoon. I climbed a hill and there suddenly I found myself in the middle of some teenage Boneli flight school class. The young eagles were testing their wings or something against the strong north wind coming from the sea. They looked exactly like skateboarders. In the begining I thought they were hunting, but they were all screaming (kkiiii -kkiii) so loudly that it couldn’t be it. They were having fun. I took many photos, but as my hands tremble so much when I’m excited, only one came out good.



 Bonelis are an Aegean island’s pride. ‘Hieraetus fasciatus’ in (scientific) Latin and ‘Stavraetos’ or ‘Vasilaetos’ in common Greek, that is ‘eagle with a cross-like shape’ and ‘king eagle’. Ikarians have a special name for this kingly bird which I can’t remember right now.

It’s a wonder that there so many Bonelis in Ikaria and in the same time the island seems to suffer a lot from overgrazing and road contructions. Don’t they mind? Are they so ‘good sports’ -as the British say?
that’s all for today
γεια σας