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Should I or shouldn’t …I did it again. What a headache that has been! It’s (b)lasted for 2 days…  Whatever… The spell worked. I didn’t take this photo to be in a museum. I protect my topics with whatever I’ve got.  Aooch! (it will go away with a kiss)




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“The power of some photographs”

not so innocent caravan cantina

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Δεν καταλάβατε τίποτα; Δεν πειράζει. Ούτε κι εγώ. Πάντως η δουλειά έγινε. Κι εγώ όταν τελειώνει μια τέτοια δουλειά, είμαι υποχρεωμένη να δίνω δημόσια αναφορά. Αλλιώς τα ξόρκια χαλάνε.

Thursday June 21, 2007 – 02:25pm (PDT)

I have ready long message to post in Flickr group Ikaria. Revealing a bit of the secret -as we have agreed. Just hope you haven’t changed your mind, oh powerful one.

Saturday June 23, 2007 – 02:39pm (EEST)

Great photo of a gorgeous location! Thank you for sharing it with us. Warmest, Konstantinos

Sunday June 24, 2007 – 04:13pm (EEST)

@ konstantine : I have re-edited the entry and added links. Follow them. It’s an interesting case of how a beautiful photo can save a beautiful place.
@ AKK : Nana sends you her love for what you did in Messakti. She says that in Heiligedamm the leaders of the famous march across the fields were two men around your age.

Sunday June 24, 2007 – 06:55am (PDT)

I had posted an ironic answer (msg#452) when you asked «Does Photography help to preserve the Environment?» in the hikingIkaria group. Now I feel very bad (like a «Doubting Thomas») and I want to do something about it. Let me make the announcement of this incredible «magical realism» story in the group. A COOL PHOTOGRAPH DOES HELP save the environment as long as THE RIGHT PEOPLE are inspired and INVOLVED (:- «spellbound» -:)

(Μπαμπα κουλ γερο πουρό αγγελούκο …η οικογένειά σου κι όλοι οι κοντινοί σου άνθρωποι πρέπει να είναι περήφανοι για σένα. Πραγματικά ήταν ένας οικογενειάρχης σαν κι εσένα αρχηγός στη δική μου φάλαγγα όταν διασχίζαμε τα χωράφια στο Ροστόκ. Από πάνω μας πετούσαν ελικόπτερα -και ψιλοχεζόμουνα ‘egotogrimi’- όμως εκείνος και οι φίλοι του μας οδηγούσαν με αποφασίστικότητα και γνώση κατευθείαν στο στόχο. Το οποίο βέβαια και πέτυχε. Ζήτω το *generation fusion* λοιπόν)

Monday June 25, 2007 – 03:03pm (EEST)

Κάποιοι άνθρωποι πλησιάζοντας τα 50 τους είναι πια σίγουροι γι’ αυτά που αξίζουν στη ζωή. Ο χρόνος μετράει πια αντίστροφα κι αρχίζουν να κτίζουν αυτό που θα αφήσουν πίσω τους. Το μόνο που χρειαζόμαστε είναι έμπνευση. Κι εσείς την παρέχετε άπλετα.

Tuesday June 26, 2007 – 02:25pm (EEST)

I’ve been away so I’m just catching up. Bravo Angele, Effy and Eleni – well done and thanks, great to know things will be unchanged when I visit again…xxx

Tuesday June 26, 2007 – 10:42pm (BST)

Hey Jude! Visiting in September, right? Hope I am there!..

Thursday June 28, 2007 – 10:04am (PDT)

Hi Eleni. I hope so, though it is all a bit vague at the moment and only talked about as something that may or may not happen….(but the vagueness gets weaker as the summer progresses and the rain here doesn’t stop)

PS. A friend of mine runs a small holiday company ( and wants me to go to Symi, as that is where her business partner is based ( I do some work for them), but I told her yesterday that if I was to go to Greece at all this year, it has to be Ikaria! So maybe I will extend my trip and do a strange combination of Ikaria followed by symi! That will be very odd.

Wednesday July 4, 2007 – 10:40pm (BST)

Vague? I wish I had so «vague» plans. I live for the next moment righ now. The only thing I know for sure is that I am in Athens and a friend is driving me and Sideraki down to Pireas to take the boat to Ikaria the day after tomorrow. Ah, and that I will find a clean house there too, thanks to Nana. The future will tell for the rest.

Friday July 6, 2007 – 03:49am (PDT)

Ah, Eleni. That is fantastic news. It is better to live for the next moment than be vague….I am so glad you are taking your son Sideraki to Ikaria. It is the best thing for you both, you will be going home. Sto Kalo.

Friday July 6, 2007 – 11:25pm (BST)

Καλό ταξίδι! 🙂

Saturday July 7, 2007 – 08:35pm (EEST)


breaking news: Baby St. John presides Greek solistice festivities again this year.

Pretty young girl jumping the fires of Saint John in Ikaria

Dear readers, I can’t but share with you these wonderful photos from the ritual of «Klidonas» in Ikaria which took place on Saturday, June 24 in a little chapel celebrating Saint John in the forest just outside Christos Raches. Related to summer solstice, this ritual is practiced in many places around the world in wilder or milder ways. The description of the ritual is this:

«The 24th of June is one of the biggest summer festivals of Greek tradition, since the feast of St. John the “Klidonas” is accompanied by the traditional custom of burning the flower wreaths of May and passing over the fires.
The nickname «Klidonas» comes from the ancient Greek word «κλήδων» (klidon), meaning “the predictor sound” and was used to describe the combination of random and incoherent words during a divination ceremony.
Essentially «Klidonas» is associated with a folk, divination process, which is said to reveal to the unmarried girls the identity of their future husband.
According to custom, on the eve of St. John’s celebration, the single girls are gathered in one of the houses of the village and one of them goes to the well to bring the «silent water». It is called that way because she must speak to no one of the way to and back from the well.
At home they pour the water into a clay pot in which each girl throws a personal object, called “rizikari” (coming from the word “riziko” which means destiny). Then and then they cover up the pot with a red cloth and tie it up while praying in St. John. Afterwards they place the pot in open space, where it stays overnight. On that same night, Is said that the girls will see in their dreams their future spouse.
Meanwhile, on the eve of Saint John celebration also revives the well-known custom with fires: At the village square they light a big fire where everybody burns the flower wreaths they made on Mayday, and over which all the villagers jamb. According to the tradition, the fire brings catharsis and people are exempted from evil.»

But enough with Greek lore. Take a look at the photos! 😀

Pretty young girl jumping the fires of Saint John in Ikaria Raches 09

Klidonas Ikaria 01 Klidonas Ikaria 02

Klidonas Ikaria 03 Klidonas Ikaria 04

Klidonas Ikaria 05 Klidonas Ikaria 06

Klidonas Ikaria 07 Klidonas Ikaria 08

It’s fun! Isn’t it!?


Add to it the sound of the big bass drum banging over the fire jumpers!

😛 😛 😛

a photo for the solistice & KALO KALOKAIRI

Ikaria 244  the (...*BiiiP*...) : traditional sign

Here is a funny picture. It’s a traditional landmark or *road sign* on the trail from one end of Ikaria to the other. I won’t write the name, because it’s too obvious (oh no, it’s not a turtle!..). I discovered and took a photo of it because instead of the existant path, I followed my old neighbour’s instructions. They went like a story : when we walked from M. to R. first we had to see «the hat», then «the hare’s ears», then «the big X», then «the club» and then ….»tin ps.. (BiiiiiP) …» (lots of laughter).

My old friend knew all this because for some mysterious reason  their family used to keep gardens in some incredibly distant place in summer. She as a young girl and everybody else trotted the mountain so often and casually as we take the bus, walk or drive to work everyday.

The landscape and the trails have changed since then.
(A lot of irreparable damage has happened too -but never mind now…)
Still the most important landmarks stand in place. Hikers put their own smaller ones every year. On my way I saw some very brilliant «ars tempora» constructions (see my Flickr «signage set» for more). These piles of stones will only last for a few months. But they are so friendly. It’s as if I saw the man or the woman who erected them.

Btw, maybe it’s not a coincidence and the photo is not out of time.

Do you know the old European legends connected with this period? So profane… (blush, blush,  blush) In old Greece they jumped over fires all night long. The fires of St. John, the Kledonas (= *the locker*  or *the unlocker* of secrets) This old practice survives (or has been revived?) in Ikaria on St. John’s day. It has to do with the tightening of the young fruit and crops on the way to ripeness, I guess.

St. John's festival in Ikaria

Καλο Καλοκαιρι!
(τα τζιτζικια ξεκινησαν το τραγουδι τους στην Ικαρια)

A harvest fly. The shot is taken at Ikaria island



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(wild laughter…)
Do you happen to know if this was natural or carved?

«Agios Yiannis» stis Rahes!!!

Jump high over the fires!

Jump high over the fires!

Thursday June 22, 2006 – 10:48pm (EEST)

Φίλες μου, ήσαστε κι οι δυο σας παλιοκόριτσα και στο θερινό ηλιοστάσιο πρέπει να σας κλείνουν σε μοναστήρι.

Klidonas Ikaria 08
x x x

Friday June 23, 2006 – 10:08pm (EEST)