Αφιερωμένο στην Αθηνά και σε κανέναν άλλον!

Arriving in Athens and staying indoors and doing stupid things, while I should be in Ikaria. Nana went down with melancholy.

I have a few pictures. I dedicate them to Nana, the 3 rd star of my life. She is actually in a very similar place. I want her to be inspired and to have me inspired back! You others may enjoy our interaction for free..



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Aiih, thaaank uuu agapi mas. Both of us liked the collage veeery much!!! We did get *inspired* -especially D.T. We Owe You Back!!! It’s zsuper to know that you watch over us!

Tuesday July 3, 2007 – 01:05pm (EEST)

και γαμώ τα κολαζ! η μικρη μας θεα  Νανα…

Wednesday July 4, 2007 – 12:06am (EEST)

Την τρέλα μου! Εκεί επιμονή. Και θάλασσα… Αφού είπαμε, δεν υπάρχουν θάλασσες.:P

Monday July 16, 2007 – 04:25pm (PDT)


Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 01:18pm (PDT)

I walk, I hike, I wander

Ikaria 020 des
I walk ( I hike, as they say ), I wander on foot. That’s what I do all day. My hips ache. My lungs sometimes ache too because I’m a smoker; and because I’m half-mad & half Greek, I light my cigarette and I smoke it on the way up -ha,ha,ha 🙂
From the heights of my moral Himalayas I look down at everybody. Everybody? I hardly see anybody to look down at. I sometimes see from afar a plougher of a garden or of a vineyard.
Gianluca Colla's Ikaria 3830
I don’t go near. I don’t know what to say to such people anymore (though once I used to -). To me ^^’ they are the Presidents of (another Republic.
My moral altitude bothers me. Wuthering heights… It’s too lonely up here. I’ve gone up too many levels. The ‘Ikarian enigma» is solved. Everything is harmony – but I hate it.
So I look around for spirits (‘gjins’) to keep me company. Thanks Gof, the place is full (as yet). It’s their mating season (gjins are not like humans -all the time-:lol:- gjins mate in April only; in May they stop, because it’s the donkeys’ turn).
They let me take pictures of them.

Elsa in Ikaria 2


I walk (I hike, as they say), I wander on foot. That’s what I do most days, sometimes on my own, sometimes with friends.


Elsa in Ikaria 1



PorphyrogenitiWhen I am back home, and I’ll have that stupid smile of bliss all over my face, my old neighbour will say «Eleni, you are a Porphyrogenita»! ^^’



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Does the neighbor mean you are a princess?

Monday April 3, 2006 – 01:27pm (PDT)

correct -:- 🙂
in plain (minus the complicated historical background) language, the word means «serene» –

Monday April 3, 2006 – 02:00pm (PDT)

You are too modest

Monday April 3, 2006 – 10:40pm (BST)

serenissima / γαληνότατη, χαίρε !
Όσα ξέρει ο γείτονας/σσα σου για σένα, δεν τα ξέρει κανείς, ούτε ο ήλιος, ούτε κι εσύ. Ευτυχώς για σένα λοιπόν που έχεις γειτόνισσα την τέλεια ‘αντι-κατίνα’, μια ‘γαληνότατη’ της παλιάς σχολής. Είσαι τρομερά τυχερή. Επομένως μην γκρινιάζεις που κόβεται το ρεύμα τόσο συχνά στη γειτονιά σου. Δεν μπορείς να τα έχεις όλα, ε; 😉

Tuesday April 4, 2006 – 01:06pm (EEST)

Born in the imperial purple room, yes?

Tuesday April 4, 2006 – 06:33am (PDT)

thanks; yes, born in the purple room!
It’s a strange local tradition to call noble calmness by that name. They say it comes from the times of Byzantium…

A Description of the Present State of Samos, Nicaria, Patmos and Mount Athos by Joseph Georgeinrēnēs Abp. of Samos on Google books It’s a very strange thing for such an island! Click on the page to view it larger and read about the amazing fact!

Tuesday April 4, 2006 – 12:24pm (PDT)

Eleni Perforata in Ikaria 1 (March 27, 2006)


Βαλσαμόχορτο της Ικαρίας

This is ‘Johanes Perforata’, St.John’s Weed, ‘Valsamo‘ or ‘Valsamo-horto’ in Greek.
It’s a weed, a wild plant; it’s growing very fast now in the gardens and in every patch of flat land.
This photo is to show the perforations, the tiny holes through the tiny leaves which btw have tiny hairs on them.
Johanes Perforata is not a coOol weed.  It’s just a good weed. 😀
How good? Well, it’s nature’s own natural PROZAC.  That good. 😀

It has many other medicinal uses, for wounds and burns in particular, and you make even make a sunproof cream from it, but this is not the point now. The point is that good old Valsamo (this the root word for Balm or «Baume«) is an efficient (however slower in action than a pill) anti-depressive.

Because depression  😥  is so natural. Especialy in spring. April in particular.

Well, this is exactly when Johanes Perforata is ready to start collecting. Before the buds open (that is when it’s strength is concentrated). We cut and let dry in the shadow for a week or two and then we boil it and we make tea. It doens’t have a funny taste; just «herbish» and slightly bitter like dandelions. The local anti-depressive cure says: 1) three mugs a day max. 2) for a severe sudden crisis take a bath in it or pour it over your head and then cover with a towel.

Except for coffee which I’ve finally grown used to having straight and sugarless (or I’d be a Greek fat ass), I don’t like bitter tastes; so I always have my Johny (-:lol) with honey. Mind you, it’s not a pill and there is no chemistry, so after I start, I have to wait for a couple of days for the cure to take effect:

ease loneliness, ease boredom, soothe stress, stop the «what’s this all about» thing -in one word (choose one), «the pain of existence«, the gdmn «blues of life«, spring blues, the «oh here we start all over again» blues.

(Valsamo doesn’t get me high, so watch your comments -lol . Oxyzen and laughter -which is oxyzen again- only do that to me, ok?)
^^’ ^^’


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Is this the stupid side of you Elle, or is the isolation playing with your head? Spring, depression? Nuh-uh! Here we get depressed by the hounds of winter, the dog days, so little light, so much rain and wind. Springtime is special, its the time for love and life, activity, knocking about happily. But I do appreciate the herbal lore, and I wonder, why do they not grow grapes in the terraces anymore?

Monday March 27, 2006 – 01:34pm (PST)

oh, there is death in Spring, death and resurection -that’s why the biggest of celebrations for us is not Christmas, but Easter. Now in churches in the evenings there are the most solemn and melancholic mess services. Soon Jesus, Adonis (add a name) will die.
After that starts for us the time for lovemaking etc and it peaks up in August.
Funny= I ask the local kids for their birthday date, then I subtract 9 months and I find out that many of them were conceived (is the term correct?) in mid May -:)) As many were conceived in mid October and the rest random =Funny 🙂

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 02:10am (PST)

A doctor writes… Hmmm this is a well documented phenomenon, «Spring depression». Nettle tea is also very good at fighting it. Myself I prefer the stimulating tang of thrashing myself on the legs with the nettles, raw.

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 11:12am (BST)

τσουκνιδες =nettles
When you were a kid did you chase and torture girls with them? I was victimized like that many times by boys.

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 02:19am (PST)

I was not that sort of boy. I was the sort who was chased by the girls. That’s why I am shown running into the sea, to escape. Thanks for τσουκνίδες.

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 06:56pm (BST)

Your observations about birthdates and conception dates (and yes «conceived» is quite correct, even though it also means «thought of» – Shakespeare uses this double meaning to comic effect – I paraphrase a little – «Sir, I cannot conceive….» «No but your daughter could, therefore look to it» [From «Hamlet» I think] ) People like myself, born in Feb are thus the most numerous, followed by Jan and March, then April and there is another peak in May, i.e. nine months after Aug. The same all over Europe I think.

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 07:04pm (BST)

I suspect there is a difference in the perception of Spring between people who have children and those who haven’t.

El, your birth date polls and date of conception statistics contain truth. So open the lids, oil the wheels and turn on the good old primeval ‘machine’ as Nana would have called it.

Tuesday March 28, 2006 – 10:42pm (EEST)

Oxyzen & On my Feet Again


psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …. hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …

hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) … hhaaasshhh (exhale) …

no kidding now people THIS IS THE SONG OF LIFE !!!

Just dare and contradict me -:))

Oxyzen turns me on and makes me high. My only drug forevaah -:))

It’s so strange though; have you thought about it? oxyzen makes metals rust and go soft, it accelerates combustion and makes people grow old (and new again -but that’s not the point now). If I were an alien visitor on earth I would distrust this gas. I would look down at and at the same time admire the organisms who breathe and live on it, like we humans feel about those unbelievable forms of life who are able to live in boiling water and toxic gas coktails clinging to the cliffs among the craters and the cracks of active submarine volcanoes.

So I’m on my feet again.Image

It’s a big national celebration today: The Greek Independance Day

It’s also a big religious holiday: Annunciation, Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου.

(Virgin Mary, the Angel, the Lily)

Many Evangelos and Evangelias‘ names day. I am invited by one of them. They will play bouzouki music there. I am still not able to smoke or drink, but I feel like singing Image tonight. As a dancer I am nule, but I can sing -I sing well actually. So I’m going to try my deep sorethroat-stuffed nose sexy voice on the rembetika. What’s rembetika? The rembetika are «Songs of the Jail and the Old Greek Underworld» (ho-ho-ho). I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. I may also transcribe the verses of one or two of my favourites.

Enjoy breathing…Image

psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …. hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) …

hhaaasshhh (exhale) … psiiiiiishhh (inhale) … hhaaasshhh (exhale) …



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hey, feel free to comment -no prob.
The ‘no comment’ request is only for the «The Story of…» episodes, ok?

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 02:19pm (PST)

I think you are meant to inhale the haaash, to get maximum effect, not exhale.

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 10:28pm (GMT)

You are a tease! Where is Episode 2 in the story of your life?

I agree w/Simon on that other stuff, and congrats to Greece and Greeks.

Saturday March 25, 2006 – 10:34pm (PST)

What a day today! the sun shine high, spring defenitively came in Italy.
So I say hallo to you all and I go inhaling & exhaling on the beach.
May the mighty Sun shine on you all.

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 01:16pm (CEST)

kalimera !
looking forward to finding out which rembetiko is your favourite…

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 02:39pm (EEST)

-> let you inhale the hash; let me exhale it. (I have low blood pressure -I can’t stand that crap -it makes me faint -bliah…)
-> thnks for the congrats. Am I a teaser? First time I hear this… No, no, no, now ..I keep my promises: there will be one episode every week. In between there will be other programmes.
-> we didn’t fly our kite that day; damn aliens…
-> kalimera

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 09:48am (PST)

Hey! We got spring yesterday here in England! Nice to think we were one step ahead of Italian climate for once. The daffodils are dancing in my local park.

Sunday March 26, 2006 – 10:15pm (BST)