These Mountains are for Yoga!

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Xenia padmāsana in river Ikaria
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Angeliki padmāsana Radi Ikaria Salamba Śīrṣāsana Radi Ikaria
. .padmāsana on pink carpet Radi Ikaria Siddhasana in river Ikaria
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. .Swing for acrobatics Radi Ikaria Hiking sign in Myrsonas river Ikaria
. .Exercise with balloon Mediaset on Facebook: Randi Forest with Angeliki Dimousi

Mia Melina chakrasana Faros IkariaMia Melina Eka Hasta Bhujasana Seychelles IkariaMia Melina Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana in Faros IkariaMia Melina Ekapādaśīrṣāsana Faros Ikaria

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. .Mia Melina Hanumanasana in forest Ikaria Mia Melina Urdhva Dhanurasana in lake Ikaria
. .Mia Melina Vrischikasana Armenistis Ikaria underwater padmāsana
Garudasana Sirsasana on surfboards Messakti Semi-Scorpion Yoga Headstand in Faros Ikaria
.See also the pics from the quest for good spots for yoga inside Radi, an Ikarian forest nearly as enchanted as an Indian mountain forest – The EGG on facebook © 2015 .
.The quest for good spots for yoga inside Radi forest by The EGG, Ikaria Greece, on facebook



. . I chose the first set of pictures from the instagram page of The EGG, Greece which is a seminar house based in Ikaria: The second set of pictures belong to health and fitness instructor  Mia Melina and the last three pictures which I like very much are by freeskier & yogi E. Karafaki, by fashion designer vandazzz_com and by K. Metaxa. All rights reserved © 2015.
. . Please forgive my ignorance if I made one or two mistakes in giving the sanskit names of the different yoga postures. I thought the terms of that magical old language connect well to the original spiritual meaning of the exercises. The title of the entry is a tribute to the unforgettable «These Mountains Are For Dancing», a brilliant performance on the mountains of Ikaria by OPS Ikarias in 2014.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2014

Xenia, the ikarian mountain guide


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Xenia smiles summer IkariaHello my readers!

In this entry I am going to speak about a friend who lives in Ikaria and I am going to tell you about her work.

Those of you who are interested in our small island world can’t but have noticed a young woman who appears in many pictures from Ikaria on the internet, all of which taken in wild natural settings in both summer and winter. This is Xenia Apostolopoulou and it’s about time for you to know who she is and what she does in our island.


Back in 2008 like many young people at that time, Xenia escaped from the chaotic and depressive urban frame of Athens and she moved to Ikaria. She wanted to try to grow roots in a place that seemed unspoilt, a natural place where she could feel at home. We know it, not all of those young people were lucky. After the last tourist is gone the island folds up to itself in autumn and this can be tough for strangers. But Xenia had three big advantages. Those were her love for nature, her patience against odds and her understanding for people. So she has made it! Now she is a full resident and she is very happy about her new life. Everybody who knows her is very happy about it too! ^^’


Xenia and her bees in IkariaIkaria also proved good for Xenia in another way. She has found a job, two jobs to be precise, in the two fields that the island boasts of plentiness: bees and mountains. So our friend became a beekeeper and a mountain tour guide. But if almost anybody can learn and keep bees, so to speak, even on the roof of a house, to get to know the secrets of a rough mountainous island, to walk and learn all the footpaths, to catch the spirit of the land, to know the history, understand the traditions, and above everything, to be able to communicate all this to visitors so that they see and feel a portion of what she sees and feels in Ikaria, is not an easy thing that anybody can do. But Xenia has done it, she does it and she does it well. Here is how everything started.


The most important thing is to knock at the right door. 😉 Weeks only after her arrival Xenia joined the newly-founded Mountain Climbing and Hiking Association of Ikaria and because of her love for nature and her experience in hiking, she was elected among the members of the board. Days later their first hike was to the mountain tops on the route we call ‘ridge walk’ or ‘transikarian trail». See the relevant entry in their blog (in Greek) and look at some pictures of her out there, On these rough but spectacular landscapes Xenia proved no green horn! 🙂

ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 001 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 006 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 007 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 008 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 015 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 005 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 017

Many group hikes followed like the Mushroom Hunt in Myrsonas river and the first OPSikarian hike on my beloved Trail of the Elves where Xenia not only hiked hard with team spirit but showed a talent in photography of nature as well. Until finally, the following spring we discovered her inclination. During the first group hike of the OPS Ikarians in the upper part of Chalares canyon Xenia jumped and swam in the icy-cold river pools like a water nymph all in smiles!

Posing at the Waterfall (2) Talking to the looker-ons Fun above Cold Getting beaten-up Hard to be a river fairy

Exploring is part of the job and Xenia, being a learner of Ikaria, was always a volunteer, like for instance in the quest for the forgotten Trail of the Lighthouse Guards at the island’s western end.

Walking in Karkinagri On a clear path Cave house 3 Is it time to go? It is time to go. We have to find a pass in these cliffs. No more land. No more walking. Entertainement on the way. Lunch in Karakas

But what am I doing? 😮 This entry is badly planned!  It will take me ages and pages to deploy Xenia’s story in the mountains of Ikaria! So let the pictures speak. I found them in this gallery at her profile in Flickr. One sees there nearly 100 photos of this amazing woman in rivers, on mountain tops, inside forests, taken while she is hiking, climbing, marking the paths (sometimes with her baby on her back!), laughing with friends, dancing in activist performances, leading groups, taking part in everything that goes on, sharing, making things better. 😀

Meanwhile, a friend ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 053 x14 x4 x6 x8 x19 x21 x6 ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας 064 1st Trail Run Ikaria - A doctor and a volunteer x16.5 x3 x2 Sharing Radi (B XIX) Sharing Radi (B XXII) wild canyon ride 1 x35 a x35 b x35 c x35 d x37 Karavostamo - Arethousa. 2nd part of the hike (7) Karavostamo - Arethousa. 3rd part of the hike (5) Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 13 Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 14 Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 19 Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 20 Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 24 Trail of the Elves (Rahes-Kampos) 25 wild canyon ride 18 wild canyon ride 21 wild canyon ride 23 S43_6051 S43_6079 S43_6086 S43_6087 S43_6090 S43_6110 S43_6101 S43_9814 S43_9839 S43_9840 S43_9842 S43_9895 Ryakas Ikaria Sept 2013 014 Ryakas Ikaria Sept 2013 043 Ryakas Ikaria Sept 2013 044 EGRf026 (girl of the 2nd team) EGRf035 (canyoning involves swimming) EGRf036 (the 5th large pool & the deepest) EGRf043 (attempt for a performance) Ryakas Ikaria Sept 2013 001 06 Winter Hiking circle in Messaria 21 Winter Hiking circle in Messaria Sharing Radi (B XXV) 06 The Making of TMAFD#1 - The cast posing as obedient woodchucks These Mountains Are For Dancing 02 These Mountains Are For Dancing 03 These Mountains Are For Dancing 05 These Mountains Are For Dancing 06 These Mountains Are For Dancing 08 These Mountains Are For Dancing 09 These Mountains Are For Dancing 10 These Mountains Are For Dancing 11 These Mountains Are For Dancing 12 These Mountains Are For Dancing 13 These Mountains Are For Dancing 14 These Mountains Are For Dancing 16 These Mountains Are For Dancing 17 These Mountains Are For Dancing 18 These Mountains Are For Dancing 19 These Mountains Are For Dancing 20 These Mountains Are For Dancing 21 These Mountains Are For Dancing 22 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 01 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 02 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 03 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 04 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 06 Ikarian Ridge Walk Dec 18 09 Two Ladies in Droutsoulas

As I said, today, after the first years of learning and exploring, Xenia works as a mountain guide. Some of you may have heard of her from the hikes and botanical course she does for the dancing and hiking groups of Ursula every spring and autumn. But most probably you have seen her at work in the photos of the hiking tour with the Czech photographer Zdenek Senkyrik last year. Currently, as her son Orfeas has grown up, she takes up more guided hikes as well as other activities in the nature of Ikaria in partnership with KANGA.

Ikarian hiking guides collective

Unfortunately there is no space left for me to post their schedule in this entry so you’d better contact her directly at or through facebook and ask her to send you a copy. One thing I will say as a conclusion. At last somebody is doing in Ikaria what I have been asked to do so many times by friends and strangers since I started taking photos and writing about my island. I always felt awkard about denying for one more reason. Though it’s true that the island needs guides, I knew nobody who was reliable and professional enough to recommend. But now there is and it’s a very good one! A burden has gone off my back and I am relieved! ^^’


Xenia in the Trail of the ElvesXenia Apostolopoulou was born in 1975. Her father is Greek and her mother is Austrian. She spent her childhood in Austria, Germany and Greece. She was involved in homeopathy, botanical study and therapy, she worked as receptionist in hotels as well as guide in several Greek islands. She also worked for various NGOs in projects related to animal welfare and helping disabled persons. She has travelled a lot and she has lived in many places of Greece. Once in Ikaria she got various temporary jobs, until she decided to dedicate herself to apiculture and mountain guiding. Founding member and partner of KANGA, besides Greek, she speaks German, English and Spanish.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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i miss everything She didn't belong to anywhere and never really belonged to anyone. And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone.

Forest nymphs In the clouds

pool drained ツ nymph revealed

Selini pool Ikaria Greece

Selini pool Ikaria Greece by Zdenek Senkyrik on Flickr

Zdenek Senkyrik© Zdenek Senkyrik
Seen this one as I visited the group pool today.
Nothing else to say. I have written too much, edited too much,
layed out and formated too much. Let's just look at pictures for a while.

Ikaria - Ικαρία - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Prep: These Mountains Are For Dancing




Γεια σας

Για δεύτερη φορά φιλοξενούμενος σ’ αυτό το μπλογκ, κλήθηκα από την Ελένη να προδημοσιεύσω μια φωτογραφία από τη μικρή performance που κάναμε πρόσφατα στις κορυφές του Αθέρα και να γράψω δυο λόγια για το νόημά της.

Το δικαιούται, άλλωστε. Άπειρες φορές, τόσο μέσα από τούτο το μπλογκ, όσο και με τις φωτογραφίες της στο Flickr, έχει υπερασπιστεί τη διατήρηση της φύσης και την ακεραιότητα του ορεινού τοπίου του νησιού μας. Ειδικά δε, όσον αφορά τις ανεμογεννήτριες και την απειλούμενη καταστροφή των βουνών μας εξαιτίας τους, ο αγώνας της υπήρξε πολύχρονος, με πολλές μεταπτώσεις, πάντα με φαντασία και αίσθημα, ένας αγώνας συχνά μοναχικός, αληθινά επικός.

Αυτά όμως είναι παλιές ιστορίες. Η προδημοσίευση γίνεται εδώ κυρίως γιατί η Ελένη έπαιξε τον πιο σημαντικό ρόλο στην διαμόρφωση της τελικής ιδέας του happening: να βγούμε στις βουνοκορφές, να παίξουμε μουσική και να φωτογραφηθούμε χορεύοντας!

Τα μέλη και οι φίλοι του Ορειβατικού Συλλόγου Ικαρίας που μεταφέραμε την ιδέα στην πράξη, την ευχαριστούμε θερμά. Με το «These Mountains Are For Dancing» κάναμε μια πραγματικά «θετική διαμαρτυρία» ενάντια σε κάθε λογής «τέρατα» και τερατώδεις ιδέες που απειλούν τα βουνά μας. Περάσαμε ωραία, ωφεληθήκαμε ψυχικά και όπως νομίζουμε, βγάλαμε ένα σωστό αισθητικά αποτέλεσμα.

Θα μπορούσα να πω πολλά, όμως αυτά αρκούν προς το παρόν. Περιμένετε το πλήρες οπτικό υλικό που θα δημοσιευτεί σύντομα στο μπλογκ του Συλλόγου. Εκεί, εκτός από τις φωτογραφίες και βίντεο που θα δείτε, θα ακούσετε και τη μουσική!

Άγγελος Κ.

Ikarian pathman


Κλείνει προς τα έξω, ανοίγει προς τα μέσα

_Blog Review Ikaria 2014 # 11 The Explorers (2a)_

Closed to the outside, open to the inside


Nana to agrimi's blog Γεια σας.

Είμαι η Νανά to agrimi και σήμερα στο μπλογκ της Ελένης που παρουσιάζει διαλεχτά μπλογκς για την Ικαρία, γράφω για τον ΟΠΣ Ικαρίας

Ημερολόγιο Εκδρομών και Δραστηριοτήτων του Ορειβατικού Πεζοπορικού Συλλόγου Ικαρίας



Είναι μια χαοτική παρέα που αλλάζει συνεχώς, άλλοι έρχονται, άλλοι φεύγουν, σημαδεύουν και φτιάχνουν μονοπάτια, παραδοσιακά ή καινούριες διαδρομές, κάνουν πεζοπορίες, ορειβασίες, ψάχνουν, εξερευνούν, φωτογραφίζουν, στις πτυχώσεις των βουνών ανακαλύπτουν κρυμένες ομορφιές που δεν φαίνονται.

Είναι ο Ορειβατικός Πεζοπορικός Σύλλογος Ικαρίας, μια ανεξάρτητη, δημιουργική ομάδα ντόπιων πεζοπόρων και ορειβατών που κι αυτοί δεν καλοφαίνονται, δεν έχουν, ας πούμε, πινακίδα ούτε γραφεία, όμως θα καταλάβεις την παρουσία τους από τη συστηματική δουλειά που έχουν κάνει στα βουνά και την εξίσου συστηματική προβολή της στο ίντερνετ.

Για χάρη τους, επεμβαίνω στη σειρά blog reviews about Ikaria που κανονικά γράφει η Ελένη, και προσθέτω στην κατηγορία «explorers» το ιστολόγιο του ΟΠΣΙ που είναι συνάμα, ημερολόγιο δραστηριοτήτων και εκδρομών, διαδικτυακό βιβλίο πρακτικών και κατάλογος προτάσεων για  βόλτες με τα πόδια στο νησί, δύσκολες ή εύκολες, χειμώνα ή καλοκαίρι.

Για όποιον ξέρει τη μορφολογία της Ικαρίας αλλά και τον χαρακτήρα των κατοίκων, ο τίτλος «Κλείνει προς τα έξω, ανοίγει προς τα μέσα» είναι μάλλον κατανοητός και οικείος. Ειπώθηκε πριν πολλά χρόνια σαν ατάκα από την Ελένη σε μια πεζοπορία, καθώς προσπαθούσαμε να περιγράψουμε το νησί: απ’ έξω απότομο, άγριο και κλειστό, αλλά από μέσα μια αγκαλιά.

Αυτό είναι το πρώτο μέρος του αφιερώματος. Κάνοντας κλικ στο μικρό εικονίδιο, ανοίγει θεαματικό fullscreen Slide Show φωτογραφιών στο Flickr. Κάνοντας κλικ στο μεγάλο εικονίδιο, ανοίγει η σχετική καταχώρηση όπου διαβάζει κανείς την περιγραφή της δράσης και των σκηνικών, με πρακτικές πληροφορίες, χάρτες, σχεδιαγράμματα, κτλ. Όπως πάντα, τριγυρίζοντας το ποντίκι πάνω από τα λινκς και τις εικόνες, διαβάζεις τίτλους, αποσπάσματα και περιλήψεις.

Για σχόλια καλά είναι κι εδώ, αλλά καλύτερα πήγαινε στο μπλογκ τους, επίσης και στο facebook group : hikingIkaria





… .Οκτώβρης 2008: Εκδρομή γνωριμίας

Slide Show Conquering Melissa : Slide Show


…..Νοέμβρης 2008: 1η Εκδρομή Εξερεύνησης

Slide Show 

Περπάτημα από τη Δάφνη στον Κάμπο
2η Εκδρομή: Εκδρομή Εξερεύνησης : Περπάτημα από τη Δάφνη στον Κάμπο "Η διαδρομή ξεκίνησε από το όμορφο χωριό «Δάφνη» στους πρόποδες του Κοσκινά, όπου και το ομώνυμο βυζαντινό κάστρο. Η πρόκληση ήταν να βρούμε ένα μονοπάτι για να βγούμε στον Κάμπο, τη μοναδική πεδινή κοιλάδα της Ικαρίας όπου ήταν ο κυριότερος οικισμός του νησιού στους αρχαίους και μεσαιωνικούς χρόνους.


.Δεκέμβρης 2008: Εκδρομή Μυστηρίου

Slide Show Winter hike on the Trail of the Elves: mystery, monasteries and mushrooms
1η στο Μονοπάτι των Ξωτικών
Εκδρομή Μυστηρίου: Στο Μονοπάτι των Ξωτικών μετά τη βροχή

Δεκέμβρης 2008: Χειμωνιάτικα αξιοθέατα

Slide Show Winter group hiking in Myrsonas river

..Μάης 2009: Κυκλική στην Άνω Χάλαρη, Διπόταμα.

Slide Show Hike in Upper Chalares Canyon, destination 'Dipotama'


The Who in The Where (1)

____Ikaria - friends make the best view

This was worked in a team of friends, and a team of friends was accordingly chosen to feature as an introductory image. Now that it’s raining over the island and the frenzy over the gardens and the olives has stopped for a while, we found the time to compose a small gallery of beautiful, meaningful faces from the summer months as well as the winter. It was time we got over the shyness. The wild landscapes are thrilling but let’s show some people too -and from as close as possible. After all, Ikaria is, was and will be *an inhabited land*. In spite of its ruggedness and lack of resources, for reasons that are of the moment to discuss, the island is always and ever

settled and re-settled

Friends to hike

colonized and re-colonized

themis_ioanna (2) themis_ioanna 'Ole Suromanis

visited and re-visited

ΙΚΑΡΙΩΤΗΣ Daddy's girl

beloved and re-loved

Hey dude, what year is the next bus to Rahes? kat pool

acted and re-acted

Le repos de l' artiste Yorgos and the Lentisk Portrait in Tomatoes


freestyle bodysurf x20


Ikaria Armenistis x20


x23 x21 the biggest digger-man


x23 x21 Θέα


Untitled x20

What do these faces have in common? What do their eyes say? I am afraid I can’t tell you. Perhaps I am too close to the subject to be able to express an opinion. And the others of the team weren’t any help either. While choosing photos we ended up telling stories and gossiping. So no deep cool thoughts; only deep warm eyes; and smiles.

Gallery: On the Harmful Effects of Wine ☺ x14 Dance & Save Atheras Ikaria 17 collect sweet herbs
girl #1 Tales under the oak tree (4) Eliana girl #2

 Any Place She Is Happy Is A Home Ikarian, The 93 yrs Hermes Of Aventura

all green inside Summer Velvet

But because I am Eleni and I must absolutely make a pondering statement :), I will quote the words of our friend Nana who always drops the wisest cues. While looking through the material, she said:

This is us. If it is to starve and die, we’d rather starve and die by ourselves than starve and die with someone else’s help.

If you ever visit our island, you may have the chance to understand what she meant.

Red J in the Sun by angeloska, on Flickr Learning simple greek phrases Sharing Radi (A VIII) The Seychellians 2

New Year's Eve inside the Watermill in Amalos7 γυναικών με φιλακι Σταματησ Stamatis Άννα

Sharing Radi (A V) Marianina and the Strawberry tree Kampos 2

Old Man Ikaria 091 Couple in Nas by Dementia, on Flickr

Carnival just over DSC_0064 Untitled DSC_0121

DSC_0625 copy Cuties

All images blogged here, open directly on the photographers’ own spaces in Flickr and they are copyrighted. These photographers are © angeloska © andzer © Apollonios © Γκαέλ © egotoagrimi © electron just © Gin Chil  © isl_gr © karstalipp © Karl Hauser © 2Lauran © leon_eye © mac13 © manuel’s photos © mountain ash © nicote © Thalia Nouarou © themis_ioanna © ikarianlad 

but there are portraits by others as well. I hope that you like the choice. Doesn’t it all, though so different, meet the professional? The material we have browsed was easily found in Flickr, filed in «Ikaria + portrait«, «Ikaria + face«, «Ikaria + girl«, «Ikaria + boy« etc. leaving out, needless to say, souvenir shots taken by tourists and showing tourists. The faces in our collection are endemic or claiming endemicity.

As we were editing, somebody in the team said that we should later also upload a gallery of hands. His motive was two up-to-the point comments in this blog. I also thought it’s a great idea. Hands too have a lot to say about our identity.

How nice and *aerated* it is in the island!

Another winter has started.

Eleni in Ikaria

p.s. Unless something exceptional appears, there are no blog reviews for the time being. Winter is no good for

Fisher Lady