page from my notebook (Ikaria, September 10, 2007)

There are vipers in Ikaria this summer.

This is rare

Vipers are usually found in drier, stonier and sunnier islands. Some say it’s because we have had a mild winter and a fine hot summer. Others say that there as few vipers as always, but because of the heat during the day they go near the houses to enjoy the water, the shade etc. Maybe this is why we see them around at night. This is rare too. I didn’t know viper snakes could see at night. Nana associates the fact with the lack of wasps this summer. Besides garbage, yellow jacket wasps eat a lot of insects and spiders, she says. Without wasps around, the vipers have taken this task.

Nana is a chick 100 years back, 100 years ahead; I have to look after her -:lol

There are also the grapes.

Photo by SpirosK © All rights reserved.

Everybody is busy with the grapes actually. Others still collecting, others making their wine, others worrying about the wine –if the must is going to take a good turn. It was a very hot June and July and many grapes became like dry currants: sour and without juice, useless. But the ones in more elevated and shaded places survived. The wine of the year 2008 will be very strong like dynamite.

rare muscat Ikaria

This is another thing people worry about. It’s hard to “make” a strong wine. It can “loose its way”. This what I hear (eavesdropping).

Inside Maneta's cellar 1  Inside Maneta's cellar 2

There is a mystic thing about the wine making process and women are sort of excluded from it. I am allowed to eavesdrop, though. Maybe it’s because I’m breastfeeding and I don’t have my period yet. Whatever…

We are leaving for Athens tomorrow. Nana wanted to vote (!..) I wanted to see Stavros (that was a figure of speech -in fact I wanted to be his slave for a while).

~also do some shopping for autumn…


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So, we miss you again Eleni. We arrive on Ikaria as you leave (almost)….I so much wanted Rowan and Sideraki to meet – maybe one day they will! I hear we will be arriving to chaos, but never mind as all will be normal again before we go. We leave on the 22nd – I don’t suppose you will be back? xx

Monday September 10, 2007 – 11:16pm (BST)

«Nana is a chick 100 years back, 100 years ahead»
I like that! So she is the perfect contemporary *chick* χαχαχα!..

Tuesday September 11, 2007 – 02:37pm (EEST)

Ah Jude! What could I do? Stavros and Nana wanted it. Nana felt a strong urge to campaign for the ecogreens and Stavros got a short leave and begged me to be in Athens. We are slaves of each other.

Thursday September 13, 2007 – 04:18am (PDT)

I understand. Ikaria has made me a slave to herself and others and I am also pulled from time to time. When you go back there, Rowan has left a small token for Sideraki, it will find its way to him.

Sunday September 23, 2007 – 09:59pm (BST)

WHAT? Rowan left a token for Sideraki in Ikaria? I have to get back from Athens (and my escape from there to the Middle Ages 🙂 very soon!

Monday September 24, 2007 – 12:48pm (PDT)

The Vine on April 01, 2006



-there’s been too many

-so shut up and dig now, dig, dig, dig

-there can’t be a better setting than this.


I may write about the vine sometime, though,
and break Imageanother rule because it’s thought
to be a man’s job.
I’ll think about it…

In case I don’t write, it’ll be up to you then. So think about this:

What’s wine ? Wine is (according to me)

«a liquid landscape in the sun»



(lights, cameras, set, shoot)

This is what Eleni Imagesays in full awareness of the consequences of the law.



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Εγώ, ξέρεις, δεν είναι στα προτερήματά μου να είμαι καλοπροαίρετη, γλυκιά, συμπονετική και τα ρέστα. Θα το πω λοιπόν χύμα: μήπως κάποιοι είναι εντελώς τυφλοί (για να μη πω τίποτα χειρότερο) στην Ικαρία; Οι Δήμαρχοι π.χ., οι επιχειρηματίες π.χ. Δεν είμαι του άκρατου φιλελεύθερου καπιταλισμού κι όλα αυτά, αλλά μήπως τέλος πάντων κάποιος πρέπει να παρει κάποια πράγματα στα σοβαρά στο νησί σας; Τέτοιο βάθος, τόση ομορφιά… φτου γμτ
Αλλά τι μιλάω εγώ; Είμαι 2 βήματα από την Ακρόπολη και υπάρχει τόση ασχήμια. Τουλάχιστον όμως (όχι όλοι -κάποιοι) βγάζουμε φράγκα. Εκεί πέρα, κάνουν ότι μπορούν να χαλάσουν το νησί και πάλι φράγκα δεν βγάζουν.
Τα γράφω αυτά, γιατί νομίζω ότι ο τύπος που έφτιαξε αυτό το αμπέλι είναι ένας αληθινός ήρωας.

Που δεν γέμισε το χωράφι του με παλιοκατσίκια ή δεν το γέμισε με σκουπίδια, χαλασμένα αυτοκίνητα και μπάζα. Που τσακίζεται στη δουλειά και σίγουρα θα κάνει ωραίο κρασί.
Ουφ, τα είπα και ξαλάφρωσα. ‘Delete comment’, αν σου κάνει πρόβλημα ότι έγραψα.

Sunday April 2, 2006 – 02:17pm (EEST)

«a liquid landscape in the sun» in a glass?
Wow, you are a master advertiser !
Though if we believe Nana’s words, soon there will be very little to advertise. So ‘First we take the Acropolis, then we take Ikaria» ? or the other way round? Or we don’t «take» -just «give» …
What about a good example for starters?..

(I wish you worked with me in the paths. But I know, you are a ‘seer’; I’m the ‘digger». I could ask Nana, but she is very lightfooted and I will not be able to catch up with her and I’m afraid she will be bored. )

Monday April 3, 2006 – 01:05pm (EEST)

For me its a liquid landscape on the tongue…

Monday April 3, 2006 – 09:54am (PDT)

I like G. Karimalis description (he got it from somewhere else) «the grape is a child of the sun, but the wine is a child of the darkness«

Monday April 3, 2006 – 06:48pm (BST)

I salute your comments. Do you know the story of the donkey (a ‘sun’ animal or a dark animal? you say Doctor) who first pruned a wild vine? It ate the useless branches and by doing so it made it produce good grapes later?
Since then, the donkey is a sacred animal because in its ‘stupidity’ it always does the right thing (for us -I don’t know if it’s the right thing for the donkeys) -:lol

P.S. I love donkey heads

Monday April 3, 2006 – 12:28pm (PDT)