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aqua1006 (msaz) - Ikaria 2003 Seeing pictures of those new girls as they went around and posed proudly in the wild nature of Ikaria last summer, I said: «Hey, young ladies! We were there long before you!» Not that -goes without saying- we were the first. We don’t claim a title which righteously belongs to the hippies. But we were the first who took photos and shared them with the world. Retracting my memories, I had even made a drafty webpage in 2004 where I described the magic of one of those places -the best in my opinion in the whole island. «Hike Chalares, canyon of my heart», was the title, if I am not mistaken. I had received critisism for that page, critisism of the kind, «You shouldn’t give out secrets» and so on. But I was sure of my step. Wonders of nature shouldn’t be kept secret. The same goes for «pockets of freedom», they shouldn’t be kept secret either. But this is not the issue today. The issue today is that, twelve years after that day of September when we walked up bravely for almost the whole length of that river, today that I am not as young and posy as I was in 2003, I am sharing again with the world some of the material stored in the poor memory card of our obsolete Casio Exilim which could contain no more than 20 hi-res shots. But first let me review a few stories about the river – the scenery where these shots where taken.
♦ ♦ ♦  As I said, in 2003 we visited the canyon to survey the location and take photos. Besides sport and fun, our purpose was to a evaluate: «Was it as beautiful as they said? And if so, what kind of threats to the environment were there?».
♦ ♦ ♦  Having proven that Chalares was an amazing place, having shown that inspite it was September, there was plenty of water and the vegetation was lush, having warned that the sides of the hills were infested by disastrous free-grazing goats, I suggested that a hiking trail was created in order to put in value the beauty of the canyon and hopefully promote its protection.
♦ ♦ ♦  My appeal was heard and in 2005 a large trail network spread in the area. In addition, the large river pool which appears in the photos below was chosen for a very interesting experiment: the construction of a small environment-friendly semipermeable dam, meant to slow down the flow of the river and give new strengh to the vegetation.
♦ ♦ ♦  But though in the coming years the canyon got to be more and more known, visited and enjoyed, the main threat to its environment was not treated.
Unfortunately the goats were always there. As a matter of fact, for reasons that don’t concern this review, there were even more! As a result, exactly five years ago, in October 18, 2010, when a torrential rainfall hit the western part of the island, the overgrazed, barren and unstable sides of the lower part of the canyon collapsed. Tons of earth and rocks were carried by the water smashing the trees  and wiping out all vegetation, leveling the lakes, transforming what used to be a detailed natural handiwork into a flat highway of gravel and sand.
Today is the black anniversary of that disaster. For older girls like me it is a bitter reminder that it takes much more things than just good intentions for paradise to happen. For younger girls I hope it is a lesson to be learned, I am afraid, only through experience. I am spreading my winds (which have started to turn grey) over their pretty heads and I am dedicating to them seven pictures from that blissful day of 2003 in the river when it was rich, when it was green, when it was mine. For better or worse it’s their turn now.
The following photos were heavily processed using different methods in different periods of time. In this entry, as they always should, they appear their real «order taken», which is «in order of feelings»: curiosity, worry, happiness, pride, relaxed bliss, anxiety, humility. Their titles in Flickr are different but if you move your mouse over each picture, you will be able to know which is which.
That’s all. Let the old show begin again! ^^’










relaxed bliss






Copyright © Eleni Ikanou

For Reasons of Honour

[στα Ελληνικά]

A Love Story
An Adventure Film
An Initiative of Volunteers

«…and the river -come on, red-haired wife of the priest-
and the river was muddy and the river was muddy,
muddy and turbid, dragging boulders –come on, red-haired wife of the priest-,
dragging boulders off their roots, dragging boulders off their roots,
trees that have been uprooted, dragging a -come on, red-haired wife of the priest-,
dragging a sweet apple tree, dragging a sweet apple tree,
loaded with black plastic pipes!»

(old Greek folk song)


[On October 18, 2010 torrential rainfalls hit the western side of Ikaria island causing an unprecedented flushflood which destroyed the vegetation and leveled the rivedbed of the most beautiful mountain ravine of the river Chalares, commonly known as «the river of Nas». Besides that, if not the worst, at least the ugliest result of the flood was the hundreds of pieces of broken plastic pipes used for irrigation purposes, piled up and tangled in every part of the ravine. So, the following spring a team of  volunteers responded to the call of the local Mountain Climbing and Hiking Club (OPS Ikarias) to remove all that trash from the river and let nature heal its wounds as nature knows best. The text below is the chronicle of that huge volunteer project. It was written day after day with a lot of emotion so it’s sometimes difficult to understand. But I hope the photos will help.]

The broken sign at the entrance of the trail in the canyon with piles of branches and trees and plastic pipes on it Uprooted dead pine with pieces of plastic pipes Sad Lina

Day 1: Beginning of December, three from the board of the Mountain Club of Ikaria and other two friends we go to Chalares to see the devastation after the terrible flash flood of October. Shock. A new unknown landscape. Without plane trees, caves, waterfalls, pools. Barren, even river, broad, with a lot of water. And with a lot of light. Merciless, ample sunlight, without shade anywhere. In this light pieces of plastic pipes are seen everywhere –thousands of meters of black pipes of water intake that the river carried and broke. Pipes that shouldn’t be there in the first place, and yet they were; cut in pieces, fortunes wasted, reduced to trash. Nobody was aware that they were so many. We are thinking: we can’t remake the old river, we can’t eliminate the reasons that led to the doom. But we can remove the trash pipes. “But it’s not our business”, “But it will be hard”, “What are we going to do with them?”, “They ‘ll say they needed them. We will get in trouble”. But something like a tantrum has taken over us. We must do something. Let’s do this. Let it be like a gesture. Pick up the trash. For reasons of honor.

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFDnb_DVAAA7TMk.png on facebook 😉

A dead pine with its roots on its trunk Another strangled pine The leveled riverbed 1 The leveled riverbed 2

From that moment on we call ourselves “Initiative of Volunteers”. Write a petition, collect signatures, apply to the Municipality of Ikaria, step somewhat absurd (“please, let us pick up the trash”). Yet necessary. Responsibility, awareness, reliability, honor. Permission from the Council is granted, a “committee of inhabitants of Nas” supports us, we go for dates and finally the… ANNOUNCEMENT!

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFDnb_DVAAA7TMk.png on facebook 😉

It's not art. It's trash Burdened and strangled pine Trying to take in the change This used to be a beautiful river pool where hippies swam naked

Day 2:

Good Thursday. K. is expecting a lot of volunteers. He has taken the hubbub on the internet for cash. A. is worried about the weather, the swollen waters, the bad shape of the trail into the gorge. G. is off to Athens. L. shows up smiling with his dog K. -mascot of every dangerous mission- who ‘s smiling too. Early at the rendezvous on the bridge there is a car, we think they are volunteers; no, they were night owls, stopped for some sleep. We meet D. who we until then knew only on the net. Orange overalls “Greek Speleological Society”. We meet K. who we knew not, yet we knew her dog V.! K. is wearing a long raincoat, hood and rubber boots to the knee. Weather rainy, north wind, the river in hissing. G. is in K.’s restaurant in Nas, making sandwiches. E. has sent 150 € for provisions, she hasn’t come herself though. There are not enough hands. We are desperately few. Embarrasment. A., K., L. and D. start picking and bundling pieces of pipes. Suddenly, bam!, the “foreign factor” turns up (“Kalimera!”) -S., J. and little R. from England. Raincoats, leather boots, woolen caps.

Ku the Volunteer in the rain Ro the Volunteer Kan the Watchdog
Si the Volunteer Ju the Volunteer Lef the Volunteer

But we still are too few. A. exhausted (“What are we doing here?”). Little R. asks her mother who is struggling with the pipes, “Mummy, what do normal people do in their holidays?” We laugh. Young D. rides by. She’s studying for exams and she’s taken a break. “Grab a saw, go in” We take a good look at the river, the part that we have cleaned. It’s a river without trash pipes. A river that we had never seen so clean before -even in its best. OK then. We are doing a good job.

Free Chalaris from broken Pipes - Day one Free Chalaris from broken Pipes - Day one Free Chalaris from broken Pipes - Day one
Free Chalaris from broken Pipes - Day one Taking a test - Day one Volunteer Val at Angelolivada - Day one

Hours later at lunch at K.’s there’s lot of good talking. End of Day 2.

Dan the Volunteer Ku the Volunteer Sandwiches and wine for all
Ku Si Ju end of 1st day Heal the wounds Lou the Volunteer

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFDnb_DVAAA7TMk.png on facebook 😉

Day 3: Good Friday. The Longest Day of the War. Super-Production. Highlights : Two volunteers from Athens! We lost the cook!A young Greek American with family origins from Ikaria joined us. He was in the Navy Seals. He and his girlfriend ripped to work! V. showed up late, already noon, yet she brought with her a platoon of 3 men; they all fought very bravely. Even later came E. (sent by M.) who, however, helped incredibly a lot (honoring the arms of Messaria) with the pipes in the hardest part of the river at the hardest hour of the day. Volunteer G. (honoring the arms of Rahes) was carrying heavy bundles of pipes two by two. A., D. and K. who tied the bundles with wire, grew calluses in their hands. At a certain moment old man V. from Kato Raches who was also picking up pipes and repairing his own, shouted to the team. Though he was only asking to save for him a piece that he needed, his yells alarmed the English. “I think we have a political issue in there…”, they said as they were leaving. On their way back to Nas they run across a rare toad and take a photo! Except broken pipes, the only pieces of trash that we found in the canyon were a car tire, a tent pole and… a bra!

Greek power juice Va the Volunteer Our old handmade dam partly gone.
plane jet Tutti Volontari Mangiare Bene bra or bikini top?

Hours later at lunch at K.’s there’s lot of good talking. End of Day 3.

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFDnb_DVAAA7TMk.png on facebook 😉

Day 4: Wednesday after Easter. Ungrateful, heavy carrying. Dirty weather. We are very few. K. is already working in the field, unruffled in the rain, she is carrying up bundles from the large Angels’ pool. She loves that place. She wants it to be clean. We are impelled and we get busy. K. is throwing bundles to young K. from one side of the turbulent river to the other. Young K. has freaked out yet manages to grab and carry the bundles. But Ch., a newcomer, ran away as soon as he saw what we were doing. We didn’t see him again. A.’s camera freaks out too, and it jams.

Ya the Volunteer Cook! Ko the Volunteer Di the Volunteer
Ja the Volunteer unaware of the camera Ja the Volunteer aware of the camera The last bundle

Hours later over coffee at K.’s there’s lot of good talking. End of Day 4.

 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFDnb_DVAAA7TMk.png on facebook 😉

Day 5: Sunday. We are nobody! G. comes by K.’s place, he finds A., then the other G. comes by, they have coffee, they recruit two tourists and later they find another two, they all go to work, and… miracle of miracles, magic power of casualness…

the job is done!!! 🙂

Making a flight of stonesteps in no time At the river bridge in Nas Out of the river and to recyclement
Di the Volunteer in a clean river

The End

In Nana to agrimi's blog: '2 photos from a future without goats and floods'Request: Just now the river is (almost) clean of trash to the beach of Nas. No other pipes must be cut and removed by anybody under pretext that “they are trash” or that “they are illegal”. The pipes that remain in the river are functional. They carry water to the farms and the village of Nas, therefore, until the area is properly connected to the public network, they must be respected. Any damage to them, will cause trouble. To anybody who would like to help the nature of the river to reborn faster, we suggest planting olianders, local river plants that are found everywhere and can be planted easily any time of they year. Also, the goats don’t like them and they don’t eat them. Thank you very much.


For the volunteers

Angelos K. Grav

Λιοτρίβι μολύνει ωραίο ποτάμι (TUGTII #8)


upstream trekking (2)upstream trekking (2), originally uploaded by egotoagrimi.


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angeloska says:

Πολύ ωραίο! Μου μοιάζει για Ράχες. Χάρακας?

——————————————– —————–


This beautiful photo was seen in The Ikaria pool! Thanks for adding!
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egotoagrimi says:

Δεν σου λέω!


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Lambrini says:

😀  (για την απάντηση)

Πολύ όμορφο μέρος!
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egotoagrimi says:

για χάρη της Λ. που της αρέσει, θα πω ναι, είναι ο Χάρακας στις Ράχες και είναι μολυσμένος χειρότερα κι από τότε (να πάρει, δεν μπορώ να βρω το παλιό blog entry της Ελένης με τις φωτογραφίες) — γμ τα λιοτρίβια μου.
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angeloska says:

Κι εγώ δεν θυμάμαι να ήταν στο blog της Ελένης. Είχε βγάλει φωτογραφίες με τον «υπερτροφισμό» στον Χάρακα και τις είχε φορτώσει στο hikingIkaria>photos και ανοίξαμε κουβέντα. Κάποια στιγμή αργότερα πρέπει να τις διέγραψε. Πράγματι η κατάσταση είναι χειρότερη. Ξέρω γω, να κάναμε μια εκστρατεία πάλι; Όμως έχω κουραστεί μ’ αυτά.
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Α ναι θυμήθηκα. Κρίμα ένας μόνο ποταμός μολυσμένος στην Ικαρία κι είναι αυτός. Εσύ έχεις κουραστεί; Εγώ να δεις… Αλλά που θα παει. ‘Ολα θα φτιάξουν σιγά σιγά.
tag «blogged» κ «pollution» κ «river» και αρχειοθετήθηκε πάντως κι είναι οκ για «τις μελλοντικές γενιές» 😆
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Lambrini says:

Ευχαριστώ, Νανά, για την αποκάλυψη 🙂 λυπάμαι πολύ, όμως, που είναι τόσο άτυχο ένα πανέμορφο ποτάμι 😦 Εύχομαι πραγματικά να φτιάξουν όλα σιγά σιγά!

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isl_gr (away on an odyssey) says:

Karl is angry

Osmunda regalis

Read and take action.
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egotoagrimi says:

Τι άλλο να κάνουμε; Να πάω να βάλω βόμβα στο λιοτρίβι; 😮
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angeloska says:

Ξέρω ότι θα μπορούσες και μάλιστα να κάνεις να φανεί σαν ατύχημα. Ούτε να το σκεφτείς διότι τότε με την έκρηξη όλη -και όχι λίγη-λίγη- η βρωμιά θα κατέληγε στο ποτάμι.
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isl_gr (away on an odyssey) says:

Worse than the olive oil slick itself, is the thing that the oil does to the vegetation in the water.

     Charakas polluted 1
    Charakas polluted 2
   Charakas polluted 3

Unfortunately true: Ikaria is not Costa Rica. Not yet at least. Maybe some day…
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angeloska says:

Αηδιαστικό. Που τις βρήκες;
Γι αυτό το λόγο μου έχουν προτείνει να μην περνάω το κεντρικό μονοπάτι μου από κει.

Όμως είναι ωραία εκεί κι εγώ από κει θα το περνάω μπα που να σκάσουν!


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Modeling for nature

Nefertari & Isis
I’m not goddess Isis, Venus, or St. Mary to appear miraculously in the waters or the skies. Even as a weak human, even if I was Laeticia Casta, I don’t think I’d be able to save a square cm of the planet. On the contrary, I think that if I tried, they’d soon build a highway across ‘paradise’ and caravans of pilgrims would arrive to visit ‘the site of the miracle’ in toyotas, suzukis and mercedeses. They’d profane, destroy and pollute it.
Snake Goddess 1600 BC


However… the ‘stupid side of me’ is optimistic. Paradise is inside us. In the same way a giraffe adds value to an African lanscape, a man or a woman adds value to our own natural habitat. Because we are a part of the fauna the same as a heron or a porkupine. But visual arts have to go a long way until they show us something like this. Let’s start with the kind request that both artists and models park their vehicles as far as possible from ‘the habitats’.

We’d never have taken this photo in the first place, if we hadn’t walked there a long hour on foot and we hadn’t been in the same mood as the model.


Ikaria 055 - Modeling for nature - Hiking, swimming and taking pictures in 2003


P.S. when you see me writing in ‘courrier’ (fonts like a typewriter’s), you know this is scrap: thoughts that come about and drop in random here and there. This scrap is very important for me. I’m just a little bit worried that it doesn’t sometimes make sense…



(10 total)

Here is another for you «eco-freak» 🙂

Return to the Golden Age
We are like salmon, swimming back upstream:
leaping against waterfalls that thwart,
cut and bruised; but strong; our only dream
return to source; no thought save source of thought;

and in that fight, our iron age turns to bronze,
and we to heroes, in a war of soul,
as nature seeks the nature it had once;
though wholly lost, remembering the whole.

We silver salmon, sparkling as the sun
shines on our fierce and loving enterprise:
to rear our children where the world is one;
the source remembered, nature’s greatest prize.

The golden age is ageless in its gleam
and we, like salmon, swimming back upstream.

Michael Shepherd

Thursday March 16, 2006 – 11:11am (PST)

Plato said the same (except for the salmon) in prose. So cheer up ‘eco-freak’. There is light in the garbidge.

Thursday March 16, 2006 – 10:34pm (EET)

-thank you very much for the poem. It counts. You are ‘a cause’ (or ‘case’ -some say ‘lost’). But …’loosers win all’ You ‘ve just won 5 points. Though surely you don’t need them; the redhaired girl with the long tress (did you think she passed unoticed?) in your Flickr photos is 100 t prettier than me and 100 t closer.

‘light in the garbidge’ : I take it as a Platonic metaphor. Because in the real world the light in the garbidge is garbidge on fire polluting and giving out dioxines.
-I’m an ex-ecofreak, currently a respectable woman with career & an expensive new hair style.

Friday March 17, 2006 – 01:32pm (PST)

Not trying to score points Elle, just being a friend, a fellow former eco-freak. Don’t need any more troubles with women! 😉

Friday March 17, 2006 – 04:10pm (PST)

were you, brother? oh, the tired braves…
We’ve scored our points, you know. I can see it everywhere, inspite of (blablabla). A new awareness has been built and I can see this in Flickr, for instance.
(a bit of friendly tease is good to keep in shape, no? -now also brotherly -xxx)

Saturday March 18, 2006 – 12:21pm (PST)

tease us, ‘the tired braves’, «bomber». Give us new meanings and causes to fight for. The idea of the girafe in the savanah and humans in their ‘habitat’ (whatever this might be), is it yours ? Very remarkable.

Sunday March 19, 2006 – 02:49pm (EET)

trees vs. concrete

buildings fall down, trees grow up – beautiful people work together ^^’

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 03:43pm (CET)

Let’s show faces!!!

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 03:46pm (CET)

I’ll pose like Mariane in that painting of the French revolution if you like. You ‘ll give me the fuse of the TNT and I’ll light it with a shot of my pistol.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 12:46pm (PST)

Delacroix & Bertolucci style  😀
Just kidding ❤ the idea!

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 10:13pm (EET)

Captured in a moment of irrational fright


Sometimes there is fright in nature. Evil spirits, they say, come out of their holes at midnight as well as at noon. This is a rare capture of myself in apprehension. Fortunately it didn’t last long. The sudden burden on my chest went away as soon as I whispered my Ikarian grandmother’s name.


Ikaria 302 - Standing in apprehension

Taken in Chalares canyon, Ikaria 2003
Copyright © Eleni Ikanou



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Oh Eleni I am familiar with this feeling – demons strike right at the best moment. I know what you’re talking about. I have seen their eyes. Have you felt it again after that year?
Monday March 13, 2006 – 02:53am (CET)

Yes, Erietta, I have but it was never as strong. It was about the part of a personal story I didn’t dare blogwrite because it was too frightening, but for a very short moment. A kind of Steven King experience 😦 😮

Monday March 13, 2006 – 03:07am (PST)

Deep contact with pire nature can be bewildering. My mother told me a quick prayer. But the secret is to keep your mind focused on the ones you love.
Discarding everything, WOW! this is a very beautiful picture! ^^’ ⭐ ⭐

Monday March 13, 2006 – 10:20pm (EET)

illustrated «Ikarian Enigma» -το αίνιγμα της Ικαρίας


Ikarian enigma: The pupils say we should love the water habitats

The Ikarian enigma is subtle. It’s layers.
For example look at the picture above:
1st layer: the river (on the right side -can’t be seen), the plane trees and the straw canes.
2nd layer: a pile of earth, (called ‘mbaza’ in Greek) moved there by an earth mover that cleaned the bed of the river so the river did not flood.
3rd layer: someone thought that this pile of earth was the proper place to get rid of his obsolete Nissan. He hoped that when the earth mover returned, it would take the car too. (Where to?)
4th layer: (years have passed) seeing that the earth mover wasn’t coming, a climbing plant like ivy worked together with a wildberry bush and they covered the pile of earth and the Nissan with their foliage.
5th layer: straw canes seeing that the place was safe, grew there too.
6th layer: someone who has animals, seeing that the place is cool and there is shadow and green leaves in the summer, as well as that there is a road and he can visit it easily by car, he brought and tied his animals (goats? cows? sheep? ostriches?) there. Therefore we have two pots (made of old plastic motor oil containers) in the foreground. There he’d put corn (?) and water.
7th layer: the 4th grade of the primary school visited this place on an educational trip to observe water habitats, report about conditions and also «campaign» about them. They left a sign: «Love the Water Habitats»!
8th layer: the mud in the foreground -obviously the river (the 1st layer) goes on flooding and claims its rights on top of 7 layers.
9th layer: that’s ME who went there and decided to take this picture.
10th layer: YOU …who are reading this blog entry! …you too …are a part of the riddle!!!

. .

the riddler

. .

Solving the Ikarian enigma at the pool of riddles

. .

😘 😘 😘
. .


(4 total)

This enigma is not peculiar to Ikaria Elle, this struggle is being played out across the world, here all over North America and elsewhere. We fight about it daily. Somebody must speak for the «Water Habitats.» I’m happy you’re shining a light and by the way you look adorable at the pool of riddles

Tuesday February 28, 2006 – 06:06am (PST)

I agree. It is a universal enigma or bet. Ikaria is a good example because it’s a straightforward place.
(Hey, it seems that you lost a «layer» in the process of producing this. Where’s «the stupid side of you»? This looks like the other side.)

Tuesday February 28, 2006 – 10:31pm (EET)

You are a Taurus= a time bomb!.. tik tik tik …boom …ALL LIGHT!!!
(I’d write something more clever, but I’m at work … and you know…) You go on with the enigma, don’t you?

Wednesday March 1, 2006 – 11:42am (EET)

I forgot to say that I liked very much that the kids wrote «Love the…» instead of «Protect/Respect the…»
Love is the big riddle that solves all other riddles.

My shadow on rubble in Armenistis, Ikaria, Greece

(τι έγραψα πάλι; ποιά είμαι τέλος πάντων; ας πάω καλύτερα τώρα να γράψω κανένα τιμολόγιο…)

Wednesday March 1, 2006 – 11:49am (EET)

Hippie Island! ☀


Picking sour cherries 4

Picking sour cherries 1 Picking sour cherries 2 Picking sour cherries 3 wild strawberry wild strawberry close-up Green Fairy Portrait in Tomatoes From Greece with love - Taken on June 17, the day we almost destroyed the world cherry tomato pick 1 cherry tomato pick 2 cherry tomato pick 3 cherry tomato pick 4 Grinding the pepper A Noon in the River 1 - The canyon rocks - view from before climbing down A Noon in the River 2 - The critical crosspath marked with an 'M' A Noon in the River 3 - The new nature 3 years after the flashflood A Noon in the River 4 - bags, hats and stuff rid off A Noon in the River 5 - little water in July but warm A Noon in the River 6 A Noon in the River 7 A Noon in the River 8 Narcissist youth A Noon in the River 9 - Resting and sunbathing A Noon in the River 10 - Getting near the end of the hike travel light

Seasonal hippie life – a short and secret summer break without bad life and drugs involved. Only little cherry tomatoes. It’s such a sweet mood and so liberating after those crazy 😡 and stressful 😥 final school exams these kids have gone through 😮 Although so many years have passed, I know what I am talking about! 😀

Hippie Island

Most of the pictures come from the set «A Noon in the River» ©  2013

A Noon in the River 1 A Noon in the River 2 A Noon in the River 3 A Noon in the River 4 A Noon in the River 5 A Noon in the River 6 A Noon in the River 7 A Noon in the River 8 A Noon in the River 9